My current hair care routine

Hair care routine is an ongoing process that needs to be revisited to ensure that you are giving your hair the care it needs. When it comes to my hair care routine I really got into using Mane’n’Tail shampoo and conditioner that I’m on the second bottle. I have invited to an event a couple of months ago and I was excited to give it ago. Little did I know that I’d get fully hooked on it.

Mane’n’Tale may put some people off from adding it to their hair care routine as after all, its a shampoo for ponies. It used to give ponies a healthy and shiny mane and tails when the benefits for human hair due to the proteins found in the shampoo and conditioner. This product is one of those that some will love and others hate, however, it really works for me. I have thin oily hair and it helps make it feel fuller as well as stronger. I found that my hair grew little faster and I judge this on how ofter I need to maintain my extensions. I do sometimes think that my scalp may feel little itchier than with some other products however, there are pros and cons when it comes to all products. I asked my sister to purchase and give it a try too and she loves it. It gives a nice shine to the hair too and makes it feel stronger overall which is my favourite thing about it.

hair-care-routine_-3 My current hair care routine

When it comes to conditioning, I’m in love with Kevin Murphy LEAVE-IN.REPAIR that adds strength to damaged hair and stops it from breaking. I’m still wearing the same hair extensions that I put in back in August so I really need to give it extra care. After I apply Kevin Murphy, I also spray in the Mane’n’Tale leave in spray conditioner which also protects your ends from splitting. I use this on top of the Kevin Murphy product to get extra hair but also because it acts as a heat protector.  My hair really feels much stronger that with some other products including Kerastase.

hair-care-routine_-2 My current hair care routine

I’ve also recently started using Amika and their nourishing mask does wonder to my hair. I try to apply the mask at least twice a week. It contains jojoba oil which helps penetrates the hair and strengthens from the inside and out. I forgot to shoot this product at the same time as others so that’s the reason for lighting being a little bit different. I’m obsessed with Amika’s dry shampoos but I will try and cover this in a seperate post.

hair-care-routine_-4 My current hair care routine

So what do you guys think of my current hair care routine? Have you tried any of the products I use?

Tania xx



  1. Thanks so much for sharing Tania! I’ve never heard of these products before.
    Have an amazing weekend ahead sweets.
    Love from

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