A day in Palma De Mallorca

Happy Friday!!

It’s the happiest day for me as I have received my dissertation results today and I’m chuffed to have been awarded a distinction, whoop!
I thought to share a few pictures from my about our day in Palma de Mallorca which I absolutely adored. What a beautiful city you guys, we spent a whole day roaming the tiny streets filled with charming cafes, tapas restaurants and bars.

We arrived at the main bus station having taken a bus from El Toro located not to far from the centre of Palma De Mallorca. When in Palma for the first time the Cathedral is usually a good place to start exploring the city.
We walked via Plaza Mayor through small streets filled with shops and restaurants leading to the cathedral of Palma. Carrer de Colom was absolutely stunning and a perfect place to shop for your souvenirs or just to sit down to have a coffee and people watch.

Palma De Mallorca Palma De Mallorca Palma De Mallorca Palma De Mallorca Palma De Mallorca Palma De Mallorca Palma De MallorcaPalma De Mallorca
Palma De Mallorca Cathedral is approximately 10 minutes’ walk for here so it was all so lovely to wander around this area. The Cathedral of Santa Maria of Palma or La Seu as some call it is one of the tallest cathedrals in Europe taller than Notre Dame and it was completed in 1600’s. It offers beautiful views of the Parc de la Mar and Port de Palma. It wasn’t overly busy and I took some cute pictures of it.

Palma 9 Palma 10 Palma 11 Palma 12 Palma 13 Palma 14 Palma 15 Palma 16 Palma 17 Palma 18

From there, we walked towards Passeig del Born a tree lined promenade famous for shopping as it has a wide range of mid to high-end fashion shops including Zara, Loui Vuitton, Mulberry and many more as well as a bunch of cute bars and restaurants.

Palma 22Palma 21 Palma 23 Palma 24

We walked our way towards Carrer de Sant Nicolau where we stopped at Café Set for a quick lunch. I opted for Spanish Omelette and some meatballs (weird combination I KNOW) and Siobhan had a pizza. We wondered around small streets in the area before heading to watch the sunset at the Port de Palma De Mallorca which is a home to some of the most amazing boats and yachts.

Palma 38 Palma 34 Palma 33 Palma 32 Palma 31 Palma 29 Palma 30 Palma 36 Palma 35Palma 43 Palma 44 Palma 45 Palma 46

It really was a cool day where we shopped, ate and just wandered around the streets. I’m a firm believer that the best way to experience the city is just simply let yourself get lost in its streets and culture.
We finished our day with amazing dinner at Peix Vermell which you can find out more about here.

I hope you enjoyed this post. I made pictures little smaller this time as I took a quite a few and I hope you like it.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
Tania xxx

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