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You know that time before your holiday when you feel so restless and in a need of a good taking care off! I’ve been stuck with that feeling for a good month now and I have two weeks to go so I thought a little visit to the House of Elemis Spa in Mayfair will help me relieve some of my holiday anticipation stress. I love day spa trips or even more weekend spa breaks as it’s just so nice to tune out and let somebody take care of you for a bit.

I’ve been a fan of Elemis skin care for so long so I wanted to share my experience at the House of Elemis with you guys. I had an hour booked in their Penthouse Suite for their Couture Technology treatment which is a combination of 30 or 60 minute Elemis Biotec facial with a personalised Freestyle Deep Tissue Massage.

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I also had my skin analysed where they assess everything from Sun and Pollution damage to the level of hydration so it’s a great way to understand what you need to do more of and what areas you are doing a good job in. I’m quite pleased to learn that my SPF game is spot on and that I’m doing a great job in most of the areas apart from the under eye hydration which prompted me to start applying coconut oil every evening around my eye area and mixed with my anti-aging night cream as it provides another level of hydration to my skin.

Elemis-Spa-London-6 House of Elemis Spa Visit

After my lovely therapist explained all the aspects of my facial analysis, I had a lovely 30 minutes of the Deep Tissue Massage. I love getting a massage and I look forward to day spa trips mainly because of it. I also enjoyed a 30 minute Biotec Dynamic Resurfacing Facial which is quite good for anti-aging and I’m all about the anti-aging care.

Elemis-Spa-London-4 House of Elemis Spa Visit

During my facial, the therapist started double eye and lip cleansed where she used nourishing oil cleaner to thoroughly remove my makeup. After I had Biotec cleaners applied to my skin to make sure all the dirt, grime, and pollution are removed as well as the last traces of makeup. Double cleanse followed just to really deep clean the skin followed by a skin toner. The therapist then went onto using their ultrasonic peel which is the exfoliation device that vibrates 27000 times a second causing any dirt, pollution and blocked pores and dried dead skin cells to dislodge. It’s a really deep but at the same time gentle form of exfoliation leaving the skin nice and clean.

After the cleaning process my therapist used the Hydra-Gell eye mask for my under the eye area to nourish this area that targets the fine lines and dark circles and puffiness, God knows that I need it. She also applied the Dynamic Resurfacing Gel mask onto the rest of my face which has made my face tingle slightly but this is due to the level of actives in its formula. The mask came with the light therapy over the top where the series of red and blue lights is used to help anti-aging hydrating and calming for redness. After removing the mask, the therapist used Dynamic Resurfacing Serum and Advance Eye Treatment for the eye area, to fully hydrate finishing off with the Biotec Day Cream.

Because I was fully immersed into enjoying my facial, I was unable to take pictures of products used on my skin, however, I have got the widget below with every single product used so make sure your add block is switched off in order to view.

My therapist gave me a little brochure ticking off all the products she used so I can get them later. I left the House of Elemis spa fully relaxes with a radiant and clean skin. Elemis Penthouse is beautiful too and a perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of our City.

What do you guys think of my Day Spa treat?

Tania xx






  1. Oh my goodness that sounds like heaven! I soo need to go there.

    Mich x

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