Summer to Fall Favourite Fragrance

Since we are so close to transitioning into Fall, I wanted to share some of my favourite fragrance choices that are perfect for both seasons. I have quite a few perfumes so I decided to pick the ones that got me the most compliments over a past couple of months.

When it comes to picking a favourite fragrance, it’s important to take elements such as current season we are in. Or a note that you love the most, for me, it’s all about floral notes and musk.  So here are my favourite fragrance choices that currently love and will be using in the upcoming months.

Summer-Perfumes_-2 Summer to Fall Favourite Fragrance

DKNY Nectar Love

Irresistible Intoxicating Addictive

This is the latest launch by DKNY and quite frankly, I’m obsessed with it. Its floral scent got me so many compliments that I lost the count. The Nectar love contains Yellow Freesia, Mandarin, Grapefruit, Nectarine, Solar Salicylates as top notes and Cedarwood, Vanilla, Musk, Beeswax, Neroli as base notes. This is the reason why it ticks so many boxes for me and it’s an absolute favourite. On the top of it, all the scent lasts the entire day.

Summer-Perfumes_-4 Summer to Fall Favourite Fragrance

Atelier Cologne 

I recently received the Atelier Cologne birthday Cologne Absolue which consists of Orange Sanguine, Pomelo Paradis and and Cedrant Eivrtan bottled perfume. Atelier Cologne comes from France and its a highly concentrated fragrance with a long lasting aroma. These gorgeous bottles contain 15% pure perfume which makes them such an attractive gift to your loved ones. Orange Sanguine is based around Geranium and Jasmine with musky notes of Sandal Wood and Cedarwood. Bergamont Soleil offers a citrusy scent with notes of Bergamot, Bigarade, Ambrette making it so romatic and summers must have. Pamelo Paradis on  the other had is baed on Pink Pomelo, Mandarin, Blackurrant and Orange Blossom.

The entire cllection smells to die for and its a perfect choice for any lover of floral fragrance.

Summer-Perfumes_-5 Summer to Fall Favourite Fragrance

Escentric Molecules 

This is probably the only fragrance I’m not able to explain the way it smells. All i know that this perfume is based on Cedarwood tones and that it creates an unique scent that once applied to your skin, it works with your natural scent.

Ive heard mixed messages but I only got complmets every time I wore it. It annoys me that I’m not able to smell it on myself howver this is the entire point and for that reason I think Esentic Molecule is a must have. Who wouldnt love to have a scent that is unique only to themselves.

Summer-Perfumes_-6 Summer to Fall Favourite Fragrance

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and let me know in the comments wheter you owe and love any of my fragrance recommendations,

Lots of love!

Tania xxx




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  1. I smelt Nectar love in store yesterday and wish I’d smelt it at the start of summer as I don’t think it’s one I’ll wear that much in winter but I love it. I’m going to have it on my list for next year though. Not heard of the Atelier ones before but they look really nice and handbag friendly!

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