How to overcome emotional abuse at work?

It’s sad to say it but emotional abuse and bullying don’t just stay in your school days. Sometimes in life, you come across people that haven’t healed properly and that enjoy hurting others. It’s almost like they get a kick out of it, the urge to feel bigger and better to hide their insecurities riddled soul and body.

It’s a sad situation but it happens, and when it does, what do you do to save and protect yourself and your energy?

Firstly I would like to say that I’m no therapist and that all advice on this blog comes from my personal experience of emotional abuse and the tools I used to overcome situations in my life and grow from them. I have grown every time the universe has tested me, and I have not only evolved from it but thrived too.

I see the contrast in my life as stepping stones towards the direction my soul agreed to journey. Let me tell you, it doesn’t matter how much we believe that this journey we have on earth is linear. It is not! It’s filled with ups and downs and instead of hiding away from it, use it to propel your growth. Oh and it will you must trust the process as it’s happening for you, not to you.

I have dealt with most obstacles in my life with grace and light. I know that one of my biggest strengths is letting go and moving on. I’m so grateful that I can do this with ease as I have full trust in the universe.

I would lie if I said that certain situations didn’t take me out of my flow and it did hurt. I chose not to see myself as a victim as I know that I’m the creator of my life and the universe is always showing me what needs to be cleared to reach the next step.

At work, we have to learn not to take things to heart and always trust in our worth and how much we can achieve for the clients, employers and colleagues. Victimhood and complaints is the easiest reaction to fall back to, however this approach only creates more of the same energy and we don’t want that.

The first is to know that you are not a victim, you are a creator of your reality so stand up for yourself every time you feel bullied or emotionally abused.

Here are my steps to dealing with emotional abuse:

  1. Draw clear boundaries and push back, especially if you are dealing with a selfish and entitled client who doesn’t understand much about the industry. You need to clearly state your values, progress, delivery and approach and wait for their response.
  2. If the response is negative don’t engage no matter how hard it may be. Negative energy feeds off of negative so don’t even entertain it. I usually know that people who like to use others and are rude and abusive are hurt inside so I chose not to actively participate in negative exchanges with them.
  3. Money is not worth the negative vibe that will most likely fuck up other areas of your life so walk away. In my case, I didn’t even get paid for the work I’ve done but I trust the karma will take care of that for me.
  4. If the abuse continues state your feelings in a short but effective manner and then walk away. Trust me talking about it in detail with the abuser will never bring any resolve but more abuse and bad energy so never feel bad for walking away.
  5. Forgive and release as dwelling on the past never yields any happiness.

My situation is based on a recent client I had to let go of due to their use and abuse approach to life and work however, feel free to apply these tips to anyone who you may feel is transferring negative energy to you in form of an emotional abuse.

After all, you are a sovereign being living a short amount of time on this planet, nothing or no one is worth lowering your vibration for. Protect yout energy and watch the universe deliver more of what you deserve.

Love and light,


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