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Self Portrait Photography Tips

self portrait photography tips

Self portrait photography is not a new concept to me as ever since I embarked on a solo travel adventure to Greece last year. I experienced liberation from being able to take my photos. In this post, I wanted to share my self portrait photography tips that will hopefully help you experience the freedom that comes from not having to rely on anyone to take your photos.

Now you don’t have to be a blogger, or Instagrammer does learn self portrait photography. You can do this for your clients primarily if you work in content creation field os embark on that solo adventure across the world and worry not about no one being there to take your photos. Let’s face it if we don’t document it; it’s almost as though it didn’t happen. Just joking 🙂

Do you and worry not

My favourite of self portrait photography tips is don’t care about what random passer by’s may think about you strutting in front of your tripod in the middle of nowhere. Just remember you are here for yourself and someone judging you, is probably all in your head, and even if they are judging you, that only shows their personality and not in the best light if you ask me. If anything, I have so many people come up to me and ask if they can help, which is so lovely.

self portrait photography tips

Trust your gut

My second self portrait photography tip is to be careful in big cities like London and Paris and if you are shooting places like this, go early morning in the sunrise. I say this because unfortunately the level of petty crime in big cities in Europe is on the rise and I have almost had my camera stolen from me by two guys on a moped. I shot in the middle of the day on Columbia road in East London when they rode by and grabbed my camera.

Luckily I managed to rescue it but not without few bruises. Remain vigilant, and if your intuition tells you not to do it, so please don’t. Having said this, I only had one instance of negative experience in comparison to a full year of great experiences, so this bad experience taught me a lesson which I also want you to know. London is a fantastic city, but when you have so many people living in one place, unfortunately, crime is inevitable.

One of my friends Helen from the Style Structure self shot herself in New York and had no issues, but she mainly shot in the early morning. Sunrise is the best light, and you will be so happy to witness the sunrise and benefit from the golden hour light.

self portrait photography tips


Self portrait photography tip three is to get a good quality tripod. This will depend on what camera you have, but if you do have an expensive DSLR, you want to make sure that your tripod is sturdy enough to hold it. I go into more details about tripods in my Photography Guide for Beginners and the difference between different tripods. Since I carry my tripod on travels, I like to have its weight around 1kg.

I’m currently using Benro Slim Travel Tripod, and I love it. It’s not able to support my Canon 5D Mark iii with 24-70mm lens in portrait mode as the lens is quite hefty. However, if I shoot horizontally, I don’t have an issue. I shoot in the portrait mode quite a bit, so I always end up travelling with my 35mm lens which goes amazingly with my tripod. Another essential thing to consider when buying a tripod is its height. I like my tripod to be as tall as I am so it can shoot photos of me as a reasonable person would.

self portrait photography tips

Intervalometer Timer Remote Control

My last of my self portrait photography tips is the VILTORXÂź Intervalometer Timer remote control. This little controller is a, and it will replace your need for Instagram husband instantly. You can set it up to take photos indefinitely on a time set that you prefer. You attach it, turn it on and voila it will shoot until you are tired of posing. It changed my life.

I cover how to pose, and differnely lighting techniques in my Photography Guide for Beginners so make sure you check it out if you are interested in taking your photogprahy skills to the next level by learning how to manoeuvre your camera.

self portrait photography tips

Let me know in the comments below if you would like to try and take your own photos? Do you find these tips helpful? I have captured the images in this post by myself on my solo travels and as you can see, if you follow my tips above, you can achieve candid shots on your own.

Lots of love

Tania xxx



Seville Food Guide – A must try restaurants

Seville Food Guide - A must try restaurants

I was amazed by the abundance of places to eat in Seville so I wanted to share my three favourite restaurants in this Seville Food Guide.

The most amazing thing about eating out in Seville is that food is cheap, and the service is excellent. Most restaurants are walking distance, and the atmosphere is lively, not to mention cheap wine and sangria. What else would you want from a good old city break in Spain?

Now I know that I can be little overwhelming to pick where to eat and trust me we tried and tested quite a few locations, but these three spots ended up being my favourite. Hence e including them into my Seville Food Guide. I can promise that you will enjoy the food and wine and if you do happen to go there after reading this guide, please let me know how it went in the comments below or on my TripAdvisor page.

Let’s start guys!

Filo Seville

I wanted to include Filo Seville as the first recommendation in my Seville Food Guide since we went there for lunch. Filo is super instagrammable, so I couldn’t help but capture a few photos. They have amazing breakfast and brunch options in a charmingly bright and airy setting. We visited Filo after a stroll around Plaza de España as it was only 10 minutes walk as well as I remember. My friend and I opted for salads and coffee and took a well-deserved rest at Filo. I liked everything about this restaurant. The only thing I will add is that the service wasn’t the most amazing and little slow so don’t expect speedy service. Regardless of this, the food was so delicious and exactly what we needed to replenish our strength after a busy morning exploring Seville.

Seville Food Guide - A must try restaurants Seville Food Guide - A must try restaurants Seville Food Guide - A must try restaurants

El Pinton

El Pinton is a must and my favourite restaurant out all the places I’ve been to in Seville. They serve the best Sangria in the world, or at least that I’ve ever tasted. Set in a typical Andalucian style, El Pinton doesn’t only serve yummy food, but it’s super cute to sit down, and people watch since it’s close to quite a few landmarks. The atmosphere is a buzzy cosmopolitan Mayfair alike crowd, food if not the best I’ve tasted in Seville.

We opted for few dishes to share including grilled veggies, salmon tartare and buffalo mozzarella salad all of which were out of this world. Washing it all down with a delicious jug of Sangria made us feel excited for the evening ahead.

If you visit one place from this list make it El Pinton as you won’t be disappointed.

Seville Food Guide - A must try restaurants Seville Food Guide - A must try restaurants Seville Food Guide - A must try restaurants Seville Food Guide - A must try restaurants


We went to Castizo after being told that we have to wait for 50 minutes at La Brunilda without even being offered to wait at a bar with a drink. Who in this world has 50 minuted to waste especially when you’re hungry, and there are so many restaurants around. It was a disappointing little service wise at La Brunilda especially as its recommended by so many people online. We decided to walk to Castizo which was under 10 minutes away.

Castizo was quite the opposite, not overly busy, quite more spacious with a welcoming service. We were seated straight away and offered a freshly baked bread which so yummy but not the best for my waist.

I had pork loin if I remember correctly, a few patatas bravas and cauliflower. Castizo had a lovely atmosphere and perfected to bring your date to.

I hope you enjoyed reading my Seville Food Guide and I would love to hear if you end up visiting any of the suggested places.

Seville Food Guide - A must try restaurants Seville Food Guide - A must try restaurants Seville Food Guide - A must try restaurants

Lots of love.

Tania xxx

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Beginner Photography Tips

Beginner Photography Tips

I created a new page on my blog dedicated to How To’s type of posts where I will be sharing everything I know about running your blog and business. So welcome to my first post about begginer photography tips.

Photography is a beautiful form of artistic expression and a fantastic way to express your creativity. Now before you switch off and think, I’m not creative, let me stop you right there and tell you that’s precisely what I felt myself, and with a lot of practice I have finally accepted that I’m a creative. I finally have enough confidence to share everything I know to help you live a location independent lifestyle. My favourite thing about running my own business is that I can work from anywhere as I have built transferable skills such as photography. Therefore I wanted to reach you beginner photography tips.

Here are my best five tips that will help you switch from basic to professional looking photos.

Shoot Raw

Shooting raw means that your camera will capture enough data when taking a photo to allow your photo to be more exciting and have more texture and depth. Shooting raw does take up more space on your memory card, but at the same time, it will teach you how to shoot better quality photos and less of — quality over quantity. In my photography guide to beginners, I share how you can shoot raw images on your Smartphone, so you practice this even before you invest in an expensive DSLR.

Beginner Photography Tips


Now I pretty sure this is not the first time you hear that light can make or break your photo and I wanted to teach you two basic lighting concepts which are position and strength of the light source.

Let’s assume we are shooting outdoors and the sun is our light source. When it comes to position the light source can be positioned to the front, side and the back of the subject all of which provide different effects to your photos. Since we are at a beginner stage lets assume we are shooting with the light source positioned at the front of a subject.

The second thing to bear in mind is the strength of the light source, and this can be soft and hard light. A soft light will make the subject looked polished, and it will remove all the blemishes and lines on your face (win-win) even though soft light is produced by a larger light source such as the sun, its good to remember that this is mainly the case during golden hours (sunrise and sunset) and cloudy days. Shooting in the middle of the day on a sunny afternoon will turn the sun into a hard light source, and it may cast shadows on your subject, so it’s important to bear in mind when deciding on when to shoot.

Beginner Photography Tips


Exposure consists of 3 parts shutter speed, aperture and ISO. I go in great detail about this in my photography guide to beginners but to recap, please continue reading.

The aperture affects the amount of light that enters your camera, therefore, determining the brightness of your photo and it’s measured in with an f/stop scale ranging from f/1.4 to f/22. You would keep f/stop number small to achieve brighter looking photos with a bigger depth of field or blur. My best beginner photography tips when it comes to aperture is that you can set your camera to shoot in an Aperture mode and depending on how much depth of field you like, you can set your f/stop according to this preference.

ISO allows even more light into your camera making the photos brighter however when it comes to ISO the higher the number, the brighter the photo. You should be careful with this setting as it can impact the quality of your photo. Choose the ISO amount below 6400 for the least amount of noise.
My go-to ISO setting is 100 when I shoot outdoors in daylight, 600-1600 when I shoot indoors and at sunsets or around 6400 right after the sunset or before the sunrise.

Beginner Photography Tips

Shutter Speed

This setting is my main exposure setting and one that I adjust the most when I shoot in manual mode, which in all honesty is most of the time. My best beginner photography tips are the exposure scale that you can see on your camera’s screen or through the viewfinder. The exposure scale is set to 0 by default which means that the camera thinks that the shutter speed is at the correct level. I like my photos moodier and darker so I will drop my shutter speed to -1 on the scale, but if you do like brighter, you can increase to the plus side of the scale. This tool is a great indicator when learning your shutter speed setting and preference from the start.

Focus Modes

This setting may be little challenging to get your head around but its pretty simple. When it comes to focus modes, you can opt for AF (auto focus) and MF (manual focus). Most of the time you will be shooting in an AF, especially as a beginner. There are three main focus modes to choose from in AF mode: One Shot (Canon) and Single-Servo (Nikon); Al Focus (Canon) or Auto AF (Nikon) and Al Servo (Canon) or Continuous Servo (Nikon).

The One Shot option is the choice you should go for when you are shooting subjects that are not moving. The Al Servo or Continuous Focus is the opposite making it the best option to go for when you want to shoot moving subjects and keep them in focus. Al Focus or Automatic AF is a mode that allows the camera to jump between the One Shot and Al Servo depending on the situation. My camera is set to Al Focus and Al Servo most of the time, but I change according to the situation I’m shooting.

Once you chose your prefered focus mode as a next you should select your focus points.

You can select a single AF point or a cluster of AF points meaning that if you choose a single point, you will see only one little square indicating the focus area and if you select a cluster, you will see a cluster of small squares showing a wider focus area. You can also make all of the points active, and this is most of the time my main go to when shooting most of my photos. If however, for instance, I’m trying to be in a rule of thirds, in that case, I will select my AF point manually to the desired area of the frame. More about this in my Photgraphy Guide for Beginners.

It’s easy to change your focus points and area by pressing Press the <> button and <M-Fn> button or button to change the focus area mode, and focus points will change in the direction you decide by tilting <> to your prefered area of an image.

Beginner Photography Tips

Start practising

Honestly, guys, the most important to remember is how to set up your focus and exposure properly and when is the optimal lighting to shoot your photos, but the practice is what will make you a good photographer. You can apply these basic beginner photography tips to help you step up a level and take professional looking photos whether it be with your phone or DSLR although your phone will have less functions even when you shoot raw.

I’m sharing some of my photos captured by myself using my tripod, and I will cover this in my upcoming posts. Keep an eye as I plan to make this section update on Mondays.

If you would like to learn more about photography and shoot professional looking photos both using a DSLR and a Smartphone than check out my Beginenners Guide to Photography.

Any questions, please shoot a comment below or contact me via contact me section.

Tania xxx


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Virgin Active Kensington studio

With exercising feeling more like a chore, a lot of us give up our January resolutions as soon as January is over. Joining a club like Virgin Active takes the chore element away and makes fitness much more fun to incorporate into your lifestyle as it provides a boutique studio environment with a large number of classes to choose from. I had a love Vrgin Active spa day and wanted to share it with you.

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These are some of the words that kept on going through my head as soon as I get off the lift. I have to admit that my new found confidence led me to Verbier. A place of red lanes, narrows slopes and experienced skiers and borders. Still, I was feeling the excitement and confidence. Here is all I got up to on out Verbier Ski Holidays.

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Orlando Planner – Getting there and Where to Stay

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