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London Coffee Shops are very popular especially with those more creatively inclined. There are so many cool places in London that people can go to, buy a coffee and spend hours working away on their laptops. The whole concept is somewhat great as it gives many start-ups and independent individuals great working space which is far more inspiring than working in your standard corporate office. But how many coffees do these individuals purchase during the time that they spend in a coffee shop? Well we don’t know exactly, but I know myself that I will buy at least 1 an hour as I’m super addicted to coffee.

Starbucks aside, there are many cooler, more independent quirky coffee shops all around London that are worth visiting. Each and every one of them has a different theme in their own right and in the upcoming months I will try to go to as many as possible.

In this post I chose a particular coffee shop that is slightly different to your traditional coffee house. This is a new pay per minute concept called ‘Ziferblat’ that originated in Moscow, Russia back in 2011 and has since expanded to over 9 branches across Europe. These are all completely independent and run by similar minded individuals.

London Coffee Shop ‘Ziferblat’ is situated on the corner of Old Street and Shoreditch High Street (click HERE for the location) and offers a quiet space with free hot drinks and refreshments to all those individuals looking for something different. Me and my sister had a lovely time visiting this place and I would highly recommend it to everyone who likes to work/study outdoors. Ziferblat is a social experiment more than anything else and regards itself as an extension of your own home. You pay 5 pence per minute and can stay as long as you wish in this homely environment.

Oh and I forgot to mention that Ziferblat means “The Clock Face” in russian, hence the clock cupboard at the entrance.

Do you guys have any favourite coffee places in London or other cities? Please leave a comment below.

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