Camden Market Roaming

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I hope everyone is having a good start to the week.

This Monday I’m bringing you something that is a rather a must if you have friends visiting from any other countries. One of my longest and first friends that I ever met after moving to England came to visit and we agreed to meet in Camden and roam the market for the day.

I’m sure all the other people living in London for quite a few years agree that visiting touristy places such as Camden (despite being uber cool) loses its appeal after a while. Dealing with the crowds on Sunday afternoon especially if one suffers from a hangover can be rather daunting. However, if you have a lovely friend visiting then I recommend you get yourself to Camden and spend a day shopping and eating on one of the markets.

16755207502_8d54d45e9b_b Camden Market Roaming

16755109091_a76840a109_b Camden Market Roaming

16136338903_55eda88125_b Camden Market Roaming

I’m sure you all know that Camden has quite a wide selection of quirky and weird things available to buy and if you are looking to buy something slightly different, than this is definitely the place to come. Lots of my blog readers are from the States so if you guys ever visit London, you most certainly must visit Camden.

To tell you little bit more about this area; Camden is positioned in North London and it belongs to Zone 1 which makes it part of Central London so it is a must see sight. It is well known for its Market and apparently this has been the case since the 70’s. There isn’t just one market though as you are able to buy all sorts of fashion, food, antiques, books, lifestyle or any other peculiar bits that are hard to find anywhere else. Popular markets are Stables Market, Camden Lock Village, Buck Street Market and an indoor Electric Ballroom market (Electric Ballroom is a rather famous club, click HERE too see more info).

I have taken few pictures to show you a random variety of available goods in Camden.

16133979524_65091726c7_b Camden Market Roaming

16568714108_5ce77172eb_b Camden Market Roaming

16570165679_b73f08b7db_b Camden Market Roaming

16755492051_50cac0e180_b Camden Market Roaming

16549401377_ecdf6d2426_b Camden Market Roaming

16136688653_6175454121_b Camden Market Roaming

16134351574_8de7d9842c_b Camden Market Roaming

16755461441_80ede0972e_b Camden Market Roaming

16570515149_ba35db40e0_b Camden Market Roaming

16755475272_be96601318_b Camden Market Roaming

16568959298_67820c782a_b Camden Market Roaming

After walking all day, we went to this little cute coffee shop just outside the Stables Market called Miss Poppy Cakes which serves a delicious selection of cakes and cupcakes and really good coffee.

16138263703_8d8f7c716d_b Camden Market Roaming

16758205785_be4311daa3_b Camden Market Roaming

16757138872_19bed73067_b Camden Market Roaming

16570806060_cba5f245d6_b Camden Market Roaming

16758236235_075572569d_b Camden Market Roaming

16138295953_06cfb20797_b Camden Market Roaming

16135929214_b3fdd2dbf4_b Camden Market Roaming

16550951517_1b020a670a_b Camden Market Roaming

16757171422_a38d340444_b Camden Market Roaming

16570811590_6942e314f6_b Camden Market Roaming

16758195725_a4b328f14a_b Camden Market Roaming

16138300843_f76588c9de_b Camden Market Roaming

We rested here for a little while before heading back our separate ways. It was sure lovely to see my gorgeous friend Elena and I will sure be visiting her soon In Madrid.

Have a good week everyone.

Tania xx


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