Las Vegas Restaurants: Andiron Steak And Sea

When it comes to Las Vegas Restaurants it can all become too much especially after a day or so. The best thing about Las Vegas Restaurants is that there are so many and you can always explore the outskirts when you get tired of the crowds. We came across Andiron Steak and Sea restaurant located in Summerlin which is approximately 20 minutes drive from the Strip.

We decided to give this Las Vegas restaurant ago and ventured out on a quiet evening and perfect for a little break from the main strip madness. We also tried exploring Vegas Downtown however, I really didn’t like it. It seemed little tacky and full of gamblers which we are not one off. Summerlin is actually a perfect little spot if you are looking to shop and eat. It has so many shops including Michael Kors, Zara, Gap, H&M and much more. The best of all the shops stay open as late as 9pm so it’s really a perfect spot to have an early evening dinner and do some shopping afterwards or vice versa.

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Andiron was such a perfect little spot if you like fairy lights and a romantic setting. We sat outside in their quaint garden where we enjoyed 4 meals as well as one too many drinks.

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We started with a glass of Champagne and seafood platter that included shrimp, lobster, and oysters served in a giant ice cube. Following our starters, the chef was kind enough to create 2 smaller version of the main course which included Scottish Salmon and Steak served on a bed of truffle paste. Truffle is my favorite thing ever so I obviously loved every bite of it. I washed it all down with a nice glass of red wine which I forgot what it was. I do try to remember most of the things I consume in an evening, however, food can be overly delicious and a big distraction. We both opted for the same dishes but my friend was driving so she couldn’t really enjoy as much alcohol as I did. We, of course, decided to finish our dinner with desserts and some coffee which was served with a side of macaroons.andiron-steak-and-sea-3 andiron-steak-and-sea-2 andiron-steak-and-sea-4 andiron-steak-and-sea-6 andiron-steak-and-sea-8 andiron-steak-and-sea-9 andiron-steak-and-sea-10

The entire evening was so perfect that we entirely enjoyed leaving Vegas for a bit. I definitely recommend you guys check out Andiron Steak and Sea restaurant if you are looking a quite escape from Vegas that is a stone throw away from the city centre.

Tania xxx


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