An apartment in Paris – a home away from home

My 5th time in the city and the second time I stayed in an apartment in Paris via Cobblestone properties which is a small vacation rental company. Cobblestone Paris made my stay a dream both times, and I highly recommend it for anyone who is looking for a short term rental in Paris.

First time I stayed in a beautiful one bedroom in La Marias and this time around in a loft In Saint Germain. Both times I couldn’t help but feel blessed to be able to experience one of my favourite city in a true Parisian style.

Don’t get me wrong. I love hotel life, but there is something special about experiencing in the city like a local. What better way to do so than getting an apartment in Paris to base yourself in.

I have had excellent experience with Cobblestone Paris from the moment I arrived. I was scheduled to meet a local at the station to explain the area and show me around the property. That helped set the tone for my trip, making me feel extra excited for my stay. They told me to feel free to call in case I need everything and showed me where all the kitchen appliances are as well as how to use them.

An-apartment-in-Paris-Cobblestone-Paris-8-of-10-scaled An apartment in Paris - a home away from home An-apartment-in-Paris-Cobblestone-Paris-7-of-10-scaled An apartment in Paris - a home away from home An-apartment-in-Paris-Cobblestone-Paris-10-of-10-scaled An apartment in Paris - a home away from home

Both of the Cobblestone apartments I stayed in had an underlying homey feel. The kitchen is fully equipped with coffee and tea and all the amenities that you may need to feel extra comfortable. The living room features Parisian fixtures as well as a selection of movies to watch should you fancy staying in.

It’s beneficial, especially if you want to make your dinner and stay in some of the evenings. I was out the entire days exploring the city while cooking in the evening and relaxing on the sofa watching movies. I discovered that being able to enjoy a balanced lifestyle when travelling is the key to me feeling good and less tired when I get back home.

I loved that each time I stayed with them, I was welcomed with a lovely bottle of red and free two tickets for a river cruise along the Seine. This was a fantastic way to see Paris from a fresh perspective, and I felt so blessed to be in my favourite city once again.

The loft in St Germain was pretty spacious for two people and set in a mezzanine style. The set of stairs take you up the cosy bedroom with dimmed lights and bright and comfy bedding. The entire place smelled of fresh linen drilling the experience so deep in my memory that every time I feel the scent, it will take me right back to this wonderful time in Paris.

An-apartment-in-Paris-Cobblestone-Paris-4-of-10-scaled An apartment in Paris - a home away from home An-apartment-in-Paris-Cobblestone-Paris-6-of-10-scaled An apartment in Paris - a home away from home An-apartment-in-Paris-Cobblestone-Paris-1-of-10-scaled An apartment in Paris - a home away from home An-apartment-in-Paris-Cobblestone-Paris-2-of-10-scaled An apartment in Paris - a home away from home An-apartment-in-Paris-Cobblestone-Paris-3-of-10-scaled An apartment in Paris - a home away from home

Even though I’ve been to Paris on many occasions, this is my first time St Germain. I love the area, especially Rue de Sevres, where the apartment is located. The array of supermarkets, shops and bars and restaurants was a mere 5 minutes walk, making it extremely convenient to stock up on all that you need.

Bon Marche, which is a famous Parisian department store, is located 5 minutes from the loft, making it a perfect place to base your stay if you wish to visit Paris for Christmas shopping.

I loved my experience here and the comfort of a home I rarely have when I travel. As someone who is away from home every month, I genuinely enjoy having live like local experience, especially in my favourite cities such as Paris. It allows me to make the visit that much more special and I can’t help but wonder how would it be to live in Paris full time.

Are you planning your trip to Paris anytime soon? Are you planning to stay in an apartment in Paris or a hotel? What is your preference? Let me know in the comments below as I would love to know.

Tania xxx


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