virgin active spa day: taking a balanced approach to exercise

With exercising feeling more like a chore, a lot of us give up our January resolutions as soon as January is over. Joining a club like Virgin Active takes the chore element away and makes fitness much more fun to incorporate into your lifestyle as it provides a boutique studio environment with a large number of classes to choose from. I had a love Vrgin Active spa day and wanted to share it with you.

Based on a recent study by Virgin Active, people in Britain aren’t getting enough downtime including sleep. If you live in London, I believe this is intensified and getting that 7 hours of sleep seems like an impossible mission. Including more balance into your life and creating a lifestyle around this has been a goal of mine this year. The goal is to fund an encouraging environment that keeps us motivated to do enough for ourselves and our bodies.

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As the winter months are nearing to an end, I’m inspired to increase my workout activity from a bare minimum to at least four sessions a week. However, there is no point in setting up high or hard to meet goals but instead, take a balanced and more relaxed approach and incorporate exercising together with work life balance and wellness. This is the reason why I’m such a big fan of Virgin Active and the club aspect as supposed to taking out another gym membership that barely gets used. They have range of classes from Punch to Reformer Pilates and Heat which is on my must try list.

As a freelancer and someone who works from home, I embrace leaving a house and swapping pjs for athleisure. I love going to a club that provides a co-working space, cafe, spa, gym and a large number of classes per week for me to never get bored of exercising. This way I’m more likely to stay on top of my getting enough exercise goal by balancing my work and wellness lifestyle. When I removed a chore element to working out, I find myself more excited by an idea of spending more time in the gym.

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Now instead of thinking I need to get in 4-5 workouts a week, I changed my mindset to thinking I need to get out the house 4-5 times a week to do work and conveniently exercise at the same time. Trust me once you are in that setting and mindset, you will find a lot of pleasure in choosing to work out. We all need a good reason to get to the gym so changing your mindset and taking a more relaxed lifestyle focused approach will get you closer to your fitness goals and balanced lifestyle. Besides studies show that you don’t need to work out for hours and that by fitting a good 30-minute session with a minimal break, you are more likely to achieve a body you always dreamed off.

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This post is in collaboration with Virgin Active, but all of the opinions are my own.

Virgin Active Club Lounges offer a space for members to enjoy their time off the gym floor, creating
a space to refuel or to connect/work flexibly.

Tania xxx

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