How to Spend a Day in Malibu

Malibu needs to be on your must visit list, if you find yourself in California. Malibu for those who are not familiar is a stretch of 27 miles of the Pacific coast and it has around 30 most beautiful beaches. It’s a home to many celebrities and wealthy humans and this is not a surprising fact.

There are so many cool things to do in Malibu so I wanted to share what got up to on my recent visit. As you may know by know,  I never do anything on an empty stomach meaning that each adventure has to start with a good meal. This is exactly the first thing we did, we went to the Malibu farm for a lunch. Malibu Farm offers fresh and organic local food and it’s the most delicious lunch I had in Cali. I opted for a Chicken salad and a cold coffee brew which prepared me nicely for the day ahead. I highly recommend this cafe and restaurant as you will absolutely love not only their food but also the setting. It’s positioned on the Malibu pier and it offers really gorgeous coastal views.

Day-out-in-Malibu_-5 How to Spend a Day in Malibu Day-out-in-Malibu_-7 How to Spend a Day in Malibu Day-out-in-Malibu_-4 How to Spend a Day in Malibu

After we had our delicious meal, off we went to a beach. The first beach we spent some time at the Surfrider Beach which is a really popular surfing spot. The beach is really right next to the Malibu Farm which kinda makes it an easy first stop. I tanned here for a bit and my friend surfed, the sun was just about right so I managed to get some tan. The Surfrider beach wasn’t too busy which was really nice as we managed to take good photos.

Day-out-in-Malibu_ How to Spend a Day in Malibu Day-out-in-Malibu_-2 How to Spend a Day in Malibu Day-out-in-Malibu_-3 How to Spend a Day in Malibu


Few ours in the sun leave you craving for more food. The next stop was the Neptunes Net seafood restaurant which is about 15 minutes drive from the Surfrider beach. Without traffic that is. Neptunes Net is really popular with the motorcyclist and was featured in the episode of the Hills. I ordered a seafood basket surfed with french fries with a side of Corona. Neptunes Net serves really good seafood and is a key which I liked. Another amazing Seafood restaurant based on local recommendations is Malibu Seafood fish market and restaurant.

Day-out-in-Malibu_-10 How to Spend a Day in Malibu Day-out-in-Malibu_-8 How to Spend a Day in Malibu Day-out-in-Malibu_-9 How to Spend a Day in Malibu

The golden hour was approaching so the next stop was Zuma Beach and the Point Dume. Both are really beautiful locations and a perfect place to spend your sunset at. We drove to the Point Dume first to take pictures of the cotton candy skies. I wanted to finish the day with a couple of sunsetting shots at the Zuma Beach which was such a good delicious as the light was to die for. Zuma Beach was pretty empty with only a few people having an evening walk which made it even more perfect for a shot.

Day-out-in-Malibu_-15 How to Spend a Day in Malibu Day-out-in-Malibu_-16 How to Spend a Day in Malibu Day-out-in-Malibu_-17 How to Spend a Day in Malibu Day-out-in-Malibu_-21 How to Spend a Day in Malibu Day-out-in-Malibu_-18 How to Spend a Day in Malibu Day-out-in-Malibu_-19 How to Spend a Day in Malibu Day-out-in-Malibu_-12 How to Spend a Day in Malibu Day-out-in-Malibu_-13 How to Spend a Day in Malibu

On my last visit to Malibu, we didn’t come as far up to the coast however, it was pretty nice too and you can read about it here. 

I hope you guys like my pictures, sometimes beautiful places are really hard to capture in a photo but I did my best. This sadly is my last post from California but I have a lot of exciting trips planned this year so make sure, you check back and follow me on INSTAGRAM as I post daily there.

Tania xxx


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