How to Style Patched Denim Dress this Season

How to Style posts have become one of my favorites on the blog because I feel like I can truly pick one must have on-trend piece for the season and style it the way I feel it works the best. I have my own style that kinda evolved over the years and even more so since I started my blog. I’m really blessed that I can just be me and that I get such a good response from you guys.  Even though I like taking inspiration from other people and places, I still like to add my own twist to things as this what makes me and my blogs style unique. I decided to style patched denim dress in this post since this denim is really a must have this season.

So to style patched denim for this season the best to do is go casual. Patched denim is already full on alone so adding a lot of accessories and other details may aid in it losing its cool. I wanted a cute look for a day out to brunch and this patched denim dress and Axel Arigato trainers are so great together that the entire combo looks so effortlessly chic.

Axel-Arigato-4 How to Style Patched Denim Dress this Season Axel-Arigato-9-1 How to Style Patched Denim Dress this Season Axel-Arigato-3-1 How to Style Patched Denim Dress this Season

So I actually picked this cute patched denim dress is from Asos, however, the dress is actually from River Island but Asos stocks them. I have the next day delivery with Asos so I always make them my first go to when I feel I can’t be bothered to go to shops. I honestly prefer online shopping as it saves a lot of time and energy, which are the two things that I lack, the most ☺!

Axel-Arigato-10 How to Style Patched Denim Dress this Season Axel-Arigato-11 How to Style Patched Denim Dress this Season Axel-Arigato-2-1 How to Style Patched Denim Dress this Season

As mentioned, I thought this dress will be perfect with a platform sneaker that is kind of simple but not sporty, I was after something more casual to complete this look and as I was looking for a perfect pair I came across Axel Arigato sneaker. Axel Arigato is a brand based in Sweden and they offer platform sneakers in so many cool colors which is exactly what I was looking for. Since my Chanel WOC is nude I decided to go for the platform sneaker in sand.

Axel-Arigato-6 How to Style Patched Denim Dress this Season Axel-Arigato-1 How to Style Patched Denim Dress this Season Axel-Arigato-7 How to Style Patched Denim Dress this Season Axel-Arigato-8 How to Style Patched Denim Dress this Season

I completed the look with my Chanel and oversized round mirrored sunglasses found at Beyond Retro Brick Lane. Unfortuanlty I didn’t manage to find the link but you can see other pairs that they offer HERE.

What do you guys thin about how i styled my patched denim dress? Would you go casual too or would you add heels?

As always leave your comments below and have a lovely week ahead!

Tania xxx

dress is from Asos

Axel Arigato sneaker 



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    It is good to have your own style, it makes you different than others! I like the way you styled it and I think it would look good with heels too. x

    Ela BellaWorld

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    Really loved that you kept the styling simple and kept the color palette neutral. This is a great look on you!

    Rae | Love from Berlin

  3. This dress is uh-mazing, love your look!! Tash xx

  4. Those shoes look so good on you! I like my white sneakers but this is also such a staple piece.

  5. EL

    So perfect for everyday outfit, love those sneakers tho <3 xxxx

  6. Steph

    Love the outfit. Also you look so hot and bronzed

  7. I love the 70’s vibes of this dress and your glasses! You styled the dress so fabulously Tania…another success!

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    You look fabulous, I love the dress and your sunnies is so stylish! You have amazing blog and I follow you on BLOGLOVIN. please visit my blog and if you like it, would you follow me too? it means a lot to me. Thank you so much and please keep in touch! xoxo

  9. Leyre Barriocanal

    WOW!!! I love this post, you look wonderful!

  10. /

    OMG Tania, you look AMAZING! God you’re such a babe! I LOVE this dress so much and loveee how you’ve styled it with those amazing sunnies and sneakers! Such a fab post babe xxxx

  11. Nice Blog. I really love to read fashion Blogs. I like it. You look so pretty in this denim outfit. Thanks for sharing.

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