Yves Saint Laurent Mascara Review

Happy Friday! I have been meaning to share this review for quite some time but I really wanted to give the latest Yves Saint Laurent Vinyl Couture Mascara enough time to make sure I’m giving you a good review. I also decided to give YouTube a little rest as I simply don’t have time to produce regular quality video and I would rather focus on blogging at the minute but I hope soon enough I will be able to pick it up.

In this post, I wanted to compare 2 Yves Saint Laurent mascaras as I completely have a different opinion about both. I, to be honest, was never fully impressed with the Yves Saint Laurent  Luxurious False Lash Effect Mascara as despite its bristle brush and the luxurious looking gold tube with the YSL logo at the top which mostly attracted me to purchase this product, I found that the formula and the actually wear were not as impressive. The formula which is a thick almost dry like the formula has a tendency to go clumpy if you apply to many layers, which is obviously not something you want from a product that cost as much. Furthermore, the wear element is what I had the most issues with as, despite the fact the mascara wore well all day, it did smudge which sometimes can be the case with volumizing formulas as they do tend to flake more on me, due to their thicker consistency. I found that this mascara was easy to take off since this isn’t a waterproof formula.  All in all the price of this product os around £25 in comparison to the Yves Saint Laurent Vinyl Couture Mascara which cost the same, I find that this mascara to lack what the YSL Vinyl Couture Mascara has to offer.

YSL-beauty_-4 Yves Saint Laurent Mascara ReviewYSL-beauty_-5 Yves Saint Laurent Mascara Review

I have to admit that I was really impressed with their latest launch, the Vinyl Couture Mascaras especially after having a slight reservation due to not the best of the experience with the first one ! It’s a new line of mascaras that comes in 9 different shades which are quite pigmented and almost add shine to your lashes especially if you use the brighter colours including a beautiful deep green and a lovely aubergine shade. I recently attended the launch where I had a chance to meet with one of the Yves Saint Laurent top makeup artists who talked me through the entire collection and allowed me to try different shades. I must admit that I had a little love for silver and gold shades and I may just need to get them too.

Obviously black is the must have especially with the pricier products and this mascara has a completely different packaging to the standard luxurious gold tube and it almost looks like a lip gloss. The top is still golden with the Yves Saint Laurent logo and the packaging is smaller than the Luxurious False Lash Effect Mascara but in my opinion the formula improved so much and it’s clamp free. It’s also really volumizing and it lasts the entire day and my favourite of all is that it’s so easy to take off and you can literally use any makeup remover to simply wipe it off your eyelashes. I was so impressed and wanted to delay this review just to see whether there may be at least one thing I don’t like about it and let me say I absolutely love it!

YSL-beauty_-3 Yves Saint Laurent Mascara Review YSL-beauty_-2 Yves Saint Laurent Mascara Review

Both Yves Saint Laurent mascaras have the same fragrance which I love! I must say I’m really impressed with Yves Saint Laurent Vinyl Couture Mascara and can’t wait to add a few other shades to my collection.

Have you ever used any of YSL mascara and what are your thoughts?

Have a lovely weekend loves!
Tania xxx

Vinyl Couture Mascara

 Luxurious False Lash Effect Mascara



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    I haven’t tried any YSL makeup products, I am curious about the latest launch. They have some nice colours and the packaging is sleek! x

    Ela BellaWorld

  2. I’m really curious about the aubergine shade of the Vinyl Couture Mascara…it sounds lovely! I’ve been having the hardest time finding a good mascara recently and will have to test it out!

  3. Alexandra A.

    Nice review,I really love their design for mascara products!

    Alexandra ~ Impavid Blog

  4. /

    I’m always looking for new mascaras, this definitely sounds like one to try!


  5. /

    ysl make up always looks extra luxurious. love your photography.

  6. Great review! I just got this mascara myself and must say I love the volume effect. Just a pity the colour doesn’t really come through on my dark lashes!
    Christina ♥ https://caliope-couture.com

  7. YSL Babydoll is literally the onyl mascara I wear however reading this review that Vinyl mascaras sound good too? Myabe I’ll buy one in purple, they all look so good x

    MM, Myramyla.com

  8. YSL Babydoll is literally the only mascara I wear however reading this review that Vinyl mascaras sound good too? Maybe I’ll buy one in purple, they all look so good x

    MM, Myramyla.com

  9. /

    Totally in love with your pics <3 so classy! love the blog, really great job


  10. Gracie

    Great post and pictures! I had a very bad experience with the first mascara but i really want to try out the new one! xx

  11. Fallon Flanagan

    Great review, i’m always quite skeptical of YSL makeup products as I bought a lipstick and really didn’t feel like it was worth the amount I paid but this doesn’t look to bad, I particularly like the wands – I hate plastic ones.

  12. Sophie

    Great review, it makes me wanna try it now <3

    xoxo, Best Bags 2016

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