I tried Diamond Microdemabrosion – Should you?

I have been planning to try Diamond Microdermabrasion for years yet somehow never got round to it. Until the other day when I started looking up treatments that will get a texture of my skin in a better condition.

Being a 35-year-old who takes good care of my skin, I love trying and discovering new treatments that will help to keep lines and wrinkles at bay. Since I’m currently in Bali, I went to one of the medical spas out here to give it a go. What strikes me is the difference between having consultations with doctors in the west and doctors here.

I have filmed a whole video sharing the treatment from start to finish so make sure you give it a watch and subscribe to my Youtube channel to follow more of my feeling good adventures.

Now in the UK when you have a consultation, a doctor or nurse will try and manage your expectations in a more gentle manner. They’d focus on all the positives of the treatment and tell you what results can you expect. However, out here in Indonesia you can expect some real truths about every treatment including the Diamond Microdermabrasion.

Going into this treatment I was expecting smoothing skin, clean and reduced pores, the top layer of my skin removed and a brand new glow as well as reduced pigmentation and fewer lines and wrinkles.

Perhaps I have my expectations set too high but I thought why the hell not.

Five minutes into my Diamond Microdermabrasion treatment I realised that they can only guarantee the removal of top layer of my skin, a small reduction in my blackheads and pigmentation and an overall glow.

I realised that Diamond Microdermabrasion  like any other treatment needs to be repeated monthly to reap some real results. In all honesty, I thoroughly enjoyed the treatment especially the pampering side to it.

The entire thing lasted almost 2 hours including 20 mins of red LED light to boost collagen production.

I also had 20 minutes of 24k gold mask and hyaluronic acid serums which gave my face a lovely glow. But have I noticed a drastic improvement in my skin after this one treatment? The answer is no!

I have however, noticed a lovely glow and a smoothness on the touch but my blackheads and large pores were still there. So it was my pigmentation. The doctor recommended their standard facial that included a manual extraction of my blackheads and lasers to reduce the pigmentation. I’m a little scared of performing laser treatments on my face when I live in a hot climate.

The treatment did however smooth some of the fine lines I had showing and for that I was grateful. I’m also excited to have Diamond Microdemabrosion done every month as it helps your face to absorb any anti-ageing product used at home giving the skin extra benefits from the product. The top layer of the skin that Microdemabrosion helps to remove is a barrier to our skin absorbing serums and moisturisers fully.

This reason alone and smoothness of my skin after the treatment are a reason enough to repeat this treatment to see full benefits in the long run.

I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know in the comments below if you had a similar experience?



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