How using serums has changed my skin

I always get a funny look when I tell people that I’m in my 30’s, they don’t expect it. I always get 26 as my age number, which is a huge compliment. In all honesty, you couldn’t pay me to swap my 30’s for my 20’s, and I never felt better and more empowered to be a woman.

With the right mindset and correct beauty products and hacks, we can all look younger than our age. I feel like I never looked better and that’s thanks to a few things such as my lifestyle choices and of course taking care of my skin. I used to choose vodka over green juice any day of the week; however, these days, I plan out my alcohol intake days. I see it more as a treat, and it shows both in my body and my skin. I drink 3 litres a water a day, and I have been like this since the dawn of time without even knowing that I’m doing my skin a big favour. I also make sure I get 8 hours of sleep regardless of the condition, and I eat a balanced diet.

Another essential factor in staying younger looking for longer is the mindset. I’ve read that Jeniffer Lopez uses affirmations every morning about her youthful appearance, and I decided to follow this advice. The affirmations I repeat as often as I can are: “the age is just a number” and “I never looked younger as I do now”. The truth to be told you start believing yourself and see a different projection in the mirror. The key is not to expect any overnight results, however, I’m a firm believer that if anything makes you feel better, you have to stick to it. For me, this means changing my mindset to love myself more and to always be kind to myself.

Having said that there are few products that I never skin in my skincare routine day and night which help me look and feel younger than my age. In this post, I wanted to round up all the serums I used in the past year that I think are great for antiaging and give the skin a glow. These serums won’t break the bank either.

Serums add extra active ingredients to your skin and multiply results when paired with a correct moisturiser because of the higher concentration of actives that they contain. The active ingredient is the main ingredient that helps prevent whatever concern you are looking to address. The active should be high up on the ingredient list for it to be effective. So make sure you always check the ingredient list.

In my daily skincare routine, I don’t like using too many steps and products. The reason for this is because I have large pores and they get clogged; however, I always make sure I always wear a serum and a moisturiser.

Ever since I started taking my skincare routine seriously, I have noticed it being more glowy on the days I don’t wear makeup. And there are a lot of days like this primarily as I work from home. I wear make up twice a week the most. However, this may change with the winter months coming.

Without much going on a tangent here are must-have serums that will help you achieve younger-looking glowy skin.

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Glossier The Super Serums are my favourite serums I ever bought. I got them as a combo so I can mix and match and target the areas of concern. They are vitamin-packed with active ingredients to target anti-ageing, complexion and breakouts.

Super Bounce is my favourite, and I have almost run out of it. It contains 2% Hylornic Acid Complex (featuring three molecular weights of HA for mega-hydration on all levels) and soothing Pro-Vitamin B5. This product is excellent for a frequent traveller like myself, and it helps keep the skin bouncy and soft. If you were to try any Glossier serums and antiaging is your concern you make sure you pick Super Bounce because it’s fantastic. The only downside is the size because it seems to run out way quicker than any other serum.

Super Glow based on Vitamin C and Magnesium, and it helps with the overall glow and better-looking complexion. 5% Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate (MAP for short—it’s a more stable form of Vitamin C) helps to improve the look of dark spots. I’m usually allergic to Vitam C serums because of the way that they are formulated. However, I love this one as it does wonders for my skin. The texture is quite watery, so I apply it directly on my face, mainly around my cheeks with head tilted back, so I can massage it into the skin without spilling the product. I do this step before I apply Super Bounce all over.

Super Pure will be your best friend if you frequently break out. 5% Niacinamide and Zinc PCA work to balance and clarify complexion with a cooling, water-gel formula. I find that Super Pure also has watery texture, and I apply a bit of it around my chin or any areas that are prone to breakouts. I usually break out a bit around that time of the month, and I use Super Pure to calm down the breakouts. Its a little miracle in a bottle.

Sesderma Azelac Ru Serum is what I use to reduce pigmentations that occurred on my face from frequent travelling and exposure to the sun.

I have small patches of pigmentations around my eye area, and I use this serum to help brighten up the area of concern. After using it for a while, I have noticed a brighter complexion in the n area of application as well as a reduction in my pigmentation.

The serum contains a combination of Azelaic and Tranexamic Acids with Liquorice Extract and 4-Butylresorcinol. These ingredients help control the melanin transfer to the keratinocytes.

Ren Keep Young and Beautiful Firming and Smoothing Serum is perfect for hydrating and firming the skin. It contains Hexapeptide-11 to improve skins firmness; Rosehip Oil for rejuvenation and Seabuckthorn Oil rich in Omega 7 to help soften the skin.

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I use this serum in the evening before my night cream to help with my skin hydration. I have a little bit of it left and this product is definitely something I will purchase again. I love the texture and the way my skin absorbed it. It feels like I’m doing something amazing for my skin.

So there you have it my must-have serum recommendations that I can’t imagine my life without. I have linked every product up for you and if you have any additional questions please comment below and I will get back to you.

Tania xxx


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