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Chanel No 5 – The One That I Want

Hey guys,

Today’s post will talk about two of my favourite things, Chanel and Marketing. Not sure if you are aware but I’m a marketing student at UEL working hard towards my master degree. Working in Chanel’s marketing department would be my ultimate dream and I will definitely try my luck at some stage in the future.

Anyhow, after I watched their latest advert staring Gisele Bündchen released on 15 October, I realised that marketing is truly my passion and something that I would love to develop my future career in.

There has been a strong connection between the entertainment industry and marketing ever since the rise of Hollywood and product placements are an integral part of each and every media production. These can be both implicit and explicit, in another words depending on the production entertainment producers will deliberately script obvious specific brand messages or sometimes choose a more subtle route. Many brands especially ones with large marketing budgets will choose to produce their own storylines directly or indirectly featuring their products. Not really sure how much attention you pay to these things but marketers are the ones who dictate major shifts in our culture dictating new trends. Since not many adverts these days actually feature products in their own right but more promote the experience that the person who uses the product will accomplish.

This is also apparent in the music industry as many musicians have launched their careers by having their music featured in adds, one example of this is Jose Gonzalez in this awesome Sony Bravia add.

In this add Lo-Fang sings the infamous Grease soundtrack “You’re The One That I Want” albeit a acoustic version and since the add aired, I have heard the song nonstop. I quite like this version actually, super powerful.

Going back to the storyline, it features a love story between a gorgeous couple who are lusting after one another but for some reason, he couldn’t wait for her to finish her morning surf. The advert has been directed by Baz Luhrman and his attention to detail is astonishing. The whole 3+ minutes of the advert is filled with amazing Chanel products and the storyline is similar to the one of Great Gatsby.

I hope you guys enjoy this post and as ever please leave your contacts and suggestions below.

Tania x

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