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Visiting La Jolla when in San Diego is a must. Not only because you are into animals but because it’s such a lovely area and perfect for a lunch overlooking the beach and a nice walk.

La Jolla oozes that lovely small town feeling and is so cute, that I almost wished I lived there. So far LA is definitely my favorite and I would love to relocate at some point but I definitely enjoyed visiting San Diego. So not only is the La Jolla scenery perfect but it also has a unique micro climate which apparently never drops below 10C and above 30C, although I think 10C can be quite cold. We, unfortunately, didin’t dine here as we stopped on our way to LA to visit the seals and all the birds that reside here. Visit La Jolla cove won’t take too long, maybe 30 minutes depending on how many pictures you are looking to take.

La-Jolla-Cave_- La Jolla San Diego La-Jolla-Cave-1 La Jolla San Diego La-Jolla-Cave-2 La Jolla San Diego La-Jolla-Cave-4 La Jolla San Diego La-Jolla-Cave-5 La Jolla San Diego La-Jolla-Cave-3 La Jolla San Diego La-Jolla-Cave-8 La Jolla San Diego La-Jolla-Cave-7 La Jolla San Diego

It was so amazing to see all the animals that fearlessly live here and this includes seals and sea lions and various types of birds that I couldn’t event recognize most of them. not that I’m a bird expert in any way, shape or form. We came quite close to seals sunbathing on the beach but not too close as they would start screaming if you do. They really know how to relax if you ask me.

La-Jolla-Cave-6 La Jolla San Diego La-Jolla-Cave-9 La Jolla San Diego La-Jolla-Cave-10 La Jolla San Diego La-Jolla-Cave-13 La Jolla San Diego

Although the part of the La Jolla beach we visited wasn’t the best for swimming, there was a bunch of divers and swimmers floating about. I dipped my toes but that was about it as I would be really scared to go any further than that. I do like animals but swimming with them kinda freaks me out.

All in all our visit to La Jolla was great and a perfect goodbye San Diego activity. I hope you find yourself in this area as its really cool to visit.

I hope you have a lovely rest of the week.

Tania xxx






  1. Matt Ryland

    La Jolla is amazing… The lifestyle, weather and not forgetting the Mexican food!! We would absolutely love to move there.

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