How to spend a day in Paris like a blogger

I thought that in this post I can show you how to spend a day in Paris as a blogger to hopefully give you some insight as to how we bloggers go about our days creating content. To a lot of people we tend to come across as girls who only eat, drink and look cute but most of the time a lot of work goes in the background of creating those cute Instagram shots.

On a typical day in Paris or anywhere else for that matter, we (or at least I as I don’t want to assume but I’m pretty sure that most bloggers think the same) would spend the entire time scouting locations to shoot and create content. This also means that we need to have multiple outfits with us as it’s frowned upon to repeat your looks too much on your feed. I would say a max of 3 photos but never more. This is when it gets tricky as your camera equipment is heavy enough so carrying all the looks with you is kinda tiring and you will need to get creative. Layering can be your friend here or just bring a small suitcase that you can push around with you and change at cafes or any establishment that you frequent during the process. You always need to think of your feet and plan in advance to make sure colours of your outfit go well together with the location. I always dress for the destination and this is how I plan my outfits before any trip. This is a less glamorous side of our business but its so rewarding when you edit the shot and see it all come together. I opened up more about this in this Instagram post.

Anyhow enough of that, I want to give you what you came here for and that’s how to spend a day in Paris like a blogger. I had a very active day so I think most people can do this in 2 days but it will really depend on how much energy you have on a particular day that you decide to explore.

Let’s face it every good day starts with a cup of coffee/tea and a delicious breakfast to fuel your adventure. As you may already know we stayed at Hotel Plaza Tour Eiffel which really made it easy to explore the Eiffel Tower area and take photos around it. So in this post, I wanted to venture a little further out and share what we got up to in one day.

We started with the Pantheon photoshoot as it’s such a beautiful area and I feel not overshared on Instagram which is kinda nice. We spent some time here walking around and taking photos and I love how quaint this area is. The Latin Quarter is a perfect place to grab some dinner too as there are so many cute restaurants and cafes. After shooting for some time, we felt like we may need a little pick up so we walked down to Odette. Odette is a cute little spot that sells cream pastry puffs that have been popping up more and more on my Instagram so I thought that this is a great opportunity to give it a try. Cream puffs come in so many different flavours and are so delicious especially with a cup of tea. We definitely recommend it if you are looking for a cute picture and a quick pick me up. Inside is little small but they do have 2 floors so if you choose to sit inside for a while, you can do that too.

Pantheon Paris Odette Paris Odette Paris Odette Paris Odette Paris

From Odette (I changed here as you can notice my outfit is different), we walked a few minutes to Notre-dame for some more photos. The church is so beautiful and in a great location so I definitely recommend you guys pay it a visit. Just a short few minutes walk there is another super Instagramable restaurant called Au Vieux Paris d’Arcole although we didn’t eat here as we felt quite full from pastries at Odette.

Notre-Dame Paris Odette Paris Odette Paris Odette Paris Odette Paris

We decided to walk to La Marais instead which is one of my favourite areas and packed with shops and cute cafes. We opted for a lunch at the Used Book Cafe which is essentially a bookstore that doesn’t sell books but serves food instead. We had some salad and rice and the food was really delicious. It was a little bit of a walk but I love getting lost in La Marais so I really enjoyed it but if you fancy you can always Uber. Although I recommend a walk as its really nice. Another cute spot for brunch in La Marais is Benedict which specialised in serving benedicts, although their salads looked great too.

Used Book Cafe Paris Used Book Cafe Paris

After food at the Used Book Cafe and a quick outfit change, we walked around to corner to the Boot Cafe which is another really cute and Instagramable spot. Their coffee is highly recommended as its so good and it seemed nice to sit inside too but super small so we decided to continue our walk to catch the sunset at the Louvre. At this point, I felt tired so we contemplated ordering an Uber but decided to walk instead as Paris is the best city in the world to wander the streets and get lost in so many years of history.

Boot Cafe La Marais Boot Cafe La Marais Boot Cafe La Marais Boot Cafe La Marais Boot Cafe La Marais Boot Cafe La Marais

As you can imagine Louvre is so busy especially when the weather is nice but with a little patience, we managed to get a couple of good shots. I absolutely love the Louvre as its architecture is so powerful. Also, a little tip, if you find yourself in Paris on the last Sunday in a month you can get entry to the Louvre free of charge.

Sunset Louvre Paris Sunset Louvre Paris Sunset Louvre Paris Sunset Louvre Paris Sunset Louvre Paris

From the Louvre we hopped on the metro to take last few shots at the Eiffel Tower as we got there just a few minutes before the sunset. I went to one of the Cafes around the metro to change as I couldn’t repeat my outfit this many times. The lights on the Eiffel Tower are switched on at 7 so we waited around for it as its so beautiful and a show in itself. I’ve been to Paris 4 times already and this is the first time I saw the lights being turned on so it was fun.

Sunset Eiffel Tower Sunset Eiffel Tower Sunset Eiffel TowerSunset Eiffel Tower

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and I would love to hear if you have visited any of the suggested locations and what are your thoughts?

Lots of love!

Tania xxx




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