Fillers and Botox In London with Dr Elllie Sateei

I’m not shy when it comes to fillers but it has to be with a practitioner that is going to enhance my natural features rather than change how I look. So you can imagine my excitement after Dr Ellie’s consultation confirming my exact needs. If you are looking to do fillers and botox in London then keep reading as you may find this post helpful.

I’m a firm believer in doing things that will make you feel better in the long run. Aging happens to all of us but thankfully there is so much technology available in the world right now that we can slow it down if we have a correct approach to it.

Why do I get Fillers and Botox?

I have been filling my lips for quite some time now, not a lot perhaps 1ml a year which is now reduced to 0.5ml as hyaluronic acid stays with you for a while. However, in the last couple of years, I have noticed a tone loss in my cheek area and hollowness around my eyes as well as pigmentation. This is due to me living in Indonesia where the sun is so strong that locals wear glow on their scooters even at 30c.

I always wondered aren’t they hot? after meeting a few locals and asking them why are they wearing hats, long sleeves and gloves on such a hot day they told me are to protect their skin. Unfortunately, this isn’t the advice I followed but I did plaster 50spf on my face as much as possible.

Even with all that protection Bali still sped up a tone loss in my face. Not only living in a hot climate contributes to a more tired appearance but add a workout to the mix and you can almost guarantee a facial tone loss. Apparently the more you workout the slimmer the face becomes leaving you with a tired look. It’s a bit of a catch 22 because if you don’t work out the body doesn’t lose fat and if you do then the face does.

Worry not we have treatments available to help us deal with specific areas and as long as you choose a good doctor that understands natural beauty and our autonomy you are all set to live a long young-looking life.

Where to get Fillers and Botox in London

Dr Ellie did a great job for me and as you can see the enhancements are minimal but fully refreshed the way I look. Perhaps the light at the beginning of this video wasn’t the best but it’s what my face looks like in the bad lighting and frankly at its worst.

Dr Ellie injected 1ml of hyaluronic acid under my cheek muscle to slightly lift the area and help around the pigmentation on top of my cheeks. Thank you travels in Asia.

She also worked on filling my teardrop area with 1ml of the filler to ever so slightly reduce the hollowness around my eyes and give me a more awake appearance and trust me I sleep a good amount of hours. The technology of filler used under eye works over a few weeks to provide the exact result that will stay with me for another year.

Dr Ellie also added a little botox between and around my eyebrows to give me an overall lift appearance with a minimal product.

All in all, I’m so grateful for Dr Ellie working her magic on me. They say find a good doctor and never age a day in your life. I’m joking I made that up but it kinda rings some truth. The treatment was tailored to my needs I felt and comfortable and quick throughout.

She really took her time to explain every single step during the consultation and even throughout the treatment. Because I have applied numbing cream I felt no pain but slight discomfort which was more mentally based.

If you are looking for a similar treatment you can reach out to Dr Ellie and book your consultation today. You will love her.

Tania xxx

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