Work Lunch at the Grounded Café Company

Having just moved offices from Mayfair to Aldgate, I was astonished by the amount of new cafes and restaurants that have opened recently in the area. Actually, the whole area has changed so much for better that it’s hardly recognisable. Well, I love the change as its so much fun exploring new places. Exmouth Coffee Company has been my favourite in this area for so long, however, Steph and I stumbled upon Grounded Café Company, therefore, I wanted to share my latest discovery with you guys.

With the Crossrail just around the corner, this area of the City is very much up and coming. Grounded Café Company is located minutes’ walk from the White Chapel Gallery and Brick Lane it’s a perfect little spot to grab a lunch away from the City’s hustle and bustle. Their interiors got me the most, wooden tables and chairs with cushions to make it ever so slightly more comfortable, pops of colour throughout especially green, orange and blue.

grounded-10-834x626 Work Lunch at the Grounded Café Companygrounded-9-834x626 Work Lunch at the Grounded Café Company Grounded-Cafe-6-834x626 Work Lunch at the Grounded Café CompanyGrounded-Cafe-2-834x626 Work Lunch at the Grounded Café Company Grounded-Cafe-1-834x626 Work Lunch at the Grounded Café Company

They serve all sorts of deli-style dishes including quiche’s that we opted for both served with quinoa which was quite filling and delicious if I may add. Steph opted for an option of broccoli and cauliflower salad as well. WE only had water to drink but I hear coffee is really good here. I don’t know about you guys but I like to keep my work lunches quite simple, easy to get since the time is limited and filling as I don’t want to find myself needing a biscuit as soon as the clock hits 4 pm.

Grounded-Cafe_-940x588 Work Lunch at the Grounded Café Company Grounded-Cafe-5-834x626 Work Lunch at the Grounded Café Company Grounded-Cafe-4-834x626 Work Lunch at the Grounded Café Company grounded-7_-834x626 Work Lunch at the Grounded Café Company grounded-8-834x626 Work Lunch at the Grounded Café Company

I’d rate the food 3 out of 5 as it didn’t have the wow factor, however, the place is super cute, tranquil and perfect for both a quick lunch or a coffee. I also think this place is a perfect blogging spot as its quiet, you can people watch and interior make the atmosphere quite pleasant.

Do you guys have your work lunch out or do  you eat at your desk?

Tania xxx



  1. This cafe looks so cute! I would love to go there some day. I always eat my lunch at the office – probably because my office is just at the highway so there’s literally no eating options. It’s either no lunch or bring your own lunch. I do envy that you have the opportunity to eat your lunch at a cafe!

    • the london thing

      I also like to make my own and have it at work but yes its nice to have different options. A lot of places around my office offer healthy eating options so I’m happy that I have so much to chose from xx

    • the london thing

      Thanks doll xxx

    • the london thing

      I know it’s so cozy and food was decent x

    • the london thing

      Thanks Carrie. xxx

  2. I used to love going to different restaurants and cafes for lunch when I was in London for school. There’s such a vibrant food scene! It’s unfortunate that the food only got a 3/5, but at least the ambience and pictures made up for it!

  3. Inma Rocamora

    Yummy!! amazing pics!
    If you want we can follow us each other on bloglovin and pinterest!
    Have a nice week! 🙂

  4. Sophie

    Amazing photos, the cafe looks so cozy and lovely <3

    Love from Lastestbag – Best Bags 2016

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