3 must do things in Monaco

Monaco is an independent city-state between south of France and Italy with the most prestigious inhabitants in Europe. The yacht abundance and a casino lifestyle may not be for everyone but if you do however find yourself in Monte Carlo, then I created a list of few things you can do.

I was so excited to visit and this was my first time in Monaco however, we were really unlucky with the weather as it didn’t stop raining the entire time. Regardless of the rain we still tried to make the best out our time in Monaco and here are some of my favourite things we got up to.

Monte Carlo Casino

It’s no secret that Monte Carlo Casino is one of the most famous things about Monaco and a must see if you do find yourself here. We went for a day visit and a tour of the casino rather than a gambling session so I managed to take some photos. The casino is so opulent and lush interiors provide a perfect setting for the riches of this world to spend their time gambling. During the day it’s nice to visit as there is so much history here and it really is a cool place to tick off your bucket list. Taking a photo outside can be little crowded even in the rain but nonetheless worth it.

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Lunch at Le Grill Hotel de Paris

Located on the 8th floor of the Hotel de Paris this restaurant provides a perfect place to get yourself one step closer to the real Monaco lifestyle. The location is perfect and the terrace provides wonderful views of Monte Carlo including the Casino. The coolest thing about Le Grill Monaco is that on a hot summers day the roof would open entirely leaving the restaurant diners to feel like they are dining outside. The restaurant is famous for its meat dishes and I had lamb for my main which was so tender and delicious. Prices start at 60 Euros for 3 courses at lunch and per person and 145 Euros for 4 courses per person for dinner.

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Harbour and Fort Antoine

Harbour is the place where you can see some of the worlds most expensive yachts and if you walk up to the Fort Antoine for beautiful views of the Mediterranean and Monaco. The Fort Antoine has been there since the 18th century and it has a stage in the muddle with cannon balls at its centre. This used to be a military structure and it’s a great place to come and see if you are in Monaco as not only will you see the ocean, yachts but the entire skyline of the city. During the summer visitors are able to see open-air plays.

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I hope you enjoyed reading my little mini guide to Monaco. I really want to return soon so I can enjoy the city in the warmer weather and try and visit some of the other things I didn’t have a chance to see on this visit.

I would love to find out your experience and If you ever visited Monaco yourself. Please leave a comment below.

Tania xxx


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