Lockdown in Bali, The Truth

I must be blessed to be one of a few stuck on the Island of Gods during the COVID-19 outbreak. The entire world took much needed time out from the daily hustle and bustle, and I feel so grateful to be lockdown in Bali and call it my home during this unprecedented time.

The truth is my time in Bali was meant to be shorter as a flight back to London was on scheduled for April 21st. I was heading back for a job as the pay was great, and I thought to myself three months in Bali is enough! Little did I know that the universe had different plans for me.

So when the Emirates decided to cancel my flight on April 21st, I took it as a sign and released control of the outcomes. I also decided to release all the fear and trust I will be fine and taken care off. Everyone kept on going on and on about how flawed healthcare system and hospitals are in Bali and the insurance companies deciding not to cover COVID sufferers. It was a great time to give in to the fear and head back home to the familiar, to the comfort zone of the family and stick together. No matter the outcome when we stick together, we feel safer, and therefore we are safe.

But I didn’t have a home to go back to, as I decided to be homeless this year and let my intuition take me places. Going back to my parent’s house that I left when I was 17 also seemed like not a good idea. My sister was nine months pregnant in April, so I felt terrible imposing my worldly virus exposed presence to their household. If I panic travelled back from Bali back to my sister’s house in London, I would have to cross half a world and paths of many travellers alike, and suddenly this also seemed like not a good idea,

So I decided to meditate on it and aks the universe for the sign, I decided to ask myself shall I stay or shall I go? Shall I panic or remain calm? Shall I trust that I’m taken care of or start making plan B, C and D. Where will the money come from? How will I buy food? How will I pay my bills? As you can imagine, the flood of these questions seemed never-ending, and I had no choice but to acknowledge them and set it all free.

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Regardless of my mind and body trying to sabotage my path, my entire being knew my work in Bali isn’t done. My path to removing my inner obstacles and blocks to abundant life has just began. My healing journey barely scratched the surface, and there is a lot more to work to be done. I knew with every feeling of my soul that I would be staying and whatever happens, is always for the higher good for myself and others.

I trusted my path, and I turned inwards and decided to create a life I always dreamed off. I decided to limit my exposure to the news and people that were not serving my path, it may sound selfish but trust me this is one of the hardest and most crucial decisions to make when it comes to evolving to your higher self. It starts with noticing the triggers and what people and situations are regressing your path to being the light in this world.

We usually have these people around us to avoid the fear of the unknown to avoid feeling unsafe. But regardless of this control we try to have over our lives and all the safety nets of the world, we are regressing for as long as we stay in this energy. So evolve! Decide that you want nothing but joy and happiness and watch your circle energetically respond to your new decisions. Before you know it situations will appear before your eyes and your safety net will dissolve.

It’s entirely in your control to embrace the change and go for the unknown. Believe me when I say this is where the magic happens regardless of how much money you have in your account or the connections you made in your previous life. Once you get that courage to fully dive into the unknown and decide to detach from the outcome, this is when the expansion takes place. It can take a month or a year but trusting the process and following your intuition is the secret to keep it going and feeling the gratitude for all that you have in your life. The things I’m most grateful for today is the sunshine and water. I feel blessed to have an abundance of both of these things as can you only imagine your life without it. I can tell you that there would be no life.

IMG_9027-scaled Lockdown in Bali, The Truth

So what has Bali lockdown taught me? It taught me that I’m safe and protected, it taught me that there is an unlimited source of power within me, it taught me that there is unlimited guidance available to me, it taught me that there is so much love, joy and abundance that all I have to do is quiet my mind acknowledge and access it within me.

This is only not available to me but every single one of us. The sun doesn’t shine differently on any of us based on how good or bad we are. We have the power to change the perspective of our life and release what no longer serves the highest good of our soul. Don’t resist it because it will slow down your progress if you do; it will slow down your access to unconditional self-love and joy if you do. Release the familiar and let yourself fall into the unknown because that’s where the pure magic and growth is.

Your intuition knows better than any other source of information around you, and Bali has proven this to me over and over this year. As I look back on my life, the only time I suffered was when I chose to ignore it. So my truth from lockdown in Bali is that I have to build a perfect relationship with myself and my intuition, and for that, I’m incredibly grateful. Almost as grateful as for the sun and water.

If you are going through a hard time, know that you are shedding the old limiting beliefs and the change is the only certainty in our world. Don’t fight it, don’t suppress it but let it teach you and take you closer to the light. Know that everyone around you felts the love you feel for yourself, so don’t block it, let it into the world because so many sounds need it now more than ever.

I am sending love and light from Bali and healing energy. May it find you where ever you are and know that you are not alone and all that is not serving your happiness will pass.

Tania xxx


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