90’s Fashion Inspired Street Style Look

Happy Monday! I wanted to kick this week off with a 90’s fashion inspired outfit from the Joy Store or specifically by the Valley of the Dolls brand who have a cute selection of dresses available on their site.

I decided to start going for brands that are maybe not as well-known as Topshop, Zara etc but have awesome styles and clothes available. I thought this dress will fit the 90’s fashion inspired outfit perfectly and with the right accessories, I can give the dress a right grunge feel and a little edge. As you may know, grunge and minimalism were the main trends of 90’s fashion and if it’s really all about bringing it back and giving it the modern twist.


90s-Vibe-in-Shoreditch-3 90's Fashion Inspired Street Style Look 90s-Vibe-in-Shoreditch-7 90's Fashion Inspired Street Style Look 90s-Vibe-in-Shoreditch-1 90's Fashion Inspired Street Style Look 90s-Vibe-in-Shoreditch_ 90's Fashion Inspired Street Style Look

I love the casual street wear that 90’s fashion offers. I think Heavy Duty Air Martens would have worked even better with the whole look and would have truly brought the 90’s fashion feel, however, I decided to add a modern twist with a pair of black flatfroms from Zara which I got on the sale in Madrid for 9 Euros. I mean Zara sale for shoes or everything else is the best thing since sliced bread. I also added a backpack from Michael Kors to complete the look.

90s-Vibe-in-Shoreditch-9 90's Fashion Inspired Street Style Look 90s-Vibe-in-Shoreditch-10 90's Fashion Inspired Street Style Look 90s-Vibe-in-Shoreditch-11 90's Fashion Inspired Street Style Look 90s-Vibe-in-Shoreditch-12 90's Fashion Inspired Street Style Look 90s-Vibe-in-Shoreditch-5 90's Fashion Inspired Street Style Look 90s-Vibe-in-Shoreditch-6 90's Fashion Inspired Street Style Look

Anyhow Doc Martens or any similar style boots can be paired with cute slip dresses creating the right amount of a contrast between femininity and masculinity. I’m sure we will see more of those styles in autumn. I have my eye on a velvet slip dress and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. But to fully rock the 90’s fashion trends in 2016, styles can be altered to be more relevant for today’s culture and we all know that the trick is to still capture that “too cool to care” attitude of the 90s whilst still looking quite fresh and on-trend. Another thing to remember is to blend classic 90’s fashion pieces like crop tops and chokers into our everyday wardrobe with maybe skinny or even mother jeans and heeled boots. My Choker is from Asos and it’s really a must-have if you are looking to channel the 90’s fashion vibe. Another trend that I will be posting about is a slip on the dress worn over a basic tee and I already have a few options saved in my basket.

What do you guys think of my take on the 90’s fashion?

Tania xxx



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    Back in 90s, I was into the 90s fashion however now I am not really attracted to any of them, especially the choker trend, I had many of them back then 🙂 That dress and Michael Kors backpack are gorgeous! x

    Ela BellaWorld

  2. I love the back of that dress. I’m a huge fan of cutouts. You look gorgeous in this outfit.

    x. Cattleya


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    Oh Tania you look absolutely stunning in that dress!!! I’ve just discovered your gorgeous blog and will follow along on bloglovin!

    have a lovely day!
    ❥ Vicky | The Golden Bun

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    BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Such charisma in all your shots 🙂 xx

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    That’s the perfect way to style typical 90’s pieces but in a modern and much more stylish way my dear! That slips dress as an amazing print, and contrasts really well with the choker and the modern backpack! I really need to find myself a pair of doc martens… They never go out of style 🙂 great blog dear!

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