Frank Body Scrub and Body Balm Review

Happy Friday dolls! I wanted to share a beauty post and review the caffeinated skincare brand, frank body, so my content is a little bit more balanced and you don’t feel like I’m bombarding you with my travel adventures. Since I’ve increased my self-tanning activity I found that exfoliating the skin is a very, if not the most important step in the process. Finding a good exfoliator can really be a task especially if you are shopping at the local drugstore. Most of the scrubs these days contain microbeads, which are quite bad for your skin and the environment as they are not able to dissolve when disposed of and washed down the drain.

Frank-Body-Scrub_ Frank Body Scrub and Body Balm Review

Unlike your typical body scrub, natural coffee scrubs are so much better for our body as they are thought to be an aid to so many skin issues including eczema, psoriasis, and even cellulite. However, I can’t say that I have noticed any reduction in my cellulite since I’ve only used my frank body scrub for a couple of months but I did notice quite a bit of improvement in my skin softness and general appearance.

The coconut coffee and the original coffee are my favorites from the frank body scrub range as the smell of both products is out of this world. The best thing to do when you wake up is to use frank body scrub first thing in the morning to exfoliate. I tend to do it twice a week now just because I have noticed my skin being clearer since using this scrub.

Frank-Body-Scrub-2 Frank Body Scrub and Body Balm Review

Frank-Body-Scrub-1 Frank Body Scrub and Body Balm Review

Coffee is really high in antioxidants, which is good for your skin. It’s also been proven that if you drink black coffee first thing in the morning before your workout, it helps to speed up metabolism. I’ve also read that coffee has the same pH as our skin, which really helps if you are looking to even out the skin tone and texture.

I also got a frank body balm which is oily and moisturizing and leaves my skin glowing. I’ve also noticed that it lasts quite some time after applying and it’s not as easy to wear off. It’s really a perfect product for dry skin.

Frank-Body-Scrub-3 Frank Body Scrub and Body Balm Review

The coffee scrub is so easy to apply and all I do is wet my hands and dip them into the bag. I then smudge the product over my body focusing on the areas such as back, legs, arms and my bum. It washes off easily and leaves the skin super soft.

The frank body scrub is a perfect product if you are looking for a versatile natural body scrub that at the same time doesn’t damage the environment. It exfoliates so well and leaves the skin perfectly smooth. If you have dry skin or any dry patches then I can also recommend the Body Balm as it’s so moisturizing and nourishing.

What are your favorite body scrubs and have you tried any coffee based products at all?

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    Great pictures – as always 🙂
    The coffee & coconut scrubs sound really interesting! I’ve never heard of the brand before…thanks for sharing, dear!

    Have a nice weekend, Lara THE DAINTY THINGS

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