What makeup to pack to save space when travelling

As someone who frequently travels, every two weeks as of this year I have kinda mastered What makeup to pack to save space when travelling. I can also safely say that I have been through many situations at airports to somewhat learn how to avoid losing my makeup to airport security staff. I’m sure we all have experienced that dreaded feeling of having to part with your favourite moisturizer and foundation that can cost an arm and a leg because of not packing correctly for your trip.

So I wanted to share how I go about packing makeup without it taking any space in my one clear under 100ml allowance bag. There is no big secret here but just a few swaps that will do the job and save you space in your luggage.

Firstly I would say instead of traditional foundation take a stick one or the foundation that it’s not blatantly liquid. My favourite 2 foundations when I travel are Bobbi Brown stick foundation that I use for evenings and By Terry Light Expert click brush foundation for every day. Since both these foundations technically don’t count as liquids you can just store them in your hand luggage. I also use YSL Instant moisture glow as my go-to moisturizers and primer when I travel. It makes my makeup last longer and its a perfect little multitasker that takes a small amount of space in my luggage.

Hotel-Bed-1 What makeup to pack to save space when travellingTravel-Makeup-5-1 What makeup to pack to save space when travelling

YSL Touche Eclat is my other go to when it comes to bringing multitasking products that take a small amount of space in my luggage. I have 3 colours including green, light pink to correct discolouration on my skin as well as a normal concealer to conceal. These products are small as a pen and the best to pack for your travels as they do an amazing job.

When it comes to bronzers, I like to take my YSL Face Sculpting Palette as its so good when it comes to controlling and setting your makeup. It comes to a smaller packaging and it has a mirror so you can literally take it with you the whole day in your handbag. I also really love the shade of the bronzer as its perfect for my skin tone.

For my eyes I mainly use mascara and my current favourite is Bad Gal by Benefit. I also always take one or two Bobbi Brwon eyeshadows as they are my favourite shadows ever. For the eyebrow, I use YSL Cotoure Brow which is pretty much a mascara for your eyebrows. I always travel with my Bobi Brown lip balm as its the best lip balm ever but at the same time the packaging is so good.

I always pack few of my makeup brushes separately in a flat brush bag since you can easily fit it between clothes in your luggage and it’s literally a lifesaver when it comes to applying your makeup and making it last way longer than when applied without tools.

Travel-Makeup-4 What makeup to pack to save space when travelling Travel-Makeup-3 What makeup to pack to save space when travelling

Last but not least is my current favourite scent that I take on my trips which is Jo Malone limited edition Hiney & Crocus cologne that comes in the cutest packaging that’s super easy to take with you places as it takes no space in your clear airport bag.

I would love to find out your options when it comes to what makeup to pack to save space when travelling? Please leave your comments below?

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