Lancaster Suncare Products Review

Friiidaaaayyy whoop!

I’m especially excited today as I’m going to Paris. Paris is one of my favourite places in the world and I can’t wait to share a blog post with you guys. Before Paris it’s time for another beauty post, continuing on the subject of tanning I have another couple of Lancaster Sun Care products that I have been using on my holiday and I swear by them to give me a nice bronzed glowy tan; Lancaster Sun Beauty Tan Deepener and Tan Maximizer Aftersun soothing body lotion.

Both products are absolutely amazing, but that’s to be expected from Lancaster who is known for being market leaders in tanning and sun care products.

Lancaster Sun Beauty Tan Deepener  is available in SPF 0, 6, 15 and factor 30 giving it a nice range for every skin tone out there; it combines both UVA and UVB Infrared protection technologies so it’s great. It’s a tinted gel and you get that bronzed glow as soon as you apply it. Mine is in SPF6 and I applied it throughout my holiday and I must say that I got a deeper bronzed tan that I would have without using this product. I would recommend you get a higher SPF, if you have paler skin to avoid burning.

Lancaster-Tanning-2 Lancaster Suncare Products Review

I usually burn in patches and Tan Maximizer Aftersun soothing body lotion   Lancaster Sun care really helped sooth my skin overnight and return it to its natural self. I have never tried anything as good as this aftersun lotion, it’s a miracle in a bottle. It’s apparently proven to prolong your holiday tan for up to a month. I always peel after coming back from a beach holiday but not this time, my skin recovered from tanning every day overnight and I can’t vouch highly enough for this product.

Lancaster-Tanning-1 Lancaster Suncare Products Review

If you are traveling, they are currently offering 3 for 2 at Duty-free in Airports around the country; I got mine at the Gatwick Airport. The Tan Deepener I purchased at but both products are linked below for your convenience.

I filmed the review video so do check It out and pretty please subscribe to my channel.

Love you all.
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  1. jayn

    can you use this on your face?

  2. Carol

    Is it like a accelerator or is it like a self tan as I don’t want it to be a fake tan
    I want it to darken my tan I have

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