3D Sound Tour of London with Ambeo Smart Headset Sennheiser

Happy Wednesday guys! It snowing so much today so I’m cuddled up with my warm blanket and cup of tea whilst I write this post. I partnered up with Sennheiser to bring you this post and it about bringing the sound and atmosphere to life with their new Ambeo Smart Headset that records videos with 3D biaural sound.

I thought what great opportunity to take you around with me all over London and record things that I got up to in the past couple of weeks. I recorded a vlog with clips from the sound tour. The sound tour includes a visit to Picadilly Circus which in case you aren’t aware is one of the buzziest areas in London, after that we popped over to Drury Gardens in Covent Garden which is a quieter park and here we got a chance to hear guitar players that Sennheiser booked for us. It was kinda cool to be in the centre of London and listen to acoustic music in the middle of the day. After that, I had a chance to go to Fodor Golan Fashion show and record some clips for you guys.

I absolutely loved how hectic it was around the fashion week and I literally enjoyed every moment of it. I also thought to record it with Ambeo Headset I can try and get as much of the atmosphere as possible over to you guys. I also had a chance to watch Arsenal game at Wembley Stadium last week so I tried to capture and share our game experience.

Sainhaiser-1 3D Sound Tour of London with Ambeo Smart Headset Sennheiser

I’m trying to get into vlogging more and I’m so happy that my new headset is so easy to take with me on my travels so I will try and put a vlog together from Paris and Ibiza. As I’m in such an early stage of creating video content, so bear with me as I figure out my best angels and frames. I love the ability to be able to deliver an atmosphere of the places I’m going to as I think it makes so much difference especially if you are looking to visit the same spots.

Ambeo Smart Headset has an earpiece with a cool feature called Situational Awareness that you can use with one switch to make the outside noise fade or amplify it. I faded it a bit in a loud location such as the fashion show since the music is so loud but amplifies it at the park and Picadilly circus so you can pick up on the sounds around. Ambeo Smart Headset can also be used as normal headphones to listen to music on your phone or make calls. The headphones contain so many cool features that I’m so happy to have a pair as it will help me get my content to another level with clear sound.

What do you guys think of my vlog? I have filmed it over the past couple of weeks and I really hope you like it.

Tania xxx



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