My favourite Instagrammable Places in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of my favourite cities to visit and take photos of the city. It really helps that this is one of the most photegenic cities in the world so it really its not that hard to find great locations to shoot. So in this post, I wanted to share my favourite instagrammable places in Barcelona.

El Bunkers del Carmel

This area is probably my favourite out of all instagrammable places in Barcelona. I don’t like it for Instagram only but actual local experience. A lot of locals in Barcelona come here every in the evenings with drinks to watch the sunset and enjoy some of the most epic views of Barcelona. The view stretches across the city reaching the ocean and seeing the sunset over it, is truly mesmerising.

While you at it, why not snap a photo or at as let’s face it we all love sharing our experiences with your Instagram fam. As with most historic places they require a little effort to get to, and El Bunkers del Carmel is the same. You can get a bus or metro depending on your start destination. We took a bus 22 to El Carmel and walked up a hill to get to the viewing point. It was little challenging especially if you lack stamina, but it’s honestly so worth it so go for it.

Bankers My favourite Instagrammable Places in Barcelona Bankers-1 My favourite Instagrammable Places in Barcelona Bankers-2 My favourite Instagrammable Places in Barcelona

Arc de Triomphe Barcelona

The Arc de Triomphe used to serve as the primary access gate for the 1888 Barcelona World Fair, and it crosses the Passeig de Lluis Companys stretching to Ciutadella Park. It’s a very instagrammable arch and as you can imagine quite a busy spot with travellers alike. I love starting at the top of the Arch snapping few shots of the way to Park Citadel. Its a lovely walk on a sunny day and it always reminds me of how much I love Barcelona. My tip to avoid having a lot of people in your photos is to climb to the side and have your picture taken from an inclined view.

Arc-de-Triumpg-1 My favourite Instagrammable Places in Barcelona Arc-De-Triumph-1 My favourite Instagrammable Places in Barcelona

Ciutadella Park

After snapping a photo or two at the second favourite of instagrammable places in Barcelona Arc de Triomphe, continue to neighbouring Ciutadella Park. I love this park so much, it’s large, it’s quirky, and it’s photogenic. You can take photos from so many different perspectives here, and you can get a lot of content in a short period.

This park is also a favourite place of mine to people watch. I like to enjoy sites I take photos off, so it doenst feel like only work. Citadella Park is home to Barcelona Zoo, so if you fancy visiting, you can do so quickly as the zoo is located entirely inside the park grounds. Or take a boat ride on the lake or have a picnic on its bank. There is a lot to do in this park and indeed is one of my favourite places in Barcelona.

Park-Citadel My favourite Instagrammable Places in Barcelona Park-Citadel-2 My favourite Instagrammable Places in Barcelona

Barceloneta Beach

One of the most amazing things about Barcelona is that its so close to the ocean and stroll down the beach is easily achieved. We stayed in an air bnb walking distance from the beach, and the first thing I did is go down for a stroll. Rows of palm trees make it easy to take photos here, and I love that the sky is blue pretty much every day. Even just thinking about it makes me want to book a ticket and go over for a few days. Maybe I will 🙂

Sophia-Smith-Barcelona-1 My favourite Instagrammable Places in Barcelona Sophia-Smith-Dress My favourite Instagrammable Places in Barcelona

Sagrada Familia – Ayre Hotel Rosellon

Ayre Hotel Rosellon is a new spot I discovered when researching viewpoints of Sagrada Familia. You don’t have to be a guest of the hotel to pop in and have a drink at their terrace. Their terrace is pretty close to the Sagrada Familia and offers somewhat beautiful views of the church. You will be in awe of its grandiose presence and hopefully, find the best angle that works for you.

Sagrada My favourite Instagrammable Places in Barcelona Sagrada-1 My favourite Instagrammable Places in Barcelona

I hope you like my suggested locations, most of which are quite popular with tourist but I can’t help how well they photograph. I always have the best time in Barcelona, and I’m already planning the next visit. I’m also excited to share my top 3 spots to eat so I hope to see you guys come back to read my new blogs.

Have a lovely week ahead.

Tania xxx



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    Those views are absolutely insane! You’ve made me so desperate to go back to Barcelona! Definitely one of my favourite places! xxx

    • tania

      Mine too I cant stop retunurning! I absolutely love everything about the city and I’m so happy to have friends there that I can visit 🙂

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