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Happy Wednesday,

I feel a little disorientated at the moment as I’m enjoying the beautiful sunshine in Mallorca whereas London is all about the colder weather and warmer clothes so I decided to share this monochrome chic style that is perfect for this transitional period. I will also be shooting an outfit or two on the island as our setting is so perfect and I can’t wait to show you, unless you follow me on Instagram which I am regularly spamming with bikini and pictures of our amazing view but don’t blame me, it’s too beautiful here not to share.

Monochrome Chic Monochrome Chic 1

Monochrome Chic 7 Monochrome Chic 8

The outfit I’m posting today we shot in London, it’s monochrome chic as I like to call it with a pop of color. I think I’m trying to take slightly higher risks when it comes to fashion as I feel like experimenting more at the moment. I also like to take inspiration from all the different places I go to including all different part of London as the fashion can vary from East to West and I really hope that you guys like it.

Monochrome Chic 2 Monochrome Chic 3

My whole look here is from Zara, this beautiful long leather skirt is perfect for autumn as its quite warm. Since we are still transitioning from summer to autumn I decided to pair it with a white-cropped top also from Zara, which I tucked into the skirt. I really love this top for the length of its sleeves as it makes it so easy to style in any season. I also added my Superga white trainers for an extra edge and a pop of color with my Saint Laurent bag to break up the monochrome situation.

Monochrome Chic 9 Monochrome Chic 10 Monochrome Chic 11 Monochrome Chic 12

This skirt cost £5 from Zara believe it or not, as its on sale but its so fashion forward and amazing for adding that chic element into a day outfit. I will be working hard to deliver slightly edgier looks and I would really appreciate hearing your thoughts.

There are also a few more exciting things in the pipeline for me so do stay tuned ☺

Love you guys


Superga white trainers

Saint Laurent bag

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