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Hey guys,

This week is going rather quickly for me which is exciting as the weekend is just around the corner.

Since it has been a while since I published a beauty blog post, I thoughts it was about time to talk about my current favourite blush options that I use on daily basis. There are quite a few that I currently love and despite the fact that they all may look similar to the pictures, they all give a different rosy glow when applied.

I usually choose a shade depending on how I feel, but recently I have been using Nars Orgasm and Mac Margin on top of my Benefit Hoola Bronzer as well as a Seventeen Shimmer Brick that goes on every time on the top of my cheeks as well as on my cupids bow and eyebrow bone. I mean who doesn’t like to shine after stepping out their house first thing in the morning.

Top-5-Blush-940x626 Current Blush Loving

Top-5-Blush1-940x626 Current Blush Loving

Top-5-Blush2-940x626 Current Blush Loving

Top-5-Blush-3-940x626 Current Blush Loving

Top-5-Blush-4-940x626 Current Blush Loving

Top-5-Blush-5-940x626 Current Blush Loving

Top-5-Blush-6-940x626 Current Blush Loving

Top-5-Blush-7-940x626 Current Blush LovingIf I’m after a slightly more dramatic or chiselled cheek look than I opt for this creamy Mac in Brit Wit which definitely gives a fresh dewy looking skin finish, and we all know how obsessed I am with dewy skin.

Top-5-Blush-8-940x626 Current Blush Loving

Top-5-Blush-9-940x626 Current Blush LovingHowever if I’m after something that is more subtle and hardly there, than I tend to opt for this gorgeous Laura Mercier shade in Rose Petal. It does make your cheeks look really rosy and I like to use this on days when not much make up is required. Another great option and similar is this Arbonne Blush in Ballet which is absolutely amazing.

Top-5-Blush-10-940x626 Current Blush Loving

Top-5-Blush-11-940x626 Current Blush Loving

Top-5-Blush-12-940x626 Current Blush Loving

Top-5-Blush-13-940x626 Current Blush Loving

All of these blushes have a great formula and long lasting powers however, the only one I can say that starts disappearing after a while is a Creamy Mac in Brit Wit but I’m most certain that this is due to my oily skin and the recycled office air (I hate air con by the way). They all apply seamlessly and look so beautiful on my cheeks and I can’t recommend them enough.

Do you guys have any favourite brands and shades that you can recommend for me to try?




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