How to wear a Midi Pleated Skirt

In this post I decided to touch on how to wear a midi pleated skirt as let’s face it, these skirts are a must have this season and frankly all around us. It really is all about picking up a metallic color whether it be a silver or pink and styling it for a day or a night occasion.

I opted for a metallic midi skirt from Loavies as I absolutely love the style of this skirt. it has an undergarment that works similar to a petticoat giving the skirt a really nice shape. When I saw this on their website I thought it would be a perfect item for my how to wear post.

Kenzo-Sweatshirt How to wear a Midi Pleated Skirt Kenzo-Sweatshirt-11 How to wear a Midi Pleated Skirt Kenzo-Sweatshirt-6 How to wear a Midi Pleated Skirt Kenzo-Sweatshirt-10 How to wear a Midi Pleated Skirt

Deciding on how to wear a midi skirt will also depend on your occasion. I met my sister for a walk in the park and some lunch so I opted for a casual option. I opted for the Kenzo Tiger Sweatshirt to keep the gray vibe. I got it for Farfetch and they have so many other cool sweatshirts available that I have my eye on a few more. I selected some below so make sure you add block is off in order to view. I also added a pair of Adidas superstars just because they are so cool and versatile. To complete the look further I opted for a Valentino mini bag for a slight pop of color.

Kenzo-Sweatshirt-9 How to wear a Midi Pleated Skirt Kenzo-Sweatshirt-5 How to wear a Midi Pleated Skirt Kenzo-Sweatshirt-8 How to wear a Midi Pleated Skirt Kenzo-Sweatshirt-4 How to wear a Midi Pleated Skirt Kenzo-Sweatshirt-2 How to wear a Midi Pleated Skirt Kenzo-Sweatshirt-3 How to wear a Midi Pleated Skirt

If you wonder how to wear a midi skirt on a night out or even less of a casual day out, then worry not as options are abundant. You can always opt for a top to tuck in whether that be a shirt or a body. I really like off the shoulder top tucked in with a cute belt and a pair oF sandals and a leather jacket on your shoulders. Also wearing a cropped top is a nice way to style the midi skirt.

So to conclude how to wear a midi skirt, I’d say oversized sweaters, tucked in sweaters and sweatshirts paired with trainers for the day look. In the evening opt for tucked in body hugging tops, cropped tops or my favorite off the shoulder tops paired with high heels.

What do you this of how I styled mine?

Tania xxx

metallic midi skirt from Loavies

Kenzo Tiger Sweatshirt

Adidas superstars

Valentino mini bag






  1. This skirt is gorgeous, I am in lovee with the way you have styled this entire outfit Tania!! Beaut photos lovely! xx

  2. /

    Your hair looks super cute like that! And love the contrast of a sophisticated skirt and sporty trainers. Good styling!

    Emma | Fashion Photographer and Model |

  3. You are so pretty and I love your hair! The skirt paired with the graphic top is killer – I’d love to wear something like this out and about or even to work! I have yet to purchase a midi skirt, but I love midi dresses. Great post!

  4. /

    That skirt is so gorgeous! It’s almost metallic looking. Loving how you paired it with a chunky Kenzo sweater and Superstarts too. Super cute and sporty!


  5. /

    I love midi skirts and I love metallics so overall, I love this! Great idea to pair it with trainers and a sweater too so it looks a little less formal xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Life, Travel, Italy

  6. You’re totally rocking this pleated skirt babe. 🙂 I’ve been noticing that this skirt has been trending and you look great in it. I wish I could pull it off but I’m too petite for a mid length skirt.


  7. /

    I am quite short so I can’t find a midi skirt that actually looks good on me so I always pass them. Metallic plated midi skirt looks good on you, I love how you paired it with a sweater, it is different yet looks so cool! x

    Ela BellaWorld

  8. /

    Love love love everything about this outfit! xx


  9. You look all quirky and funky in this look! 😀 Wearing tucked in sweatshirt with midi pleated skirt is something new for me. Will definitely look forward in trying this look! 😀

  10. You really carry it effortlessly! Look amazing always!

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