London Never Dies by the London Cabaret Club

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I have finally finished redecorating; I created a blogging station that will with a few finishing touches be hopefully completed by this coming weekend. Nonetheless, it’s so nice to have space (completed or not) that you can use to sit down, think and create. Back to this week’s post, when you live in London, there is just so much happening that you can always find something different to do and see. So when I heard that the London Cabaret Club is bringing ‘007’-inspired show titled London Never Dies to Bloomsbury Ballrooms, and with a new James Bond film almost out in theatres, I thought this would be so much fun to attend and blog about.

And I wasn’t wrong, the whole evening was very glamourous filled with amazingly talented performers, food and delicious cocktails of which we had one too many. Upon our arrival, we were given an envelope which contained classified material (food and drink menus) so we knew exactly what to expect throughout the night.

London Never Dies

London Never Dies London Never Dies London Never Dies
We began with a couple of cocktails Kingdom Bellini and Martini Espresso. Food wise our first course contained caviar, followed by a plate of Japanese salmon, Tuna sashimi, Californian sushi roll in one course, the next main consisted of Roasted lamb and Fillet of beef, Mini chicken pie and the Autumn hot pot which we paired with a bottle of red wine. For dessert, we had Champagne sorbet with dried strawberries and Chocolate dacquoise; there was quite a lot of food, however the portions are not overly big.

London Never Dies London Cabaret Club 14 London Cabaret Club 8 London Cabaret Club 9 London Cabaret Club 16 London Cabaret Club 21 London Cabaret Club 22
The evening we attended took inspiration from the James Bond film ‘You Only Live Twice’ with performances from Japanese geishas, balancing acts as well as a performance from a Britain’s Got Talent finalist Lucy Kay. However, from the 2nd October, the London Cabaret Club at The Bloomsbury Ballroom will be showcasing a line-up of cabaret shows each based on a different Bond movie making sure guests won’t lack extravagant entertainment.

London Cabaret Club London Cabaret Club 1 London Cabaret Club 2 London Cabaret Club 10 London Cabaret Club 11 London Cabaret Club 12 London Cabaret Club 13 London Cabaret Club 15 London Cabaret Club 17 London Cabaret Club 19

London Cabaret Club 20 London Cabaret Club 23 London Cabaret Club 18
Some of the acts that stood out for me included a live DJ for dancing throughout her set, cabaret acts such as Delia Du whom I found so amazing and Valerie Murzak with her astonishing performance on the glitter ball. The London Cabaret Club is perfect if you are after something different and looking to add variety to your nightlife 🙂

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