5 best things to do in Dubai 2020

I just returned from a lovely trip to Dubai packed with so much fun and adventure that I couldn’t wait to share my 5 best things to do in dubai 2020.

Dubai is a very fast-evolving city with so much to offer whether you are an adventure seeker, history buff or love to lounge by the pool and enjoy a relaxing massage. There is something for everyone to do in this city. And when I say something, I mean an abundance of things.

We enjoyed six days here and did so many amazing things from massages, water parks, desert safaris and helicopter rides. In this post, I selected 5 best things to do in Dubai that are my absolute favourite and paint a great picture of this fantastic city.

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Dubai Museum and visit to the Souks

To get a full picture and the contrast between the past and the present, we started our Dubai exploration journey at the Dubai Old town. We planned a visit to the Souks crossing the river with an Abra as well as a traditional Arabic tea at the Arabian tea house and a visit to the Dubai Museum.

Dubai Museum is located in the Al Fahidi area, and it took us about 20 minutes to get there from the Dubai Creek Harbour in an Uber. The city is busy with tourists and local merchants showcasing the atmosphere of the authentic and old-style Dubai. I truly loved that we started with this area, especially as it was easy to check a few things off the list on the same day such as the souks and the Dubai Frame making it more time-efficient. I don’t know about you, but I do try to save a couple of hours per day to lounge by the pool, especially when its 30c out.

Dubai-Museum-Souks-2-of-6-scaled 5 best things to do in Dubai 2020 Dubai-Museum-Souks-1-of-6-scaled 5 best things to do in Dubai 2020

Before the glitz and glam of the new Dubai and before the oil discovery, locals back then used to make their living through trading everything from precious metals, spices and fabrics. This is why visiting the Dubai museum is a good idea mainly as it provides a great foundation to understand a long term history that many overlook today.

Once you finish with the souks and the Dubai Museum and you have some time to spare, you could book an Uber and see the Dubai Frame which is the most solid frame in the world and a great place to see the sunset over Dubai skyline.

Dubai-Museum-Souks-3-of-6-scaled 5 best things to do in Dubai 2020 Dubai-Museum-Souks-4-of-6-scaled 5 best things to do in Dubai 2020 Dubai-Museum-Souks-5-of-6-scaled 5 best things to do in Dubai 2020

Helicopter Ride

The helicopter ride was such a fantastic experience and something I’ve never done before. It provided such an excellent overview of the city from above, and honestly, it felt incredible to witness this newfound appreciation for Dubai. Sometimes to be more grateful for what’s in front of us, we have to change our perspective and see things differently. It had to make it to my 5 best things to do in Dubai in 2020.

Helicopter-Ride-2-of-4-scaled 5 best things to do in Dubai 2020 Helicopter-Ride-3-of-4-scaled 5 best things to do in Dubai 2020

We used Alpha Tours Dubai as a service provider. The tour lasts about 15 minutes in which time you will see most of Dubai and circle around the Atlantis, Burj Khalif, World islands and more. It’s truly a must experience in Dubai.

The helicopter ride can be found on the Palm near the Atlantis so it could be a good idea to visit the Waterpark too if you are looking to add an extra adventure to your itinerary.

Helicopter-Ride-1-of-4-scaled 5 best things to do in Dubai 2020

Talise Spa

After you get tired of sightseeing and flying around Dubai, the next recommendation in my Top 5 Things to do in Dubai is the iconic Talise Spa.

Many of you will recognise its Burj Al Arab location with the pool overlooking Jumeirah with the most luxurious atmosphere.

We, however, enjoyed the afternoon at the Talise Spa Madinat Jumeirah, where we had the most relaxing hour massage followed by ginger tea by their beautiful outdoor pool.

Talise-Spa-2-of-4-scaled 5 best things to do in Dubai 2020 Talise-Spa-1-of-4-scaled 5 best things to do in Dubai 2020

The grounds were so serene and calming, and the staff made our experience even more memorable. The poolside was super lush too and quieted making the Talise Spa a great spot to relax. After we finished relaxing, we took a buggy to the Jumeirah beach and spent some extra time to enjoy the sand between our toes and a refreshing drink overlooking the Burj Al Arab. Jumeirah Beach is lovely with beautiful views, and its a must add on when you visit Talise Spa.

Environmentally Concious Desert Safari

Desert Safari with Heritage Tours was a highlight of our trip, and I truly recommend this tour, especially as you will get a glimpse into a life of Beduin people. In case you don’t know Beduin people are the original desert settlers living in the desert and frequently moving to find food and shelter. They used falcons and camels as a means of survival, and it was so great to experience the way these people used to live.

Heritage-Dubai-Desert-Safari-1-of-12-scaled 5 best things to do in Dubai 2020 Heritage-Dubai-Desert-Safari-2-of-12-scaled 5 best things to do in Dubai 2020

We were picked up at sunrise at our hotel, and it took around 45 minutes in the car to reach the desert. Once we arrived with transferred to one of the vintage Land rovers used to make us around the desert to see all that it has to offer including Arabian Onyx and Antelopes. We also got to ride a camel named Lali and learnt all about falconry.

Heritage-Dubai-Desert-Safari-4-of-12-scaled 5 best things to do in Dubai 2020 Heritage-Dubai-Desert-Safari-5-of-12-scaled 5 best things to do in Dubai 2020

We also learnt that the term out of sight out of mind comes from the protective caps used on falcons to calm them down. The cup puts them in a relaxation mode, and they don’t feel like they have people around them when they wear it.

We finished our morning with traditional breakfast made out of fruits, traditional flatbread and bean stew; we drunk lemon and mint juice and Arabian coffee.

Heritage-Dubai-Desert-Safari-9-of-12-scaled 5 best things to do in Dubai 2020 Heritage-Dubai-Desert-Safari-10-of-12-scaled 5 best things to do in Dubai 2020 Heritage-Dubai-Desert-Safari-11-of-12-scaled 5 best things to do in Dubai 2020

If I can recommend one must-do experience in Dubai, then make it the desert safari as it genuinely provides a great insight into the centuries-old Arab tradition and history.

Dubai Marina and Yacht Ride

To finish our trip in style on our last day, we hopped on a yacht to experience Dubai from the water. We started with a stroll around Dubai Marina before boarding a small boat to take us from the Marina via Blue Water Village, JBR, Atlantis and back. The tour took about 2 hours, and we enjoyed the best views that Dubai has to offer.

Dubai-Marina-Yach-Tour-1-of-5-scaled 5 best things to do in Dubai 2020

Our tour booked via Fist Yachts was the best way to finish up our trip and experience Dubai from so many different perspectives.

Dubai-Marina-Yach-Tour-3-of-5-scaled 5 best things to do in Dubai 2020 Dubai-Marina-Yach-Tour-4-of-5-scaled 5 best things to do in Dubai 2020 Dubai-Marina-Yach-Tour-5-of-5-scaled 5 best things to do in Dubai 2020

I hope you enjoyed reading my 5 best things to do in Dubai in 2020 and I would love to hear if you’re planning a trip to Dubai any time soon and if you need any more info. I have filmed a vlog too, so make sure you subscribe to my Youtube channel to watch it.

Lots of love.

Tania xx

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