Best Dry Shampoo – Tried and Tested Hair Styling Products

When it comes to finding a best dry shampoo, you may find yourself spoiled for choice. Drugstores are stocked up with so many good options but are we picking the best dry shampoo on the market, is something that lingers in my mind every time I walk down the hair care aisle. 

I have a flat fine hair so using the best dry shampoo is really a must for me. I have tried and tested quite a few in my time so I decided to review my favorites and the dry shampoos I currently use. I know it’s not quite necessary to have a few brands to alternate in between, however, I’m really lucky to get products sent to me to test. Also, I want to give you guys as many options as possible so it’s easy for you to make your mind when looking to buy the best dry shampoo.

Ouai Dry Shampoo Foam

Jen Atkin dropped dry shampoo foam and the beauty community when crazy resulting in this products being sold out. The hype has settled now and I’m clearly late to jump on this train but regardless I have had this product for good 3 months now. At first, I was slightly confused as to how much to use and how to make it works best for my hair. Finally, I came to the conclusion that you only need a small amount maybe a golf ball size which needs to be rubbed in your roots thoroughly. It kinda works wonders for the volume but I didn’t think it was the best for making your hair look clean. It does reduce the oiliness on your scalp and because of its such an innovative product, I thought it had to make it to my best dry shampoo feature. All in all, I think this product is great especially if you want to style and clean in one go, however, it’s quite pricey so that may be its downside.

Dry-Shampoo-3 Best Dry Shampoo - Tried and Tested Hair Styling Products

Amika Silken Up Dry Shampoo and Conditioner

I must admit that Amika is one of my favorites hair brands that I recently discovered, especially it dry shampoo and conditioner. Dry shampoo is perfect as it leaves no white residue in your hair, it boosts the volume all whilst leaving your hair fresh smelling and clean. If you can invest into one product out of this post, I would say let it be this one. The dry conditioner is so perfect to use on clean hair to not only condition but also add volume and remove any static that you may have in your hair. Both products are free of parabens and sulfates, which is great especially if you wear extensions.

Dry-Shampoo-6 Best Dry Shampoo - Tried and Tested Hair Styling Products

Oribe Gold Lust Dry Shampoo

Oh there is something about Oribe that gives that luxury touch and feel to your hair. This decadent dry shampoo bottle will stand out in your beauty cabinet and you will want to reach out for it every time you need a dry shampoo. The smell is just so amazing and the products help to restore the shine and strength of your hair.   The product is also free from all the parabens and sulfate that when you use it, you will know that you doing your hair some good. I love it however, it’s quite pricey so it will depend on your priorities, I do recommend this product especially if you are looking to luxe your hair game up.

Dry-Shampoo-4 Best Dry Shampoo - Tried and Tested Hair Styling Products

Davines Dry Texturizer

I love Davines and this More Inside Dry Texturizer is a must have after a blow dry. It smells amazing, it lasts for ages and it makes your hair very textured. It smells amazing and although it may not be the best to dry clean your hair, it’s absolutely amazing to give your hair texture and volume after a wash especially if it’s flat like mine.

Dry-Shampoo-5 Best Dry Shampoo - Tried and Tested Hair Styling Products

Colour Wow One Minute Styling Cream

Last but not least is the Colour Wow one minute Styling Cream which is not a dry shampoo but can be used to add volume and style to your hair. I love this product as it smoothes and adds shine. I use this product when I’m running low on time and just need to add a little style to my hair. I usually use it right after drying my hair or simply just after brushing it and it really makes my hair quite soft.

Dry-Shampoo-2 Best Dry Shampoo - Tried and Tested Hair Styling Products

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Do you have any favorite dry shampoos as well or what are your favorite hair styling products?

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