Marc Jacobs Beauty – Perfect Holiday Makeup

Marc Jacobs Coconut collection is one the latest releases by Marc Jacobs beauty featuring perfecting coconut face primer, dew drops, omega bronzer, concentrate face mist and not to forget my favorite full coverage concentrate foundation.

Since LA is where tanned people live and sadly I’m not one of them, I needed to step up my holiday makeup game and the Marc Jacobs beauty was a perfect choice to take with me. The durability and glow that it gives, is exactly what I’m after as I’m not into wearing too much makeup. I think it’s all about a glowing complexion and I’m really happy that the entire Marc Jacobs coconut collection does just that.

Holiday-Make-up-Marc-Jacobs Marc Jacobs Beauty - Perfect Holiday Makeup Holiday-Make-up-Marc-Jacobs-3 Marc Jacobs Beauty - Perfect Holiday Makeup

I would start by applying the Under(cover) perfecting coconut face primer which is formulated with 5 different forms of coconut to ensure that it provides a hydrating barrier between the makeup and skin. The best thing about it as that is not silicone based and it leaves the skin really hydrated. I tested the longevity of the foundation with and without the primer and wearing the primer really prolongs it. I also noticed that my skin breaks less shine throughout the day when I wear the primer.

Holiday-Make-up-Marc-Jacobs-7 Marc Jacobs Beauty - Perfect Holiday Makeup Holiday-Make-up-Marc-Jacobs-5 Marc Jacobs Beauty - Perfect Holiday Makeup Holiday-Make-up-Marc-Jacobs-6 Marc Jacobs Beauty - Perfect Holiday Makeup

In the next step, I mix the Re(marc)able full coverage foundation concentrate with Dew Drops coconut gel highlighter to get and extra glow from within. The good news is that you can use the dew drops to blend as an extra highlight on your cheekbones if you are after extra highlight. I have to admit guys that this foundation is anything else I’ve ever tried. The coverage is immense and you only need the smallest amount ever. Just a slight dab of the foundation on your brush will be enough to offer a full covered matte complexion that lasts for 24hrs. I never wore it longer than 10hrs and I can vouch for it as last the entire time especially if I wear it with the primer. The foundation is enriched with Jojoba, Sunflower, Acacia, and Mimosa extracts and is oil, paraben, and sulfate free. If I can recommend you to invest in one foundation, it would definitely be the Re(marc)able Foundation concentrate.

Dew drops are super hydrating for your skin too and you can mix it in both the foundation and the primer. I usually add it to my foundation. The formula contains Provitamin B5 and it has a gold peach hue and I love the natural glow it gives.

Holiday-Make-up-Marc-Jacobs-8 Marc Jacobs Beauty - Perfect Holiday MakeupHoliday-Make-up-Marc-Jacobs-9 Marc Jacobs Beauty - Perfect Holiday Makeup Holiday-Make-up-Marc-Jacobs-10 Marc Jacobs Beauty - Perfect Holiday Makeup Holiday-Make-up-Marc-Jacobs-11 Marc Jacobs Beauty - Perfect Holiday Makeup Holiday-Make-up-Marc-Jacobs-12 Marc Jacobs Beauty - Perfect Holiday Makeup

I finish by applying O!mega Bronze perfect tan bronzer with The Bronze Bronzer Brush on the hollow of my cheeks to give my skin a contoured look. This is usually the last step in my holiday makeup routine. You can also apply the setting spray but I didn’t get one as I think the primer is enough and does the job perfectly on its own.

Holiday-Make-up-Marc-Jacobs-4 Marc Jacobs Beauty - Perfect Holiday MakeupHoliday-Make-up-Marc-Jacobs-13 Marc Jacobs Beauty - Perfect Holiday Makeup Holiday-Make-up-Marc-Jacobs-15 Marc Jacobs Beauty - Perfect Holiday Makeup

I love the glow and hydration that Marc Jacobs beauty coconut collection gives to my skin. It by far my favourite beauty collection for summer as its not only long lasting but protecting at the same time.

What do you guys think of this makeup?

Tania xxx


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