Saturday Brunch at 202 Notting Hill

Notting Hill is a perfect location if you are on a look out for a cool brunch spot. Farm Girl is an obvious choice but most of the time it requires a 45-minute wait and if you don’t have time, then I can definitely recommend you give 202 Nothing Hill a try.

Located on 202 Westbourne Grove, it’s only a short walk from the station via Portobello Market. I adore this area and it’s such a perfect thing to do on weekend. I met with a friend at the Notting Hill Station as we wanted to look for a nice location to shoot the outfit post too. Colorful houses of Westbourne Grove are so Instagram-worthy that you shouldn’t be surprised if you run into the bunch of bloggers trying to get that perfect shot.

Brunch-at-202-Nothing-Hill_-6 Saturday Brunch at 202 Notting Hill Brunch-at-202-Nothing-Hill_-5 Saturday Brunch at 202 Notting Hill Brunch-at-202-Nothing-Hill_ Saturday Brunch at 202 Notting Hill Brunch-at-202-Nothing-Hill_-4 Saturday Brunch at 202 Notting Hill

The day was really sunny so people were sat outside munching away on their bagels whilst watching people as they pass by. We waited for few minutes to get a table but as soon as we sat down the service was pretty quick. I opted for a healthy breakfast and a friend chose buttermilk pancakes with a fruit compote.

Brunch-at-202-Nothing-Hill_-2 Saturday Brunch at 202 Notting Hill Brunch-at-202-Nothing-Hill_-3 Saturday Brunch at 202 Notting Hill

202 Restaurant is a really cool eating concept as its actually a cafe in an expensive boutique. They didn’t allow pictures so I couldn’t really go as crazy as I usually am, but the atmosphere is really cool. It’s such a perfect quirky west London hangout that I definitely recommend you visit if you find yourself in the area.

There are so many cool openings in London that I find myself slightly behind since I travel a lot and don’t spend that much time in London anymore. I’m going to Paris on Friday so I’m really excited to share cool spots I discover on my trip.





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    Awesome photos! Looks like an amazing place to get lunch at, thanks for the share! Keep up the posts!

  2. Oh man that brunch looks killer! You captured it so well =)

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    Just like a small cafe but the inside is stunning <3

    xoxo, Sophie

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