Ultra Dark Foam by Bondi Sands – Review

Ultra Dark Foam is the latest release by my favorite self-tanning product brand Bondi Sands and I was so chuffed when I received it in the mail. Bondi Sands has been my favorite self-tanner for a while and as I understand from Instagram, a lot of other bloggers that I follow feel the same.

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So first and most important is that you exfoliate your skin before you embark on trying the Ultra Dark Foam. I mean by now everyone knows that this is a very obvious step, however, one that should never be missed as it’s vital in achieving a streak-free tan. I shied away from self-tanners for so long because one of the first brands I tried left me with major streaks¬†and I literally¬†looked like I had a skin disease. This was so long ago and since I’ve learned that you need to find a brand that suits you and follow the obvious steps such as exfoliating ūüôā

After exfoliating you need to use a mitt to apply your Ultra Dark Foam, any mitt will do and apply the foam in using long sweeping motions to smooth the product over your body. I usually start with my legs as they are the easiest to apply the tan on. I make sure I shake my bottle before I release 3-4 pumps on the mitt and then I go from the bottom of my leg to the top trying to keep it in one motion. I do the same with the arms, belly and chest area as well as back. If there is any remaining product left, I use it to cover my face, knees, and elbows. If you struggle with hard to reach areas, you can always get the Bondi Sands Self- Tanning Back Applicator.

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I usually apply my Ultra Dark Foam right after the morning shower on either Saturday or Sundays depending on which day I’m staying in. I do this mainly because I don’t like sleeping in the tan¬†so it doesn’t stain my bed sheets. I leave the foam on for about 6-8 hours time permitting but I make sure it’s on for at least 6 hours. The feeling I get after showering is priceless and my confidence¬†goes through the roof, hence before and after pictures.

Aside from being a gorgeous¬†looking streak-free tanner, I love Bondi Sands because of its signature coconut scent. The Ultra Dark foam also contains¬†aloe vera and vitamin E to ensure skin’s hydration. My skin feels so soft after applying the moisturizer and I feel great.


The durability¬†of the Bondi Sands is great, it lasts 7-10 days and most importantly it doesn’t fade in patches. I tend to fake tan once a week so the before picture is on the 7th day of wearing it and after is on the 1st.

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All in all, this is my old time favorite tanning product. I would also say don’t let the Ultra Dark Foam name scare you as it will leave you with a deeply bronzed shade that looks natural and fits well with your complexion.

I hope you enjoyed this review!

Tania xxx




  1. Oooh the tan looks amazing on you babe!! I have always wanted to try Bondi Sands, might have to give it a go this month as I am paleee! xxx

  2. /

    I am always looking for new tanning products. I have had no luck finding one that looks as natural as this brand. I will definitely have to scoop this up, you look great! Thanks for the share!

  3. Stefi

    Such a great review. I’ve tried the dark foam but will also give the ultra dark a go.


  4. Siffat Haider

    I’ve been looking for a new self-tanner and this may just be the one I go for. I love the result on you!

  5. /

    That looks amazing, the product really works <3

  6. /

    that shade is very different i like it

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