48hrs in Vienna

I finally managed to find some time and upload the 48hrs in Vienna post. We had such a lovely time exploring the city and I took a bunch of photos to show you a few must visit locations when in Vienna. This is my second time in the city and it never gets boring.

Vienna is not overly big of a city so walking everywhere is the best option. With only 1.8m people living there you will have a feeling of quiet, well that is at least if you are coming from London. Vienna is quite close to Slovakia so flying to Bratislava is a good option if you are looking to save a few pennies as the airport in Bratislava is only an hour away from Vienna’s city Centre; or 10-15 minutes away from the centre if you fly into Vienna directly. I can’t recommend Das Tries highly enough for your stay as besides its perfect location and quirkiness, it offers great value rooms. Just a stone throw away from Karlsplatz which is the most connected transport hub in the whole of Vienna and a really good place to start your day exploring. Having said that we actually walked up Operngasse towards Burggarten and Palmenhaus to first of all have a lunch and line our bellies before embarking on further exploration. You guys must check out Palmenhaus as it’s in such beautiful setting especially on a warm sunny day as you can sit on their amazing terrace.

We walked around Burggarten towards Maria-Theresien Platz passing Goethe statue and numerous museums including Vienna’s Natural History Museum which was so massive. Vienna is well known for a large number of museums and some of the most famous ones include Art History Museum, Albertina which is right by the Palmenhaus, Belvedere, Leopold Museum, Museum of Natural History, Museum of Modern Art.

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Maria-Theresien-Platz is the best place to start if you are a museum buff as it connects Ringstraße with the Museumsquartier and it’s just in between Natural History Museum and Art History Museum, both of which are so beautiful from the outside; we walked around this area for a little while appreciating the architecture. From here we walked towards the Parliament on the Ringstraße boulevard which is one of the politically most important buildings in Vienna, it looks absolutely stunning and it’s a must see. Just a street across it’s a Rathaus or the main Town Hall which had the most beautiful Christmas market ever with a bunch of cool stands selling everything Christmassy from ornaments to chocolate. You can only imagine my excitement!! We decided to spend some time and have a heart shaped mug of mulled wine, it was little nippy so this really helped warm us up.

48hrs-in-Vienna-20-940x626 48hrs in Vienna 48hrs-in-Vienna-21-940x626 48hrs in Vienna 48hrs-in-Vienna-22-940x626 48hrs in Vienna 48hrs-in-Vienna-24-940x626 48hrs in Vienna 48hrs-in-Vienna-25-940x626 48hrs in Vienna 48hrs-in-Vienna-30-940x626 48hrs in Vienna 48hrs-in-Vienna-27-940x626 48hrs in Vienna 48hrs-in-Vienna-28-940x626 48hrs in Vienna 48hrs-in-Vienna-29-940x626 48hrs in Vienna 48hrs-in-Vienna-31-940x626 48hrs in Vienna 48hrs-in-Vienna-32-940x626 48hrs in Vienna 48hrs-in-Vienna-33-940x626 48hrs in Vienna 48hrs-in-Vienna-35-940x626 48hrs in Vienna

We walked around again and this time towards the Garben which is one of the most famous streets in Vienna filled with shops of all sorts that is so easy to get lost and spend a good few hours just looking around and shopping. I popped to Zara as they have same prices as in the UK but only in Euros which can be a nice little saving. You can also stop here and have an either a lunch or coffee, or if you are brave like us have a glass of Champagne at the Fashion Café which was super funny and a tad weird. Another cool alternative is Onyx bar, which is a glassed rooftop overlooking St Stephens Cathedral which another cool landmark to see.

48hrs-in-Vienna-37-940x626 48hrs in Vienna 48hrs-in-Vienna-58-940x626 48hrs in Vienna 48hrs-in-Vienna-57-940x626 48hrs in Vienna48hrs-in-Vienna-38-940x626 48hrs in Vienna 48hrs-in-Vienna-39-940x626 48hrs in Vienna

The next day we decided to take it chilled due to our dinner plans in the evening so thought it would be the best to visit a couple of museums. First and the apparent choice is Belvedere Palace which consists of Upper and Lower Belvedere. Once you get here you can buy tickets to enter both Palaces and see the exhibitions that they offer or on a beautiful day you can just allow yourself to get lost wandering around their amazing gardens. We opted for a walk around the garden and an entrance to the Lower Belvedere which was quite cool as we got to see a couple of exhibitions including The Women of Klimt, Schiele and Kokoschka.

48hrs-in-Vienna-41-940x626 48hrs in Vienna 48hrs-in-Vienna-42-940x626 48hrs in Vienna 48hrs-in-Vienna-43-940x626 48hrs in Vienna 48hrs-in-Vienna-44-940x626 48hrs in Vienna 48hrs-in-Vienna-45-940x626 48hrs in Vienna 48hrs-in-Vienna-46-940x626 48hrs in Vienna 48hrs-in-Vienna-47-940x626 48hrs in Vienna 48hrs-in-Vienna-48-940x626 48hrs in Vienna 48hrs-in-Vienna-49-940x626 48hrs in Vienna 48hrs-in-Vienna-50-940x626 48hrs in Vienna 48hrs-in-Vienna-52-940x626 48hrs in Vienna 48hrs-in-Vienna-53-940x626 48hrs in Vienna 48hrs-in-Vienna-51-940x626 48hrs in Vienna 48hrs-in-Vienna-56-940x626 48hrs in Vienna 48hrs-in-Vienna-55-940x626 48hrs in Vienna 48hrs-in-Vienna-54-940x626 48hrs in Vienna

We also went to Sigmund Freud Museum the world’s first psychoanalyst which is actually the house he used to live in so it was amazing to see his original belongings as well as the couch he used for analyzing his patients. I highly recommend you come here you guys as it’s absolutely amazing.

48hrs-in-Vienna-3-940x626 48hrs in Vienna 48hrs-in-Vienna-4-940x626 48hrs in Vienna 48hrs-in-Vienna-5-940x626 48hrs in Vienna 48hrs-in-Vienna-6-940x626 48hrs in Vienna 48hrs-in-Vienna-7-940x626 48hrs in Vienna 48hrs-in-Vienna-8-940x626 48hrs in Vienna 48hrs-in-Vienna-9-940x626 48hrs in Vienna

Another cool place to visit is the Schönbrunn Palace which is a summer imperial residence and a must see. I went there when I was in Vienna the first time so didn’t have time to go again but if you have some time go and see it as it offers the most amazing views of Vienna.

We finished our day with the dinner at Motto which was a really cool venue to eat and drink in until midnight before we retired back to our hotel.

I hope you guys enjoyed my 48hrs in Vienna post. Have you been to Vienna and what do you think of my recommendations?

Tania xxx



  1. Petr

    Great photos, I wanna visit Vienna this year too!

  2. I visited Vienna two years ago with my husband & loved the city!! Your pictures brought up some great memories!! 🙂

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