Lobster at Gigi’s Mayfair

Hello guys,

I have been having fun blogging and decided that everywhere I go now my camera will be coming along. I usually plan ahead when I blog and what I blog about but I feel it would be so much better if it were more spontaneous. Also, I believe it’s good to hear about negative experiences as well as positive.

Anyhow, when my lovely friend from Dubai found herself in London for a few days, I thought a nice early dinner would be in order.Usually, I prefer quieter restaurants where I’m able to have a good chat and catch up with my lovely friends. So Gigi’s Mayfair is just that, really nice and bright and so quiet; filled with diners who seemed to be there for the exact same reason as us, a good old catch up and a glass of wine.

Positioned on Woodstock Street (click HERE for the map) it offers a perfect escape from the crazy Oxford Street crowds. You walk down this cute little-cobbled street and there it is, right in the corner. It didn’t seem busy but I assume this is because we went there fairly early but, to be honest, that was just what I was looking for.

GigisMayfair11-940x626 Lobster at Gigi's Mayfair

GigisMayfair10-940x729 Lobster at Gigi's Mayfair

GigisMayfair9-940x626 Lobster at Gigi's Mayfair

I arrived sooner than my friend and was greeted by a friendly host who sat me down and kindly brought me a wine list which I was anxious to look through in hopes to find my favourite Cotes Du Rhone which I found slightly odd that they offered this, since they are an Italian restaurant, but there it was a lovely selection of French wine in addition to Italian classics. My friend had a glass of Prosecco but I just love Cotes Du Rhone to the point where I am obsessed.

Food wise we had Lobster Linguine as there was a deal on Lobster and we weren’t hungry enough to go for a full 3 courses. It was really delicious and I do recommend the food, also, I am tempted to go back and try some more of their menu offerings. Click HERE for the full menu.

GigisMayfair3-940x626 Lobster at Gigi's Mayfair

GigisMayfair1-940x626 Lobster at Gigi's Mayfair

GigisMayfair4-940x626 Lobster at Gigi's Mayfair

GigisMayfair-940x584 Lobster at Gigi's Mayfair

GigisMayfair2-940x626 Lobster at Gigi's Mayfair

GigisMayfair6 Lobster at Gigi's Mayfair

GigisMayfair7 Lobster at Gigi's Mayfair

GigisMayfair13 Lobster at Gigi's Mayfair

GigisMayfair12-940x626 Lobster at Gigi's Mayfair

Gigis-Mayfair-5-940x856 Lobster at Gigi's Mayfair

Gigis-Mayfair-940x634 Lobster at Gigi's Mayfair

Gigis-Mayfair1-940x626 Lobster at Gigi's Mayfair

Gigis-Mayfair2-940x626 Lobster at Gigi's Mayfair

Gigis-Mayfair-3-940x626 Lobster at Gigi's Mayfair

Gigis-Mayfair4-940x626 Lobster at Gigi's Mayfair

All in all, I really liked it here and if you are after an early dinner/catch up with great wine selection spot than I say you must try Gigi’s. Service was good too, not overly over the top but fine; the atmosphere was definitely a deal breaker for me but if you are after a busy restaurant than I suggest you either book later or avoid it all together.

Hope you like it and please leave a comment as I love hearing from you.

Tania x


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