Visiting Orlando – Getting there and Where to Stay

Four Seasons Resort Orlando

As I have just recently returned from a trip to Orlando, I wanted to share a few details with you about getting there and where we stayed. As you can imagine visiting the Disney World is a long-term dream so I captured so much content that it may be the easiest to split this adventure into 2 posts. I wanted to cover as much information about visiting Orlando as possible so if you are in your research phase, you will be able to make a better decision.

Getting there

Orlando is located in Central Florida and it has a population of 2.8m. The City is so green and luscious and also known as “The Theme Park Capital of the World” with over 72m  visitors in 2016. British Airways flies to Orlando all year around and a journey is on average 9 hours with a direct flight with a 5 hours time difference. Orlando is one of those places with a good weather all year around making it easier to plan your trips especially if you are planning for the entire family. BA offers hotel and a flight package that starts as little as £403pp per 7 nights making it suitable for any budget.

We flew BA business class with truly allowed us so much comfort and we entirely avoided the jet lag. Flying business class is an experience in itself and it was amazing to start our journey with a delicious breakfast the BA Business Lounge at the Gatwick Airport. We had some coffee, croissants and fruit whilst catching up on all the things that we planned to do in the upcoming week. Once on board, we were able to fully relax in a reclined seat that turned into a bed allowing me to pretty much sleep most of my flight. Well at least after I enjoyed a three-course meal paired with a couple of glasses of champagne and a favourite Disney films.

We landed fully rested and fresh and ready for our adventure.

BA business class


As we arrived at around 5 pm, it. took us about an hour to pass the immigration as Orlando is a really busy airport. The best way to get around the city is to hire a car. We picked ours at the airport where at the clerk at Avis upgraded us to a red Mustang for an extra $20 which was such a bargain. This really got us in a great mood as I always wanted to take photos in a Mustang especially as I’m obsessed with road trips.

Driving around Orlando is so easy and the roads and quite wide and seemed pretty much brand new. The traffic wasn’t much of an issue either as we never waited longer than 10 minutes in traffic. Everything is so well signposted and with a help of google maps, you can be set for the easiest drive ever especially if you come from London.

Four Seasons Resort Orlando


We stayed at the Four Seasons which is the largest Four Seasons resort in the world. Our hotel was an approx 30-minute drive from the airport and set in a gated community making it really secluded and perfect for families. Four Season Orlando is also knowns as the Walt Disney World Resort surrounded by a large pool complex and a lake. It’s so easy to relax by the pool which is split into the adult side and a larger side known as the Explorer Island specially designed for children.

There are quite a few restaurants in the complex but our favourite was the rooftop steakhouse Cappa which was a perfect spot to watch Dinsey World fireworks in the evening. The resort offers free bus rides to the Disney Wolrd resorts and it’s only a short 15 mins ride away. If you truly want to maximise on the time and really explore all the Disney World offerings in the most luxurious and comfortable setting then Four Seasons is the best choice.

Four Seasons Resort Orlando Four Seasons Resort Orlando Four Seasons Resort Orlando Four Seasons Resort Orlando Four Seasons Resort Orlando Four Seasons Resort Orlando Four Seasons Resort Orlando Four Seasons Resort Orlando Four Seasons Resort Orlando Four Seasons Resort Orlando Four Seasons Resort Orlando Four Seasons Resort Orlando Four Seasons Resort Orlando Four Seasons Resort Orlando

We decided to dedicate some time to relax at their spa and have an hour-long deep tissue massage to help us truly reach another level of chill. We followed up with an hour in the hot tub and relaxation area that came with a cheeky glass of Prosecco.

Our stay at the Four Season Orlando was wonderful and the service was immaculate. You can find more information about the areas within the resort including the Explorer Island here. I have also taken quite a few photos to show you space and the atmosphere as much as possible.

Four Seasons Resort Orlando Four Seasons Resort Orlando Four Seasons Resort Orlando Four Seasons Resort Orlando


The weather in Orlando is pretty much summer all year round with a subtropical climate. It was over 30C  every day on our trip which was the middle of October. The temperature is on average 24C or 75F. I did feel it was quite humid with a very high chance of thunderstorms. I would also recommend checking for the hurricanes when planning your trip. The coolest month should be January.

I hope you find this post helpful and please feel free to let me know if you have any questions in the comments below.

Tania xxx


Summer in Los Angeles – what have I learned

Beverly Hills

I have finally decided to live out my long-term dream and move to Los Angeles for the summer. I had no expectations, no plans and just decided to give myself some time to go with the flow and say yes to most things that come my way.

I wanted to explore a real life in Los Angeles and live it through people I met along the way. I also wanted to keep it as real as possible as I always sensed that there is so much more to Los Angeles than Hollywood and I’m forever grateful for the opportunity to live it. As I live in East London, I moved to the Echo Park which is East LA as I wanted to stay as close to home as possible by keeping the vibe similar.

Beverly Hills Sign Summer in Los Angeles - what have I learned Melrose Avenue Malibu


Living in Echo Park really opened my eyes to what the true LA vibe is as East LA is a home to so many creatives that made the place really popular. Silverlake was my favourite go-to for a night out as well as eating out and it really reminded me of Shoreditch.

Being in East LA naturally, I spent a bunch of my time in DTLA as it was less than 2 miles away and a mere $3 Uber ride. My gym and Wholefoods were down this way so it was nice to be so close to the city and easier to run errands especially as I don’t drive. I loved the DTLA as it really showed such contrast to what people expect from LA (or shall I say Hollywood)! It really baffled me how can such an amazing city that aspired so many dreams can have this massive gap between rich and poor. Homeless people here are nice and friendly except where they are really high or drunk which is the reason for a large amount of them living on the streets. Best to stay out the way and not engage much but I do really encourage not judging them as we don’t know what most of them went through. It made me feel so grateful to know that we in the UK have such good security net and a large amount of support should God forbid, we ever find ourselves in such an unfortunate situation.

People don’t cross much between areas in Los Angeles which I found very surprising. You make a choice of where to live and you pretty much stay there the entire time. People from London tend to love Santa Monica and Venice and as much as I love the beach and being close to the ocean, these areas were so busy with tourists that I really wanted to stay away from those areas.

Hollywood is the same, very busy and touristy but we did make an occasional trip to it for the sake of a good cocktail. I didn’t enjoy spending much time on this side and the same goes for the Beverly Hills but I’m not going to lie, it was nice to visit and take a stroll down the Rodeo Drive. This really helps me raise a bar and dream bigger especially as I got myself to a place where I’m able to live my dream. I did this by myself and no help by anyone apart from friends helping me snap photos along the way.

I haven’t explored many other sides to Los Angeles but I will try and spend some time with my friend that lives in South Central LA on my next visit which is hopefully next month.

Moving around

If you don’t drive Uber and Lyft is the best way to get around the city. Off-peak times come with a really cheap fare uber to Hollywood from Echo Park was around $5. Renting a car comes with a lot of responsibilities including insurance and parking costs and if you want to go out and enjoy yourself, you will have to add Uber costs on top of that. So really uber and lyft are your best options and you will probably save some money too. Public transport is existent but not so many people use it. I wanted to get on a bus a few times but they tun every 20minutes and I just didn’t want to wait.


I met some amazing people in LA and formed long-lasting friendships. People are not scared to be real here and trust me if someone is fake you will be able to tell straight away. I wish I could say the same for people in London but I really want to share this massive misconception that people in LA are fake. It’s probably true to some extent but its really obvious and you can make a conscious decision not to engage. I met some great people in this city and they really made it special for me. They go off the vibe you give and truly they are some of the friendliest people in the world. I miss my LA friends every day and can’t wait to visit them soon.


I wish I could say the same thing for LA boys who let me tell you are smooth in their game. They wine and dine you, take you out on their motorbikes to chase the sunsets down the Mullholand drive and always open the door for you. I dated some real gentleman in LA and had very interesting conversations. Unfortunately, its just an act as most want a girlfriend experience without much emotional availability. London is quite opposite where boys are emotionally unavailable and hard work and in most cases, won’t even buy you a drink. At least you know what you’re getting yourself into wheres LA is more of an emotional trap and if you are not strong as a female and ready to stand up for yourself well you may end up hurt. I can say I truly enjoyed the dating process but it barely passed the 3 date mark as, as soon you realise the level of shallowness present, you kinda feel not into it much and ready for the next.  Regardless its more fun to date in LA as guys try harder than in London which makes it more fun for us. Its also way easier to meet people on a night out so you have so many more options when it comes picking a right fit to see again. LA boys are cute although London boys have more style however it all boils down to your personal preference.

Going out

LA is fun but way more mellow than London. Alchocol is not served past 1AM is and in most cased before. Everything shuts early and if you are not into warehouse afterparties or people houses, then your options are limited. In London, we party harder and have so many more options available to us! I suppose everyone is stoned in LA since weed is legal so they can’t be bothered to come up with many party concepts since sitting on the sofa may seem more fun. I truly enjoyed bar hopping in Silverlake and it was kinda nice not to suffer from severe hangovers like I do when I go out in London. I went out every day so this mellow drinking really suited me.

Some of my favourite bars are Cafe Stella, Mohawk Bend, Cha Cha Lounge, 1642 (date night), Bar Bandini, El Prado (date night).

Favourite restaurants and brunch spots include Sage, Kismet, Botanica, Sawyer, Ostrich Farm, Simone, Preux & Proper, Manuela, and my favourite Italian food spot Speranza.

in and out silverlake venice dtla


LA is more expensive than London for food and drink. Actually, dining comes out pretty much at the same price excluding gratuity but wine is way more expensive which was a little shocking as Napa Valley is only a few hours away. Groceries were really pricey and of a questionable quality. Once I left a broccoli inside the fridge for over a month and it looked exactly the same as when I got it. The only place that can be trusted is probably Wholefoods. You need to go for organic food at all times and if you like cooking at home your bill will be over $100 weekly for groceries. Despite the fact that Ubers are cheap, you will need to take a few days and it adds up on a monthly.

The weather makes it all worth it just make sure that the place you are staying at has an AC.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post as its based on my true experiences on my recent Los Angeles trip which was 2 months long. I will be going back more frequently and will try and deliver more value-add content for you guys. Please feel free to let me know the topics you’d like me to cover in the comments below.

Love you lots.

Tania xxx


GQ Men of The Year Afterparty with Haig Club

Having worked with Haig Club over the past year, I was so excited when they invited me to join them for an evening out to toast the GQ Men of the Year. This is a huge event in the London calendar with many celebrity guests attending and I felt so grateful to have been given the opportunity to attend the after party with my favourite bloggers.

We started our evening with a styling session at Barbour & Parlour in Shoreditch where I enjoyed a Haig Clubman espresso martini with my blow dry. I decided to have my hair straightened for the occasion as my dress had frilly details. I didn’t overly dress up, but I thought my dress was fit for the occasion and comfortable at the same time. I feel that with events like this you need to wear something that makes you feel comfortable so that you can be your most confident self.

GQ Men of the Year afterparty

After our treatments, we headed out to dinner at The Curtain which is also in Shoreditch. Since I live in Shoreditch I love all the activities that are in the area. Haig Club hosted us inside a stylish blue private dining room at The Curtain, where we enjoyed a party soundtrack and our own cocktail masterclass session whilst we got ready for our night out at the GQ awards after-party – Emily and I opted for the Haig Clubman Cucumber Cooler which provided a refreshing aperitif before dinner.
This is the first time I had dined at The Curtain and I was really impressed with the venue and the food. The food we had was in a Southern American style including chicken and waffles, mac and cheese and ribs cooked in a Haig Club sauce. It was so delicious and filling that I needed a little break afterwards.

GQ Men of the Year afterparty GQ Men of the Year afterparty GQ Men of the Year afterparty Haig club cocktails Haig club cocktails curtain Shoreditch dinner GQ Men of the Year afterparty

After dinner, we hopped into a cab to the GQ awards after party at Tate Modern. The space was filled with so many familiar places and Emily and I even had a chance to take a red carpet photo. The DJ played some great tunes and the atmosphere was so fun that we ended up dancing past midnight. There was a Haig Club bar at the party which served two of our favourite cocktails: the cucumber cooler and espresso martini which are both made with Haig Club Clubman.

It was such a fun evening and I’m so grateful to have spent it with some of my favourite people.

Haig Club Clubman is available at all major supermarkets and online at Drink Supermarket here. It makes for a stylish gift for a whisky lover, or those new to the spirit as it works perfectly paired with cola, mixed in cocktails or over ice.

Have a lovely rest of your week loves!
Tania xxx

This post is in collaboration with Haig Club.


Welcome back to London Drinks at cloudM Bar

cloudM bar london

Nothing feels as good as seeing London from an amazing rooftop especially if it involves cocktails. I missed London so I welcomed the opportunity to have drinks at cloudM Bar at the citizenM hotel with open arms. I met up with Emily around 6.30 at the hotel lobby and off we went to grab a drink up on the rooftop which was a great place for us to catch up and meet some of the other amazing people from the industry.

I feel so happy when I see London from above as its amazing that you can look to one side and see the Tower of London that represent so many years of history and culture. Then you look to the other side and you see the Gherkin and the Shard and you are reminded that you live in such a modern society where everything is possible. I felt like it was so good to be home and as much as I loved LA, I was so happy to be back.

cloudM bar london cloudM bar london

This event was special as I had an opportunity to invite a couple of my Instagram followers to come along and meet me. We had a cocktail masterclass with East London Liquor Company followed by a gin tasting in one of the hotels function rooms. The cocktails we created are available to order at the cloudM bar for a short period of time so its a must try when you decide to visit. The East London Liquor Company is serving two unique cocktails the Rhubarbara Windsor and Charlie Farqueson, both so delicious but if I really need to pick a favourite that would be the Charlie Farqueson.

The atmosphere was nice and buzzy and combined with beautiful views and a modern setting, I couldn’t help but feel really excited to be back home. The cloudM bar is only a short drive from my house and it makes a really cool spot to meet friends after work for a few cocktails especially as we still have amazing weather.

If you are not in London citizenM is located in NY, Paris, Amsterdam, Taipei and Glasgow and it’s really cool for people that are into affordable luxury and modern approach to hospitality. I loved my experience here and can’t wait to be back.

Have you guys been to any of the citizenM locations?

Tania xxx


Summer Makeup Staples that can be used in Autmn

My Summer Makeup staples that I will be using this Autumn

As a blogger, I receive quite a few beauty products to try and review which is a nice perk of my job. In all honesty, not all products make a cut as I really focus on recommending products that I end up using every day or on multiple occasions.

My primary focus is on skincare as someone in 30’s I really focus on anti ageing and prevention over the glam. I do however use makeup every day but most of my looks are natural exaggerating my predominant features such as eyes and lips. You can read about my favourite summer skincare products here.

Nobody in this world is perfect which is actually a good thing that makes us unique, but focusing on the areas of your face that you love the most with a little help of makeup can really boost your confidence. I have accumulated a bunch of products that are travel bag friendly that makes me do just that.

So here they are guys. All of the products are high quality and long lasting so you should definitely invest as you will be able to use most of these for a long time. I use my foundation every day and I purchased it back in March. It comes with a bigger price tag than some of the drugstore products but it will last longer as it does require retouching throughout the day saving you the money in a long run.

My Summer Makeup staples that I will be using this Autumn


My two go to foundations are Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF 15 and the foundation stick. I use the skin foundation every day as its very lightweight, it blends in amazingly offering a medium coverage and it has an SPF! It’s a great choice if you want multiple products in one and its one of my favourites. The stick foundation, on the other hand, is of a heavier consistency and I use it for my evening makeup. I tend to blend it with my fingers as I find it to work the best this way. This is a great choice if you need a foundation that you can take with you on a night out and apply with no fuss. They are both great but if I was to chose my favourite the Skin Foundation wins every time.

Concealer wise I use Mac Pro Longwear Concealer and It Cosmetics bye bye under eye Concealer. In all honesty, these two are products I can’t imagine my life without. They are so powerful in concealing that on some days I don’t even need to wear foundation. Can’t recommends enough but if a glowy skin is what you prefer than the It cosmetics is a better choice as it highlights at the same time as it conceals and a small amount goes the long way.


Lately, I have really been getting into Stila Shimmer & Glow liquid eyeshadow as its so quick to apply, it lasts all night or day and really convenient to take it around with you. An absolute must-have if you like the shimmery eyes.

One of my favourite pallets that I used the entire summer is Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita luxury palette that comes in 4 shades. I love the earth red undertones as they make my eyes really pop and this palette does just that for me. It’s so pigmented, blendable and most importantly long lasting. It’s on the pricier side but the packaging contains so much of the products that it will last for years. I have been using mine for the entire summer and have barely touched the surface.

Another amazing product that I adore is Bobbi Brown creamy shadow stick that is also long wearing, super easy to apply and blend with just your fingers and it fits even in your pocket. I honestly don’t travel without my sticks as I can use them both for day and night to create so many looks. My favourite thing about Bobbi Brown is that its such high quality and the most functional makeup out there. Its perfect for anyone on the go.

My mascara of choice is Bobbi Brown Smokey eye mascara and Mac In Extreme Dimension lashes as both add volume without clamping and since I have short lashes this is exactly what I need.

Eyebrows are my forever best eyebrow friend Benefit Precisely brow pencil in shade 4. I legit couldn’t live my life without it. It really brings my eyebrows to another level and I love its precision.

Cheeks and Lips

Favourite contour and blush that I have been using the entire summer are YSL Couture Contouring and Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks. YSL contour is perfect when you travel and you are on the go as its a small product that comes with a mirror so you can apply it easily. I just love it so much and will need to restock soon as I’m coming to an end. The pot for cheeks and lips is an of a premier consistency and I love it because I can just dub a small amount on both of lips and cheeks and I’m ready to go. Both products are long lasting and perfect for any season.

If I’m looking to add more of a lipstick then my primary choice is Charlotte Tilbury. I don’t think anyone does lipsticks better and my favourite shades are The Queen for the night and Pillow Talk for the day. Their lipsticks are so creamy and long-lasting that I think they are some of the best on the market.

I also love using Bali Balm as my everyday lip balm and the flavour I’m obsessed with is ginger and honey and it really reminds me of Bali. This is a vegan product and very hydrating and I never leave my house without it.

There you have it guys, my entire makeup collection that I used throughout the summer but I will carry over in the Autumn. I’m trying new products every week and will share as I go along. I will be focusing a little more on skin and hair care as I really belive that the prevention is the cure.

My Summer Makeup staples that I will be using this Autumn

If you have any questions please leave me a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Have a good rest of the week!
Tania xxx

The products in this post have been purchased by myself and some have been gifted. All the opinion and choice to post is my own. I use affiliate links.


A British welcome home party with Gordon’s Pink Spritz

A very British welcome home party with Gordon’s Pink Spritz

The magic thing about home is that it feels good to leave, and it feels even better to come back to, especially when your family welcomes you back with a very British garden party with Gordon’s Pink Spritz.

Having spent the last couple of months in LA, I couldn’t help but feel homesick so when my sister surprised me with a garden party, I was so glad to be back and all of my jet lag suddenly disappeared. Travelling is one of my favourite things to do mainly because it tends to put things into a fresh perspective and allows me to clearly see what I miss the most about home.

A very British welcome home party with Gordon’s Pink SpritzA very British welcome home party with Gordon’s Pink Spritz A very British welcome home party with Gordon’s Pink Spritz A very British welcome home party with Gordon’s Pink Spritz A very British welcome home party with Gordon’s Pink Spritz A very British welcome home party with Gordon’s Pink SpritzA very British welcome home party with Gordon’s Pink Spritz A very British welcome home party with Gordon’s Pink Spritz

Since I haven’t seen the family in 2 months, we had to make my homecoming a special occasion by throwing a quintessentially British garden party with a lot of sandwiches, fruit, treats, and my new favourite drink – Gordon’s Pink Spritz. Gordon’s Pink Spritz is a perfect aperitif for summer events. Aside from being very delicious and refreshing tasting, it provides a beautiful prop for photos- and you know how much I love those! Its fruity taste is a perfect choice if you like a sweeter and lighter drink, just like us.

My sister started the day in the local supermarket stocking up on all the bits and bobs needed to bring this lovely pink garden party to life. Think sandwiches, flowers and of course strawberries, the perfect garnish to use as a finishing touch in our Gordon’s Pink Spritz. We decided to set up together using our little picnic basket, cushions and throws to make the atmosphere even more pleasant and homey.

I helped make the Gordon’s Pink Spritz by following the recipe below:

I picked our favourite wine glass and filled it with ice
I then poured 50ml of Gordon’s Premium Pink Gin
Followed with 50ml of lemonade
Finishing with a 25ml splash of Prosecco

Then I garnished with as many strawberry slices as I could fit in the glass to make the drink even more delicious and pretty. See my video for detailed instructions 🙂

how to make Gordon’s Pink Spritz how to make Gordon’s Pink Spritz how to make Gordon’s Pink Spritz how to make Gordon’s Pink Spritz how to make Gordon’s Pink Spritz how to make Gordon’s Pink Spritz

We stayed outside sipping on our Gordon’s Pink Spritz and chatting away, catching up on my LA adventures until the sun went down. I couldn’t really hope for a better welcome home! There is really nothing better than good quality time with family, especially if it’s over a refreshing aperitif.

What is your favourite way to catch up with the fam?

Tania xxx

This post is in collaboration with Gordon Gin UK

Always Drink Responsibly!


What I learned from my solo Greece travel

solo travel Greece

A few months ago an idea of a solo Greece travel adventure popped to my head, pretty much out of nowhere. I’ve only been out on a solo adventure to LA and I was meeting friends there so it was hard to compare the two. Its safe to say I craved an adventure that was 100% out of my comfort zone so I settled for a solo Greece travel and here is what I’ve learned.

If you followed my solo Greece travel on Instagram, you may know that I picked three islands to visit Tinos, Mykonos and Paros. Since Mykonos has the best flight connections from London, it was an obvious choice to book my return flight there and continue the travel further from it.


The best thing about travelling through Greece its the abundance of ferry routes. The ferry travel is very comfortable, quick and most of the time inexpensive. The best website to check the routes here, however, you can always purchase your tickets on the day. To be honest I haven’t seen much of a difference in price when booking in advance so don’t worry about planning it too much in advance. I would recommend checking the schedule as some ferries operate only a couple of times a day.

Annoyingly Uber is not a thing in Greece as they have their own taxi operators. Price will depend on the island and the distance and you can expect to pay something like 15 Euros from Mykonos town to the airport and the distance being only 3 miles or so. I didn’t personally take too many taxis as I walked everywhere but its good to check the price when you call them to book your ride.

Busses and coaches are another great way to travel the island especially if you are not able to drive a car like me. Obviously exploring the island will be the easiest in your own car rental but don’t worry if this isn’t an option for you. Ktel busses are a good place to check out the routes and timings and you can always call them to get a price ahead but its usually 2-4 Euros one way depending on the journey distance.

Naoussa Paros


Greece is pretty safe especially the islands. People are friendly and very hospitable willing to help. I would say always keep an eye on your belongings as there may be some pickpocketers around but in all honestly, I felt completely safe and had nothing stolen the entire time. I carried my photo equipment with me at all times and would leave my camera on the tripod during busy times and nobody even paid attention let alone try to rob me.


Everyone pretty much speaks English but the language barrier is present and I saw it especially with bus drivers. They kept on shouting in Greek and making hand signs so it did weird me out a little bit but I suppose embracing cultural differences is the best part of your travel journey.

Parikia Paros Parikia Paros


Euro is the main currency but cards are accepted everywhere. I really recommend applying for the Monzo card as it will really save you so much money in the long run as it has the best exchange rates so you never have to change your money again plus its free to use abroad.

Things to do

Hopping islands of Greece as a solo traveller will keep you buys as when you get tired of tanning and lounging by the pool, you can embark on an exploration adventure. So many cute villages to explore and here are some of my must-dos in

Must visit villages of Tinos – Pyrgos, Isternia, Volax

Must visit beaches of Paros – Santa Maria, Golden beach and Kolympithres. I also wrote anotehr post on how to spend few days in Paros.

Must visit beach clubs Mykonos – Scoropios, Paradise Beach club and Jackie O.

I felt that the solo travel in Greece was more on the chill side of things as going out on your own may be litte daunting. There is something to do for everyone so it really depends what are you feeling like. I personally enjoyed taking a break during the day and shooting content in the evennings before going out to dinner.

Mr and Mrs White Paros Mr and Mrs White Paros 3 Days on the Greek Island Tinos3 Days on the Greek Island Tinos

Is it worth it

Absolutley! No place in the world like Greece. Not only is the most beautiful to photogrpah but its the home to the frendliest and most hospitable people in the world. I did however feel that Cyclades are more on the comercial side in comaprison to alot of other places I visited but I really had a lovely time.

I have realised that spending time with yourlef is the most valuable thing you can do for yourself. Just allowing yourself the freedom to decide to do whatever you feel like is truly priceless.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and let me know if you have ever been on a similiar adventre.

Lots of love.

Tania x


summer hair care tips and how best to protect your hair

summer hair care tips and how best to protect your hair

With summer and hot temperatures here, we often remember to use a generous amount of SPF on our skin to protect it from the harmful UV rays. But how about our hair? I’m excited to share a few summer hair care tips that help me keep my hair healthy and nurtured.

Hair is something that shouldn’t be forgotten especially during the summer months and in addition to our usual hair care routine, it’s smart to add products that protect it when out basking in the sunshine. As you may know, I’m very blessed to be able to travel for work so having access to products that are travel-friendly but very specific to keep my hair healthy and protected whilst away.

I was so happy when label.m came out with the Limited-Edition Sun Edition travel size range in collaboration with House Of Holland. The collection is packed with travel-sized summer hair care essential products to help protect from exposure to harmful solar UV rays, sea and chlorine.

label.m sun edition Henry holland collection summer hair care tips and how best to protect your hair summer hair care tips and how best to protect your hair

Having used the collection for the past month, I pretty much don’t leave a house without it especially if I’m going to the beach. Living in LA means that I’m always exposed to the sun and it’s more important than ever to really take care of my hair. Since I got my new chop and started a new hair care routine, my hair never felt healthier and fuller. Plus it’s growing really fast but this is because I have increased my exposure to the sun, therefore, increasing the production of vitamin D in my body.

label.m x House of Holland Summer Collection was inspired by beach babes and dreamers which I found very appealing. Little “dreamy” pouch is a perfect way to take products with me and I love that it’s sand-resistant.

summer hair care tips and how best to protect your hair
I wanted to share the contents with your as well as the benefits these products have on your hair.

The summer collection is a perfect way to protect your hair from getting damaged this summer.

After Sun Cleanser is a gentle shampoo that I use after swimming in either a pool or the sea. It helps to restore hairs natural moisture and repair the thermal damage that the summer environment imposes on the hair. The shampoo lathers great and smells divine and its a perfect way to gain the confidence when knowing that your hair is safe after being exposed to chlorine, sea salt, sand and UV rays.

After Sun Mask is a no-brainer especially when I spend an entire day on a beach. I apply it at least once a week to help hydrate and nurture my hair whilst protecting it from any additional damage that may occur when you spend a longer period of time in the sunshine.

Protein Spray is my long-time favourite label.m product that I use all year around. Its also a perfect detangler and it really acts as a shield that protects my hair from harmful UV rays. I love how light it is and super easy to apply. A truly must-have product that acts as an SPF for your hair.

Sun Protect Oil is perfect to apply after swimming on a wet hair. The oil works as a shine booster and it also works as a shield against UV rays. It’s really lightweight on the hair and it smells so good. It gives my hair shine and its formula is packed with nutrients that help renew the hair and restore any damage caused by environmental factors.

how to protect your hair this summer label.m sun collection summer hair care tips and how best to protect your hair

It’s important to remember that protecting your hair is as important as protecting your skin in the summer so make sure you build a hair care routine that does just that. With the strong LA sun, I can feel safe and confident that my hair is protected round the clock and that I don’t need to enter fall with damaged brittle hair.

I would love to find out your summer hair care routine and if you have any products that you swear by?

This post is in collaboration with label.m however, the experience and opinion are my own.

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What to do in London this summer

Rekorderling Bar Southbank London

London offers so much that one will never run out of things to do in the city and the Underbelly Festival Southbank is one of my most recent outings. Taking the amount of fun we had into consideration, I had to share it with you guys as a must visit the festival in London this summer.

Current sizzling temperatures leave us little choice, but to find a fun festival with a great outdoor space and refreshing drinks. Southbank is one of my favourite areas in London and I love how well it represents an overall vibe of the city, so it was kinda a no-brainer to come here.

I met up with Emily on a Friday afternoon and after a couple of events, we were ready for a refreshing cocktail in the sunshine. We headed towards one of London’s biggest outdoor bars, the Rekorderlig Botanicals Bar to catch up over a cocktail and soak in as much sunshine as possible. The atmosphere is so fun with the 80s and 90’s music playing out throughout the day. I love when I come to a place and get a positive vibe as it makes it so much easier to have fun. I think having a cider in the sunshine is somewhat of a tradition, so I was really excited to try all the new flavours Rekorderlig has on offer. Our drinks were large and a perfect refreshing choice as it was almost 30c on the day.

Rekorderling Bar Southbank London Rekorderling Bar Southbank London Rekorderling Bar Southbank London Rekorderling Bar Southbank London Rekorderling Bar Southbank London Rekorderling Bar Southbank London Rekorderling Bar Southbank London

The new Rekorderlig Botanicals range features three amazing and delicate flavours, including Rhubarb-Lemon-Mint, Grapefruit-Rosemary and Peach-Basil – perfect served over ice on a summer’s day! My favourite would have to be the Grapefruit-Rosemary, as it’s a perfect balance of flavours which really complement each other.

Rekorderling Bar Southbank London Rekorderling Bar Southbank London Rekorderling Bar Southbank London Rekorderling Bar Southbank London

The Underbelly Festival Southbank is packed with so many fun events including live acts, circus performers, comedy, children show and much more. I included the full lineup here. The entrance to the main area is free, however, there is a fee for the shows including my favourite Pete Firman. I love outdoor events and being in such a great location, you can mix a bit of sight-seeing with a yummy drink and fun entertainment. Should you feel peckish you can also opt for an al fresco meal served by local food vendors.

You can sample the new Rekorderlig Botanicals range at the Underbelly Festival Southbank until 30th September and I really hope the weather will stay this hot, as it’s even more of a reason to pop down to try the new range with a friend.

Have you ever been to the Underbelly Festival Southbank and how much of a cider fan are you? I would love to know so please leave me your comments below.

Tania xxx

This post is in collaboration with Rekorderlig cider, however, the experience and opinions are my own.


Favourite way to spend a weekend in London

Pink Sundress

As you know I travel a lot so when I’m in London I like to go to some of my favourite places with friends. I like to do things that make me happy and even though I don’t sometimes feel like leaving my area, I love when I get myself out to explore one of my favourite cities in the world.

On weekends especially on Sundays, I love to take myself to the flower market on Columbia Road to buy some fresh flowers for the week. The tip is to come after 3 pm or closer to the closing time as then you can get flowers at such low rate. The Columbia Flower Market is so busy with people all over the world visiting as well as so many locals.

Pink Sundress Pink Sundress Pink Sundress Pink SundressPink Sundress

One of my favourite things to do is to dress for the occasion and I opted for this beautiful pink tropical leaf print linen midi dress from Laura Ashley. The dress is so perfect for a warm weekend as the fabric keeps you cool if it gets too hot out. Its one of my favourite sundresses at the moment and I’m excited to wear it for my upcoming holidays too. It’s very comfortable and of a great quality which makes it so easy to style and wear all day.

I decided to wear my new basket bag as its perfect for the market days. You can’t go wrong with a pair of sandals either and voila you are ready for the day. I love dressing in stylish but comfortable clothes as I think it really is all about how you feel in your clothes. Especially if your clothes can be worn to many different occasions like this Laura Ashely dress.

Pink Sundress Pink Sundress Pink Sundress Pink Sundress

I’m really impressed with the summer we are currently having in London as its so nice and warm that all I’ve been wearing more dresses than usual. I love midis for a day and shorter options when I’m out in the evening or away.

What is your favourite look for the weekend and how do you like to spend your weekends?

Tania xxx


Featured Personal Diary

How to improve your productivity at home

If you are like me and tend to get stuck in a rut when trying to be productive at home, this post is for you. As a freelancer who frequently travels I’m really fortunate to have an opportunity to switch up my workspace. However, I spend most of my time working from home so I need to make sure that I remain productive as it’s so easy to get into distracted.

This post will help you figure out how to break the rut by refreshing the space you spend most of your time at. Even if you don’t work from home I’m sure we all still tend to feel like we need to occasionally change things up and focusing on details here can really make all the difference to how you feel in your living/work space.

Desenio wall art

Desenio PostersHow to improve your productivity at home

Tip 1

To fully refresh your space, decluttering would be the step one when it comes to improving the productivity. The rule of thumb here is if you haven’t used an item in the past 6 months,  you need to let go of it. Decluttering is known to bring the fresh energy to your space having you feel somewhat of a fresh start and this is a great way to set a foundation for your new improved space that will increase your productivity. I’m somewhat of a hoarder so it’s hard for me to let go but every time I do, I find this to help me feel better. I love a fresh start and as soon as I get into decluttering I find it that holding onto the things is really pointless.

Tip 2

The second tip would be to opt for a light color interior scheme and have soothing colors surround you so you can feel more relaxed and able to create better. I spent quite some on Desenio’s website looking for wall art that will fit my mood and help keep me inspired and therefore productive. It’s a good idea to buy things in pairs as this also helps to improve your overall happiness in your space. The best thing about Desenio is that they have an Inspiration page that you can browse to get some ideas about how your new space will look.

Since I’m a big fan of California, I decided to go for Cali vibes at home. I picked 6 pieces featuring palm trees, pop of turquoise with a pool photo and cool girls photographs. I purchased frames with my posters and I opted for gold-coloured frames. I’ve positioned all posters above my desk so my workspace feels so fresh and since living in LA is a big dream of mine,  this tends to help keep me motivated therefore increasing my productivity.

How to improve your productivity at home How to improve your productivity at home

Tip 3

The last tip is to add a living item to your space aka a plant as this will help you feel motivated to stay productive. Plants and flowers remind us of how beautiful our nature and planet is and you want to look after them. Looking after something keeps you motivated, therefore, increasing your productivity.

I hope you enjoyed reading my post on how to improve your productivity at home by refreshing your space. Since I have partnered up with Desenio they are kind enough to offer you 25% off posters between June 19th and 21st. You can also follow @desenio for more inspiration.

Please see below for details.

Lots of love.

Tania xxx

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3 Days on the Greek Island Tinos

3 Days on the Greek Island Tinos

Having had quite a few hectic weeks in London, I decided its time for some well-deserved chill. So I booked myself tickets to Greece opting for an island hopping in the Cyclades with Tinos being my first destinations. I specifically decided to go to Tinos as I wanted to relax and take it slower at the beginning of my trip.

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#revolvearoundtheworld – All of My Looks

Revolve dress

As an ambassador for one of my favorite e-tailers in the world Revolve, I get access to nice perks such as invites to some of their major festivals and events including the Revolve Around the World. Since they are LA-based this was their first time in London which was such the most fun I had in a while.

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Why Paris is always a good idea

Why Paris is always a good idea

Paris is always a good idea as its one of the rare cities in the world that give you that undeniable feeling of inner happiness and love. I jsut feel like pinching myself each time I see the Eiffel Tower and I just don’t know why because I’ve seen it so many times.

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