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I have been planning one of my holidays in Naxos for a long time now and finally, I had a chance to visit this beautiful island. Naxos is about an hour away from Mykonos by ferry and is one of the largest islands in the Cyclades.

In this post, I wanted to share where we stayed on our Naxos holiday and hopefully help you with your research a little bit more. We decided to stay at IRIA beach hotel located at Agia Anna Naxos. We wanted a long secluded beach that’s a little outside of the main Naxos town Chora.

The IRIA Beach Hotel is approximately 15 minutes drive from Chora and since it’s located right on the beach, it’s really a perfect place to base our holidays in Naxos.

Iria-Beach-Hotel-20-of-27 Holidays in Naxos - Where to Stay Iria-Beach-Hotel-19-of-27 Holidays in Naxos - Where to Stay Iria-Beach-Hotel-18-of-27 Holidays in Naxos - Where to Stay Iria-Beach-Hotel-7-of-27 Holidays in Naxos - Where to Stay Iria-Beach-Hotel-1-of-27 Holidays in Naxos - Where to Stay Iria-Beach-Hotel-3-of-27 Holidays in Naxos - Where to Stay Iria-Beach-Hotel-2-of-27 Holidays in Naxos - Where to Stay


The hotel has 25 bright and airy rooms mixed with traditional Greek hospitality and family business approach. The Greek hospitality is what keeps me coming back to the islands every year and I love how friendly and attentive people of Naxos are.

The rooms are really chich fully equipped with AC and tv screens as well as a decent WIFI connection. Our bed was really comfortable and we had a little patio that we sat on in the evenings with a delicious bottle of wine.

As much as we enjoyed the comfort of our rooms we prefered to be outside sitting around hotel grounds that were right next to the ocean.

Iria-Beach-Hotel-26-of-27 Holidays in Naxos - Where to Stay Iria-Beach-Hotel-22-of-27 Holidays in Naxos - Where to Stay Iria-Beach-Hotel-21-of-27 Holidays in Naxos - Where to Stay Iria-Beach-Hotel-25-of-27 Holidays in Naxos - Where to Stay Iria-Beach-Hotel-24-of-27 Holidays in Naxos - Where to Stay Iria-Beach-Hotel-23-of-27 Holidays in Naxos - Where to Stay Iria-Beach-Hotel-27-of-27 Holidays in Naxos - Where to Stay


We enjoyed breakfast at the hotel each morning which is served buffet style. All of the ingredients are locally sourced and homemade by lovely ladies that tended to us so well. On most evenings we enjoyed a meal at the next door restaurant ‘Palatia’ that serves local delicacies.

I loved the whole convenience of staying at the IRIA Beach hotel, everything is so close to your room so you really can lazy around as much as you wish. The beach is less than a minute walk as well as cool bars and restaurants. Regardless of whether you fancy a Sunday beach party or quiet dinner, everything is minutes away.

As we only had three days to allocate to our holidays in Naxos we really made sure we balance it out. On one of the days, we explored the island on a scooter visiting a couple of villages and I will be sharing more about this in the next days. The rest of the time we chilled on the beach sipping Aperol and wine. It was so lovely to relax after a week in Mykonos and IRIA Beach Hotel staff really made sure we had everything we needed.

Iria-Beach-Hotel-14-of-27 Holidays in Naxos - Where to Stay Iria-Beach-Hotel-16-of-27 Holidays in Naxos - Where to Stay Iria-Beach-Hotel-15-of-27 Holidays in Naxos - Where to Stay

Are you thinking of planning your holidays in Naxos? It’s a truly authentic experience and a great way to relax and take a break from a busy lifestyle. If you have a few days to spend here, you can always organise to visit neighbouring islands such as Paros on day boat tours. Or go more inland to explore villages nestled in Naxos mountains.

All in all, we had a lovely stay at IRIA Beach Art Hotel and hopefully, I will get a chance to return to this beautiful island.

Have a lovely rest of your week.




  1. Nice tips! I specifically like all the photos, the food and your style here!

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