Bali to London Life Lessons

What did the last 15 months In Bali teach me so far? And what is it that I look forward to being back in London the most? 

It was a turbulent 15 months to say the least, somewhat of a spiritual rehab intertwined with setting and growing my new startup. After all, I left London for this specific reason but little did I know that my Bali journey would last as long as it did. 

As I prepared to move back to London the days towards the end my nervousness grew. I couldn’t tell if it was the fear of the unknown or the life I knew all too well, but was scared to face all over again. Will the triggers and ghosts from the past that I worked so hard on healing in Bali fire up all over again? I wasn’t sure of how I would respond to it all, it made me slightly anxious. Will my reasons for leaving London in the first place show up in my life all over again? 

Before I left, I started making changes to my old lifestyle and shifting the focus to stuff in my life that only brought feelings of joy and excitement. One of these is surrounding myself with like-minded people. 

For years I invested my time in the influencer community which, somehow pushed me to the negative side of my emotional scale. I didn’t want to do it over again, the events and false relationships. My soul knew that it wasn’t for me. 

I worked so hard to move from a term influencer towards an entrepreneur with my blog as a base and the main platform followed up with a clothing brand and small creative agency that helps women brand and grow their startups and manage their digital communication platforms. 

Spirituality is a big part of all of my brands with female empowerment weaved in through all of the strategy and communication. This directly reflects my life and what I want to surround myself with to grow further across all areas. 

I didn’t always find the same decisions to be a part of my life. Most of the time I was focused on spreading myself too thin and people-pleasing. However, Bali changed so much of this for me as it almost forced me to face and release all of the shadows. Shadows that blocked my higher power and progress, but I’m so glad that I decided to stay there as long as I did and deal with it all no matter how hard it felt at times.  

Tania-In-Asta-11-scaled Bali to London Life Lessons

As soon as I made this decision, a founder of an incredible women’s club Fiena reached out to ask me to be a part of a network of millennial females that are spiritually awake and refuse to conform to normalities both in life and business. What perfect timing I thought to myself as I read on about their amazing network of women, member houses and activities. 

This is a perfect place for me as it will allow me to be surrounded by women that are aligned with my own and my brand’s values and ethics. I want to make new friends in London and we all know how difficult this can be in your thirties. I wrote about this in the past and I love that the universe keeps on delivering. 

I’m excited to have the amazing summer ahead filled with fun activities and empowering people all around me. London never felt so expansive and I don’t see myself ever taking it for granted again. I’m here for all that the universe has to offer and I will make sure I receive my blessings surrounded by the empowering and inspiring women that the city has to offer.

I’m here for it fully and I feel so grateful to have taken the time out to focus on healing and clearing all the blocks that have stopped me from experiencing it the same in the past. There are so many amazing things and opportunities ahead for all of us if we take a moment, focus on the positive and make a decision to only commit to doing what feels right. Joy is my goal and I won’t slow down until I feel it all day every day. 

Fiena is open to new members too so you guys can check it out and sign up here. 

Lots of love

Tania xxx



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