Irresistible ME hair extensions – Full Review and How To clip them in

Happy Friday loves. In this beauty post, I’m sharing my brand new hair from the Irresistible ME hair extensions. I have recently gotten into wearing extensions purely because my hair growth is failing me you guys. I tried so hard over the past bazillion years to have my hair reach the length below the shoulder, however, this has proven to be a rather difficult task. Having said this, I decided that it’s about a time I get some hair extensions. Since I work in a very corporate environment, I don’t wear my hair extensions to work but for most social outings and shoots I love to clip them in and show off my extended silky and healthy hair 🙂 I can tell you that it does wonders for my confidence.

I stayed away from the extension for so long thinking that I’m not sure if I can be bothered with the whole having to clip them in process, however once I made the decision I kicked myself thinking how easy it is to actually insert the extensions into the hair and so I wondered why did I wait for so long. I’m so grateful for Irresistible ME sending me these extensions, mine is Royal Remy Hair in the Royal Honey Blonde shade, I chose 20 inches in length and 200gr in weight and there is 25% off of these on their site now.

Irresistable-Me-Hair_-940x626 Irresistible ME hair extensions - Full Review and How To clip them in Irresistable-Me-Hair-1-940x626 Irresistible ME hair extensions - Full Review and How To clip them in Irresistable-Me-Hair-4-940x588 Irresistible ME hair extensions - Full Review and How To clip them in Irresistable-Me-Hair-3-940x588 Irresistible ME hair extensions - Full Review and How To clip them in

The quality of Irresistible ME hair extensions is really good, the hair is so silky to the touch, soft and it doesn’t tangle much and also it’s quite easy to clip in. I’m storing mine in the box that it came in however, I need to order a hanger specifically designed for it as well as a bag to make sure I look after it properly and to prolong hairs life as weird as that sounds. My hairdresser advised that is a good idea to take care of the hair by washing and conditioning it every once in a while as this will help the extension last you longer. I did notice a slight amount of shedding after I brush the hair but I suppose this is normal.

I unboxed the Irresistible ME hair extensions in the video below, and also showed you how I clip them in.

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Have a good weekend. Love you lots!





  1. These hair extensions look lush! Been wanting to get some for ages, thanks for sharing! x

    • the london thing

      Thanks Doll. I really love them x

    • the london thing

      I was thinking about a wig too at some stage in the future. Its amazing what we can find on the market at the moment x

  2. Honestly, the extensions match your hair so perfectly I actually had to look twice to realize you were even wearing them! Such a great way to switch up your look!

    • the london thing

      I know I was so lucky that they had the same shade. I love wearing them when I shoot as they look so good x

    • the london thing

      Thank you Gil x

  3. Sophie Lee

    So cool, thanks for the tips <3

    i will put it in my must try list <3

    xoxo, Lastestbag – Best Bags 2016

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