Favourite Photo Locations in Paris

On my recent trip, I tasked myself with finding the best photo locations in Paris to share with you guys. As a blogger every time I travel I need to research the places that are the best locations for taking photos in the city I’m visiting. This is in order to snap that Instagram-worthy moment and share my memories on the blog. Having said that, make sure you follow me on Instagram if you aren’t already 🙂

Paris is beautiful and everywhere you turn, you will feel like it’s a photo worthy location and a moment worth capturing. To save you some time I have created a selection of my favorite photo locations in Paris.

Eiffel Tower was taken from Place de Trocadéro

Let’s face it, you can’t visit Paris without a cheeky Eiffel Tower photo hence why I had to include it into my favorite photo locations in Paris. Place de TrocadĂ©ro is a must if you are looking for that blogger inspired shot. Despite this being a rather crowded area, you can still get an alone photo with the Eiffel Tower. The steps on the side give that special perspective and a dreamy feel and if you visit with a friend who is good in framing, you are onto a winner. All of my photos are taken on a busy Sunday afternoon with a bunch of tourists but I still managed to capture without anyone being in the frame without myself. You can access more info about it HERE.

Best-Locations-To-Take-Pictures-in-Paris_-7-1 Favourite Photo Locations in ParisBest-Locations-To-Take-Pictures-in-Paris_-9 Favourite Photo Locations in Paris Best-Locations-To-Take-Pictures-in-Paris_-10 Favourite Photo Locations in Paris Best-Locations-To-Take-Pictures-in-Paris_-11 Favourite Photo Locations in Paris

Pont Alexandre III

I mean you can’t come to Paris without stopping on the Pont Alexandre III and capture the view of the city. The architecture of the bridge is so gorgeous and gold detailing give it that extra lush feel. I absolutely love watching the sunset of the Pont Alexandre III and its such a perfect location for a photo whether it be a day or night. Read more about it on Tripadvisor HERE.

Best-Locations-To-Take-Pictures-in-Paris-1 Favourite Photo Locations in Paris Best-Locations-To-Take-Pictures-in-Paris-1-3 Favourite Photo Locations in Paris Best-Locations-To-Take-Pictures-in-Paris-1-2 Favourite Photo Locations in Paris

Palais Royal 

This is another obvious one amongst bloggers favorite photo locations in Paris. I’m sure if you pay attention when you get to the Palais Royal, you may be able to run into a few especially if it’s around Paris Fashion Week. I to be honest really love the aesthetics of it and the ability to play with framing, you can snap the photo from various angles and give it such unique perspective. It’s usually quite busy with kids running around so if you like to get a clear shot, I recommend getting there before midday. Also, spring is the best time as the garden is in full bloom and it looks just dreamy. You can read more tips about Palais Royal on the Tripadvisor HERE.

Best-Locations-To-Take-Pictures-in-Paris_-5 Favourite Photo Locations in Paris Best-Locations-To-Take-Pictures-in-Paris_-4 Favourite Photo Locations in Paris Best-Locations-To-Take-Pictures-in-Paris_-2 Favourite Photo Locations in Paris Best-Locations-To-Take-Pictures-in-Paris_ Favourite Photo Locations in Paris Best-Locations-To-Take-Pictures-in-Paris_-3 Favourite Photo Locations in Paris

Rue Saint-Dominique

What a perfect little street for a photo shoot and one of my best photo locations in Paris finds. I love how the Eiffel Tower is lurking in the background, subtly giving your shot a chic Parisian feel. Unfortunately it was little foggy when we shot here but nevertheless, I’m obsessed with how the photos came out. The Rue St-Dominique is a short distance walk from the Pont Alexander III and I definitely recommend you check it out especially if the weather is nice. Also if you have time stop for lunch as there are so many cool options, I found a few on TripAdvisor HERE. 

Best-Photo-Locations-in-paris_ Favourite Photo Locations in Paris IMG_7573 Favourite Photo Locations in Paris Tutu-In-Paris_ Favourite Photo Locations in Paris

Montmartre & La Maison Rose 

I talked about Montmartre being my favorite area in Paris on so many occasions. I just love the artsy feel that Montmartre oozes and the abundance of cafes and shops. I also love the views from Sacre Couer and pretty much all about it. La Maison Rose on Rue de l’Abreuvoir is just a dreamy backdrop for any Instagram lover and I had to select it in my top photo locations in Paris. We didn’t really get a chance to eat here as it was closed when we visited, however you can read other reviews HERE. 

Best-Locations-To-Take-Pictures-in-Paris-1-6 Favourite Photo Locations in Paris Best-Locations-To-Take-Pictures-in-Paris-1-7 Favourite Photo Locations in Paris Best-Locations-To-Take-Pictures-in-Paris-1-4 Favourite Photo Locations in Paris Best-Locations-To-Take-Pictures-in-Paris-1-5 Favourite Photo Locations in Paris

So these are my favorite locations to take photos in Paris. My friend and I booked Ubers and hopped over from one place to another on the same day to try and capture it perfectly. I hope you guys enjoy this post and let me know if you have taken photos yourself in any of these locations.

Tania xxx




  1. Candice

    These are really beautiful photos! Would love to visit Paris some day

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

    • the london thing

      Aw thanks doll and you should. You will love it x

    • the london thing

      It really is gorgeous xxx

  2. You really did capture it perfectly, beautiful photos and you look gorgeous. I so want to go to Paris right now! I love that white coat by the way it looks soooo cosy! xxx

    • the london thing

      Ah thanks hun! I could easily move to Paris forever x

  3. Thank you for rounding these spots up in one blog post – and the photos were fab Frankie x


  4. /

    Lovely pictures ! x
    Makes me want to visit Paris again.

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