Best Daily Moisturizers Tried and Tested

Friday and a PayDay whoop!

I thought this day would never come. I have finally gotten back to posting in my beauty section and with my 30th birthday just around the corner. I thought to share my favourite tried and tested best daily moisturizers.

In our 20’s it is crucial that we moisturize as much as humanly possible in order to preserve a youthful looking skin for as long as possible. I’m quite lucky in this department as no one can ever say that I’m almost thirty so it must be something to do with my skin care routine. When it comes to skincare I say don’t budget, it’s more important to splurge on a better skin care product than makeup as in a longer term you will see more benefits from applying a good moisturizer than lipstick. Or if you are like me just splurge all the time, who needs savings just kidding, though.

I picked a bunch of skin care products that I have used for the past 10 odd years and that I can vouch for. Let’s start with the serum as serums are important and this Elemis tri-enzyme Resurfacing Skin smoothing serum is definitely one of the payday splurges. Quite expensive, but it’s one of the most amazing serums I have ever tried, you literally see the difference in your skin from day one. Enriched with white truffle and amino acids provides the skin with anti-oxidant protection and its smoothes the skin’s surface by up to 91% tested clinically by Elemis. It acts as a natural cell renewal, diminishes imperfections and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles also appear reduced. It really is kind of a miracle in a bottle. I apply the serum by warming it between my fingers and gently tapping onto clean and toned skin, making sure to avoid eye area.

Daily-moisturizer_ Best Daily Moisturizers Tried and Tested

We must never forget the eye area, and I have to say that it’s difficult to come by an eye cream that has SPF in it or is that just me? My two favourite are Dior Hydra Life Eye Cream which is so comforting and lovely to apply due to its texture which is I’d say somewhere in between a gel and a cream. It absorbs nicely and its smoothes fine lines but also helps with dark circles and puffiness. The other one I have been using throughout my 20’s although less so now is Clarins Eye Contour Balm enriched with Shea Butter, chicory, and cereal seeds. It moisturises and serves to restore elasticity, smoothing the delicate skin on the eyelids and eye contours. I like the eye balm as it’s so gentle and perfect to use for smoothing fine lines and crow’s feet. I feel as although I love this product, I need to kick my routine up a notch and invest into a product that has slightly stronger wrinkle prevention powers.

Daily-moisturizer-2 Best Daily Moisturizers Tried and Tested Daily-moisturizer-1 Best Daily Moisturizers Tried and Tested

When it comes to moisturizers I have been sticking to what I know and not awfully considered outside the box as much. For most of my 20’s I used Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing gel since I have combination skin. This product applies well and moisturizers properly, but I’m not confident, whether it’s the best choice to use if you are looking to prevent wrinkles and lines. I think Clinique’s Superdefense SPF20 cream is better in my opinion for prevention of fine lines as it has strong antioxidants that work hard to undo signs of any UV damage you may have on your skin. However despite the fact that I have been using it, I’m put off purchasing Cliniques product as I find their staff almost always boorish. Like that one time a lady at the Clinique counter told me that nothing will ever make my pores small ( I KNOW but don’t tell me that) and the other time, they gave me a cream that is for dry to the extra dry skin rather than a combination even though I specifically asked for a combination skin cream. However, you live and you learn so make sure you check what products you get if you are buying at Clinique counters.

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I usually prefer to wear foundation with SPF as I want to get the most out of my moisturizers. And another one that I absolutely adore is Elemis Maximum Moisture Day Cream as its lightweight formula feels so lush on the skin and is a perfect base for my foundation. It protects against environmental toxins, and it’s just lovely. I love Elemis skin care and it’s definitely one of my favourite brands at the moment.

Daily-moisturizer-4 Best Daily Moisturizers Tried and Tested

There you have it, my little secret to a youthful looking skin. I will be sharing my night moisturizers next week and I have given you enough information to help you decide on which moisturizer to go for.

Or do you have any moisturizers that you swear by?

Tania xxx



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