Favourite way to spend a weekend in London

Pink Sundress

As you know I travel a lot so when I’m in London I like to go to some of my favourite places with friends. I like to do things that make me happy and even though I don’t sometimes feel like leaving my area, I love when I get myself out to explore one of my favourite cities in the world.

On weekends especially on Sundays, I love to take myself to the flower market on Columbia Road to buy some fresh flowers for the week. The tip is to come after 3 pm or closer to the closing time as then you can get flowers at such low rate. The Columbia Flower Market is so busy with people all over the world visiting as well as so many locals.

Pink Sundress Pink Sundress Pink Sundress Pink SundressPink Sundress

One of my favourite things to do is to dress for the occasion and I opted for this beautiful pink tropical leaf print linen midi dress from Laura Ashley. The dress is so perfect for a warm weekend as the fabric keeps you cool if it gets too hot out. Its one of my favourite sundresses at the moment and I’m excited to wear it for my upcoming holidays too. It’s very comfortable and of a great quality which makes it so easy to style and wear all day.

I decided to wear my new basket bag as its perfect for the market days. You can’t go wrong with a pair of sandals either and voila you are ready for the day. I love dressing in stylish but comfortable clothes as I think it really is all about how you feel in your clothes. Especially if your clothes can be worn to many different occasions like this Laura Ashely dress.

Pink Sundress Pink Sundress Pink Sundress Pink Sundress

I’m really impressed with the summer we are currently having in London as its so nice and warm that all I’ve been wearing more dresses than usual. I love midis for a day and shorter options when I’m out in the evening or away.

What is your favourite look for the weekend and how do you like to spend your weekends?

Tania xxx


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How to improve your productivity at home

If you are like me and tend to get stuck in a rut when trying to be productive at home, this post is for you. As a freelancer who frequently travels I’m really fortunate to have an opportunity to switch up my workspace. However, I spend most of my time working from home so I need to make sure that I remain productive as it’s so easy to get into distracted.

This post will help you figure out how to break the rut by refreshing the space you spend most of your time at. Even if you don’t work from home I’m sure we all still tend to feel like we need to occasionally change things up and focusing on details here can really make all the difference to how you feel in your living/work space.

Desenio wall art

Desenio PostersHow to improve your productivity at home

Tip 1

To fully refresh your space, decluttering would be the step one when it comes to improving the productivity. The rule of thumb here is if you haven’t used an item in the past 6 months,  you need to let go of it. Decluttering is known to bring the fresh energy to your space having you feel somewhat of a fresh start and this is a great way to set a foundation for your new improved space that will increase your productivity. I’m somewhat of a hoarder so it’s hard for me to let go but every time I do, I find this to help me feel better. I love a fresh start and as soon as I get into decluttering I find it that holding onto the things is really pointless.

Tip 2

The second tip would be to opt for a light color interior scheme and have soothing colors surround you so you can feel more relaxed and able to create better. I spent quite some on Desenio’s website looking for wall art that will fit my mood and help keep me inspired and therefore productive. It’s a good idea to buy things in pairs as this also helps to improve your overall happiness in your space. The best thing about Desenio is that they have an Inspiration page that you can browse to get some ideas about how your new space will look.

Since I’m a big fan of California, I decided to go for Cali vibes at home. I picked 6 pieces featuring palm trees, pop of turquoise with a pool photo and cool girls photographs. I purchased frames with my posters and I opted for gold-colored frames. I’ve positioned all posters above my desk so my workspace feels so fresh and since living in LA is a big dream of mine,  this tends to help keep me motivated therefore increasing my productivity.

How to improve your productivity at home How to improve your productivity at home

Tip 3

The last tip is to add a living item to your space aka a plant as this will help you feel motivated to stay productive. Plants and flowers remind us of how beautiful our nature and planet is and you want to look after them. Looking after something keeps you motivated, therefore, increasing your productivity.

I hope you enjoyed reading my post on how to improve your productivity at home by refreshing your space. Since I have partnered up with Desenio they are kind enough to offer you 25% off posters between June 19th and 21st. You can also follow @desenio for more inspiration.

Please see below for details.

Lots of love.

Tania xxx

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*Except for frames and handpicked-/collaboration posters.

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This post is in collaboration with Desenio, all the opinions are my own as per usual. x


3 Days on the Greek Island Tinos

3 Days on the Greek Island Tinos

Having had quite a few hectic weeks in London, I decided its time for some well-deserved chill. So I booked myself tickets to Greece opting for an island hopping in the Cyclades with Tinos being my first destinations. I specifically decided to go to Tinos as I wanted to relax and take it slower at the beginning of my trip.

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#revolvearoundtheworld – All of My Looks

Revolve dress

As an ambassador for one of my favorite e-tailers in the world Revolve, I get access to nice perks such as invites to some of their major festivals and events including the Revolve Around the World. Since they are LA-based this was their first time in London which was such the most fun I had in a while.

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Summer Essentials: What’s In My Beach Bag

Summer Essentials: What’s In My Beach Bag

Having embarked on an Island Hopping mission in Greece for 2 weeks, I thought it would be the most appropriate time to show you What’s In My Beach Bag. I decided to stay near Kalafatis beach in Mykonos as it’s one of the most beautiful beaches on the island so I can properly soak in the sunshine.

Since I’m a massive beach lover and I’m pretty sure many of you are too, I hope you will find What’s In My Beach Bag post helpful. We all dream of being by the ocean and most of us count the days down until our holiday so packing appropriately should be crucial.

Summer Essentials: What’s In My Beach Bag

I spent quite some time looking for that perfect beach bag that will fit all of my necessities including my camera, as what is a holiday if we don’t properly document it. I find that the most important is to find a cute but practical beach bag and my choice this season is turquoise and pink stripped Summer bag with shoulder straps by Joules. This bag fits so much that if I wanted to take all of my necessity I will be able to do so.

To avoid carrying a ton, I usually pack up all of the essentials including a bottle of water, book (kindle on my phone in this case), summer dress, kaftan, bikini and a beach towel. Also not to mention bringing an SPF is a must as well as the after sun lotion as nobody likes to burn.

Summer Essentials: What’s In My Beach Bag

I place my cooled bottle of water at the bottom, I cover it with a rolled beach towel to try and keep water cool for a longer period of time. This also helps cool the towel and after walking in the sunshine, this little trick tends to come in handy. Having a properly stocked beach bag is essential especially if you are looking to spend few hours on the beach so I always tend to throw in some fruits for the moments when I feel peckish and I fancy something light and refreshing.

One of my favourite beach bag items is a bathing suit and currently, I’m loving Maison De Nimes Sage macrame bikini as its light pastel green colour makes it look so good against the tan skin. I like to bring a one piece too just in case I need to change and Maison De Nimes has both options available which can be helpful if you like to have matchy things.

Summer Essentials: What’s In My Beach Bag

I tend to walk to the beach in my summer dress but I always make sure I pack a kaftan as you can use it to cover up after a swim or simply throw it on if you need to pop in anywhere and your bathing suit is wet. My current choice is Biba Rio Print Chiffon Kaftan as it’s red colour makes it a perfect cover-up. I also find chiffon so easy to use on the beach as the sand doesn’t stick so if my towel is wet, I will use my kaftan to sit on to avoid collecting all the sand. Don’t get me wrong as much as I love sandy beaches, there is nothing more annoying than cleaning sand out your clothes.

Last but not least is a must have and never leave a house without is Clarins Sun Care Cream High Protection of UVB 30. It’s so important to protect yourself from harmful UV rays especially if you are in a hot country. I have been advised to carry sunblock with me even when I’m in London to avoid skin premature ageing and pigmentation and for this reason on my face, I will go as high as SPF 50.

Summer Essentials: What’s In My Beach Bag

A few more items that are an important part of my beach bag are a comfy pair of sandals, favourite pair of sunglasses, hair tie, a watch, protein hairspray to protect my hair from the sun and harmful UV rays.

These are my What’s In My Beach Bag summer essentials and I hope you enjoyed reading this post. The most important thing to remember is to stay protected by making sure you apply your sunblock before even leaving a house as nobody likes their holiday ruined by having a burnt skin. I have learned this the hard way.

Have a great week everyone.

Tania xxx

This post is in collaboration with House of Fraiser. All of the opinions are my own.



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Why Paris is always a good idea

Why Paris is always a good idea

Paris is always a good idea as its one of the rare cities in the world that give you that undeniable feeling of inner happiness and love. I jsut feel like pinching myself each time I see the Eiffel Tower and I just don’t know why because I’ve seen it so many times.

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3 must do things in Monaco

Monte Carlo Casino

Monaco is an independent city-state between south of France and Italy with the most prestigious inhabitants in Europe. The yacht abundance and a casino lifestyle may not be for everyone but if you do however find yourself in Monte Carlo, then I created a list of few things you can do.

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Is lilac the new black

&other Stories lilac dress

Back in February during the fashion week, we saw a fair amount of purple or lilac colours on the runway. Some people may instantly shy away from this colour but this will not change the fact that this colour is present in most stores this season.

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Monte Carlo Bay Hotel Review

Monte Carlo Bay Deluxe room view

Monte Carlo Bay is the second hotel we stayed at on our recent trip to Monaco. My only regret is not visiting in the hotter weather as this five-star resort is surrounded by a swimming pool complex and the sea making it a perfect location to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

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