My Anti Aging Skin Care Routine

I really take care of my skin and I think it shows given that I’m going to be 31 tomorrow. Having a good daily skin care routine has always been a really important step and I have tried a lot of products in my time that now I like to keep it quite simple.

My daily skin care routine mainly consists of Elemis Pro-Collagen eye renewal cream and a day moisturizer. I also like to apply a serum but I tend to this a few times a week rather than on a daily. I also use masks once to twice a week and I actually like to sleep in my masks. I really love Elemis Pro-Collagen Hydra-Gel eye mask as it helps brighten my ever so dark circles and make me look younger. I will also share my favorite face masks in the next few weeks hopefully so I will expand on the brands I use then.

My-Daily-Skin-Care-Routine-4 My Anti Aging Skin Care Routine

My-Daily-Skin-Care-Routine-3 My Anti Aging Skin Care Routine

My-Daily-Skin-Care-Routine_ My Anti Aging Skin Care Routine

I have been a fan of Elemis for quite some time and are my go to are Pro-Collagen Marine range that includes eye renewal cream and a daily moisturizer. It contains powerful anti-ageing ingredients which help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles but most importantly prevent forming of the new ones. The Pro-Collagen Marine cream is gel texture which is perfect for my combination skin and a great base for my makeup. I tend to get oily throughout the day so it’s important that my moisturizer can block oil forming on my skin.

The cream is also perfect for hydrating the skin and it can be applied both day and night. Aside from using the hydrating anti aging moisturizers, I also like to drink up to 3 liters of water to stay hydrated on all levels. I actually find this to be the most helpful factor when it comes to anti-aging as staying hydrated really slows the aging down.

I don’t tend to apply the eye mask every ay but both creams I use every single day. Do you have an anti-aging routine that you stick to every day too?

Tania xx


The Pro-Collagen Marine cream

Elemis Pro-Collagen eye renewal cream

Elemis Pro-Collagen Hydra-Gel eye mask



  1. I don’t have an specific anti aging rutine but I really take care of my skin every day with moisturising creams and trying to drink as much water as I need and sleeping, and it’s also quite important practising some sports.

  2. /

    I’ve been curious about Elemis products so it’s nice to hear more about them, not to mention your skin looks amazing. Happy birthday for tomorrow!


  3. The product looks wonderful! Maintaining a young looking skin is really not that easy. Because as we age, our skin undergoes several changes so we really have to take care of our skin more.

  4. Liliya

    I don’t have my specific anti-aging routine yet as I am still in search for perfect product. But I know that SOLVADERM has nice variety of products and they are very successful. For example their STEMNUCELL serum has not only regenerative and reparative features but also dramatic anti-wrinkle effect on crow’s feet and other fine lines. I think that it will help to maintain your skin look at its best!

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