My Coolsculpting Experience & Review

I did one session of coolsculpting at the end of January and I found myself procrastinating with publishing this blog post. I think I felt like this mainly because I’m not sure how people may perceive this type of a treatment and so I felt a little conscious about sharing. However, I thought it may help someone looking to do the same by sharing my experience as coolsculpting is becoming very popular. 

I also wanted to start the post by saying that I think everyone is beautiful just the way they are and we shouldn’t be focused on defining our personas by the dress size. I’ve been size 8 almost my entire adult life and I love my body. Having said that, when I heard that coolsculpting can help reduce the fat cells in very targeted areas without affecting the overall weight and health, I decided to give it a try.

I booked my consultation with Lazeo clinic in Notting Hill as I’ve heard that their coolsculpting machine is one of the best in London. After talking about the treatment and any possible side effects, I made a decision to target my waist, well my love handles to be more precise. I feel like unless I really cut out carbs in full, the stubborn fat in this area won’t shift a bit. I was also advised by my therapist that this is the only area that I should target. I think so many of us have those areas that we feel a little self-conscious about so the coolsculpting can really help to target the stubborn fat pockets.

As I mentioned the coolsculpting will not reduce the overall weight from your body but its quite good if you want to ditch an inch from the specific area. I think from my experience, I realized that this treatment will work best if combined with a healthy diet and exercise. Since I did it in winter, I really didn’t feel like eating healthy much nor did I have the urge to visit the gym much. Nonetheless, I managed to lose 2 inches in 4 weeks without making any changes to my lifestyle.

So what doest the coolsculpting procedure entail?

Firstly your therapist will start off by marking the targeted area as well measuring the body. After that, the therapist decides on the size of the tool to apply on the area. The coolsculpting device works best on the belly and any other area that’s quite bulgy. After establishing the size of the applicator, the device is applied to the area and the applicator stays there for about 40mins and I think this will depend on the area you are targeting. The applicator sucks in the fat at first making it slightly uncomfortable and the area goes number after a minute. This is due to the fact that the fat cells are being frozen. This part of the treatment is just slightly uncomfortable, however, it’s quite bearable. You can watch the video from the clinic HERE. 

My therapist told me that I can watch Netflix if I get bored and even provided me with snacks as its quite common for the sugar level to drop during the treatment. I had some water to drink and mixed nuts to snack on which was quite nice. During the session, the fat cells are crystallized and destroyed. The best thing about the treatment is that frozen fat cells aren’t able to renew themselves. The fat freezing session is followed by a manual massage to break down the frozen fat cells and ensure that they come out the system in full. I would say that this was the most painful part of the entire coolsculpting experience. My therapist mentally prepared me for the pain and it felt kinda like stubbing all over the midsection area. The good news is that it only lasted for a few minutes so it was ok to deal with the pain. I also felt sore to the touch for about a week after treatment but I kept on using the hot water bottle to help ease the soreness.

Destroyed fat cells are then processed by our bodies lymphatic system and rid out of the body as waste. This process is not noticeable at all and felt pretty safe.

Cool-Sculpt-1_ My Coolsculpting Experience & Review

The result and the final thought!

I lost 2 inches of fat around the waist area within a month without changing a thing in my lifestyle. I think the whole process of killing the fat cells was actually alright. It was painful for about 5 minutes and uncomfortable for about a week. It felt like the fat was disappearing in front of your own eyes and the areas that I used to be able to grab with my hand are no more. Having said that, if I made more effort to eat cleaner and exercise during the coolsculpting month, I would have seen even better results.

This picture was taken in the 5th week and I feel happy that knowing that if there is an area on my body that is making me self-conscious, there is something I can do about it.

The cost of the treatment is per consultation although is not the cheapest aesthetic treatment out there. However, with the coolsculpting becoming more and more popular, this is changing.

42FA100A-B3ED-47A8-9F4B-987A4E23F357 My Coolsculpting Experience & Review

I think it also worth mentioning that the treatment is FDA approved and carries a small percentage of side effects such us lumps below the skin. I think if anyone is considering the coolsculpting, I definitely recommend a consultation before committing.

I’m pretty happy with my result but I also feel like, if I wanted to put my mind to it, and cut our sugar and exercise 4-5 times a week, I can achieve the same result but with an overall body effect.

What do you guys think? Have you ever considered coolsculpting yourself?

Tania xxx





    • the london thing

      You are welcome Regina! Thank you for reading xxx

  1. I’ve seen a couple of articles about it in the last few months and I’m really intrigued by it. I’m a bit of a wuss with pain so not sure how stoical I’d be about it, but it’s definitely something to think about. Thank you for sharing your experience and for being so honest with it.

    • the london thing

      I think it was quite painful for good 5 minutes and the area was slightly sore on touch a few days after. Hot water bottle helped with the after treatment. I think if you are after a quick fix and something to help target those stubborn areas, 5mins of pain isn’t that bad 🙂

  2. Melanie

    So interesting!
    I am gonna check out this Lazeo Clinic and try coolsculting before the summer 🙂



  3. Margaret Sanders

    Wow 2 Inches is seriously impressive!! I’ve been considering doing Coolsculpting, do you recommend Lazeo Clinic?

  4. /

    That treatment is amazing, just wanna try it right away <3

  5. Jacky

    That treatment looks fabulous. Wanna try it!
    Saving up some money 🙂

  6. Troy

    I am considering coolsculting and I am doing my research. I aso want to find a good clinic. Would you recommend Lazeo clinic?

    • tania

      I had a good experience with them and have lost a couple of inches after my treatment. You can call to book the consultation and they will provide you with all the info you need to know to make a right decision. Hope that helps

  7. Sally hooper

    Without seeing a before photo of you, how is anyone able to determine if it made any difference. I don’t understand why you wouldn’t have taken a before photo.

    • Jennie Bond

      i agree i would like to see a before photo aswell, as i would like this done

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