Summer Look on a Gloomy Day

London is one of those cities where summer arrives later than most other places and when it does it’s scarce. We get a few days of sunshine a month so dressing appropriately is always difficult. Not to mention finding a good light to shoot.

I’m on a mission and I won’t let the gloomy weather stop me from rocking my new summer flower print dress and Porche design shades that are one of my favourite items at hem moment. I got them on sale from Smart Buy Glasses in size 69. They came with 2 pairs of lenses so it’s quite handy that I can switch between the colours. My shade is dark green with an extra pair of reflective lenses and I love the size. Porche Designs are so chic and stylish and I love them.

Summer-Dress-and-Porche-Design-Sunglasses-13 Summer Look on a Gloomy Day Summer-Dress-and-Porche-Design-Sunglasses-14 Summer Look on a Gloomy Day Summer-Dress-and-Porche-Design-Sunglasses-15 Summer Look on a Gloomy Day Summer-Dress-and-Porche-Design-Sunglasses-9 Summer Look on a Gloomy Day

My dress is from Marlin dress in Wild Rose by Dancing Leopard who by the way are the best to buy your summer clothes from. I decided to go to Covent Garden to shoot this look as I really love it around there. We did our best to avoid having people in the pictures but as you can imagine this is almost impossible in this area. I styled it with the Chanel bag and Axel Arigato platform sneaker in beige.

Summer-Dress-and-Porche-Design-Sunglasses-2 Summer Look on a Gloomy Day Summer-Dress-and-Porche-Design-Sunglasses-4 Summer Look on a Gloomy Day Summer-Dress-and-Porche-Design-Sunglasses-7 Summer Look on a Gloomy Day Summer-Dress-and-Porche-Design-Sunglasses-16 Summer Look on a Gloomy Day Summer-Dress-and-Porche-Design-Sunglasses-3 Summer Look on a Gloomy Day

Complaints aside, I’m really going to embrace summer days from Saturday as I’m off to LA. LA is one of my favourite places on Earth so I’m really excited to spend some time exploring all the cool beaches. Needless to say, my Porsche Design Shades are coming with me. I also have another Dancing Leopard dress that is just so perfect for beach days.

What do you guys think of this look and how I styled it? Do you have whether issues where you are from?

Marlin dress in Wild Rose by Dancing Leopard

Porsche Design Shades by Smart Buy Glasses 

Photos by Hubert Grabowski 



  1. Anonymous

    Great article, love your sharing so much, thank you!

  2. Madison

    Thanks for sharing, the Marlin dress is stunning, the floral print is so expressive without being too girly and the off-the-shoulder look is so chic. It’s the type of dress you can dress up and down which is always ideal. Don’t let the weather stop you from wearing what you love, otherwise in England you’ll most often never wear your favourite pieces, it’s all about layering, for sure.

  3. /

    Babe, these shades are stunning.
    Your pictures are fabulous.
    Love, Esther

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