48 hrs in Istanbul Part 2

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Happy Saturday whoop, I’m sharing a part two of my 48 hrs in Istanbul trip!  I’m actually back to Istanbul again today as I missed my flight to London this morning  and as sad as I am to be leaving, I ‘m excited to go back to London first thing in the morning as there are more amazing things planned in the upcoming weeks. 

  On the second day of my stay in Istanbul, it was raining quite a bit but I didn’t let that stop me from enjoying this beautiful city. I started my 48 hrs in Istanbul day 2 at exactly the same location in Sultanahmet Square but this time I decided to take a different route and walk towards the Blue Mosque and Topkapi Palace.

48hrs in Istanbul 48hrs in Istanbul 48hrs in Istanbul

The Blue Mosque which is also known as The Sultan Ahmed Mosque (it’s called the Blue Mosque because of the blue tiles embellishing the interior). Again I didn’t, unfortunately, go in as I wanted to see as much as possible in a short period of time. 

48hrs in Istanbul Sultanahmet Square istanbul 4

Walking away from the Blue Mosque I wanted to see Topkapi Palace and its gardens. Streets Soguk Cesme I believe was the street leading to Topkapi Palace and they were filled with colourful carpet and ceramics stores, so if you are looking for a present, its definitely a good place to visit.

Topkapi istanbul_ Topkapi istanbul 3 Topkapi istanbul 1 Topkapi istanbul 2

Topkapi palace was the main residency for many Sultans during the Ottoman years. Apart from being a royal residence, Topkapi palace also contains relics that are important in the Muslim world such as Muhammed’s Cloak and Sword. The Topkapi palace and is UNESCO Heritage Site and is an absolute must, if you are in Istanbul.

Topkapi istanbul 6 Topkapi istanbul 5 Topkapi istanbul 7 Topkapi istanbul 8

I walked through its beautiful and super well-manicured garden admiring the architecture. You can also find the Museum of Archaeology here filled with beautiful ruins from the Roman and Ottoman ere. There is so much history here you guy that you can find yourself lost in the moment, I sure enough did.

48hrs in Istanbul 48hrs in Istanbul 48hrs in Istanbul48hrs in Istanbul 48hrs in Istanbul 48hrs in Istanbul

48hrs in Istanbul 48hrs in Istanbul

Just a stones throwaway you will stumble upon Gulhane Park. Oh what a pretty place the Gulhane Park is, Gulhane stands for the Rose house and is quite enchanting. Please check it out if you are in Istanbul as it’s adorable.

48hrs in Istanbul 48hrs in Istanbul 48hrs in Istanbul 48hrs in Istanbul 48hrs in Istanbul 48hrs in Istanbul

Since the Gulhane Park is in Eminonu I decided to cross the Galata Bridge once again and go for a drink to 360 in Beyoglu as its known for the best panoramic views of Istanbul. The views were really amazing and the sunset was something else. I met the restaurant manager here who kindly offered to show me one of their other venues 360 Suada that overlooks Bosphorus as he said it’s an absolute must in Istanbul. I thought who I am to argue with the locals and accepted the invitation. If you are as active as me 48 hrs in Istanbul can just be enough to see the main attractions.

48hrs in Istanbul 48hrs in Istanbul 48hrs in Istanbul 360 Beyoglu 3

You guys 360 Suada was amazing, I will have to share a separate post about it next week as it absolutely deserves a full post.

I’m sorry for being delayed this week but the WIFI in the hotel is really temperamental and it wasn’t too happy about me uploading pictures. I will also try and upload a vlog about 48 hrs in Istanbul, so please check out my Youtube channel.

I will be in London when the post goes up so I may feel slightly depressed due to the weather change and your comments will definitely make my day jus that little bit better.

Lots of love!

Tania xxx

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