Favourite beach club in Bali

With Bali soon to be opening its borders I cared to head back to writing my new blog posts. I haven’t been lazy but rather busy with birthing a sustainable clothing brand and working on a self-love novel whilst navigating emotional mess that is 2020. I’m sure we all feel that we have to find something new to look forward to and why not make it a trip to Bali in 2021. So on that note, I want to share my can’t miss favourite beach club Palmilla on Melasti Beach.

The south coast of Bali is amongst my favourites, not only because of its white pristine beaches but also the Melasti beach. It somewhat reminds me of Greece and anything that reminds me of Greece is high on my list. The Palmilla Beach Club located at the base of high stone cliffs will literally┬átake you to a cave feel paradise overlooking the most beautiful beach and best sunset spot of all time. These words describe Palmilla well and I’m not being overly dramatic, it truly is a beautiful place to spend a day out.

Palmilla-Blog-scaled Favourite beach club in Bali

Their sunbeds are so inviting and conveniently positioned overlooking infinity pool that seamlessly blends into the infinite blue Indian Ocean. Add yourself a coconut and a salad into the mix and you will surely feel all the beauty that life has to offer. It wouldn’t be a shabby start to 2021 I think. I took a few photos lounging around as that’s pretty much all I did all day here. I’m also wearing the Isa Maxi Lilac dress from my dress collection which is one my favourite summer dresses. It’s a perfect option if you would like to elevate your day outfit especially if you are going to a fancy beach club.

Palmilla-Blog-2 Favourite beach club in BaliPalmilla-Blog-6-scaled Favourite beach club in Bali

To conclude this short but sweer blog post featuring my favourite beach club in Bali, you won’t want to miss Palmilla. Its geographical position makes it very unique and perfect reason to drive out to Ungasan. Since I call the Island of Gods my home I can’t help but find myself in a need of a holiday from a holiday. You may think who needs a holiday from a holiday but change of a scene is necesarry and there is a big differnece between being on a beach in Canggu and a beach in Ungasan. I’m pretty sure you know what I mean if you have visited Bali before.

Palmilla-Blog-1-1 Favourite beach club in BaliPalmilla-Blog-3-scaled Favourite beach club in Bali

We all need to change the scenery from time to time and Im so gratful to have an abundance of options here in Bali and Im excited to share more of these with yo in the coming weeks. I would also like you to check out my new venture T. B. Darling which is my brand new sustainble brand and resort collection handmade in Bali. I worked so hard on this project this year and I’m proud to share it with you all. Its a perfect option if you are looking to add sustainable styles to your wardrobe for your upcoming holidays.

Palmilla-Blog-4-scaled Favourite beach club in Bali

Thank you again for being here reading my posts, I feel so grateful for you and as Im about to enter 6th year of me blogging I find it hard to wrap my head around where did the time go.

Love and light.
Tania xxx


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